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    BBC Glastonbury

    The xx are a band I love but go for ages ‘forgetting’ about them, then being obsessed for a few weeks. This is first time I’ve heard them in a while and think I’ll go through an obsessed stage again now... Fiction into Shelter into Loud Places into On Hold is incredible. Love how their live show adds to the studio versions too
  2. Love the new one from Dream Wife, that and Hasta La Vista both a softer sound to their usual in-your-face approach so could be a very nicely balanced album. Only just seen this is released in 2 weeks which is exciting, and booked tickets to their tour next April so something to look forward to.
  3. Have just finished Brassic on sky. Nice easy watch and hilarious, 2 series both on catch up and only 6 episodes each. Love Joe Gilgun in any show I’ve seen him in, highly recommend
  4. 2 new tracks from easy life out today. Not much more to say really, if you like their previous sound then you’ll like these two
  5. 5 song EP from Little Simz released today. Hard to follow up GREY Area but some solid songs here, nice midweek release
  6. Saw someone mention Saltwater Sun too recently who are on the Glastonbury emerging talent list. Another one that would fit nicely into that list
  7. New one from Dream Wife today bit more reserved that their other stuff but liked it. Hadn’t given Car Seat Headrest much of a chance before but after all the talk on here have the latest record a spin and was quite impressed
  8. Thanks I wasn’t aware of this so that’s good to know 👍🏽
  9. I used to be on Apple Music but switched to Spotify in January and much prefer it. Especially since I’ve been working from home the last 6 weeks it’s nice to stick on a daily mix which requires very little thinking and gives you a lot of what you like with some of what you might like. Great way of discovering new stuff with little effort
  10. This weekend I will be mostly watching afterlife 2 and making a start on the last dance. Only really started following NBA couple of years ago so looking forward to watching the history of the Chicago bulls
  11. Rick and morty. Could watch it over and over
  12. Beans on toast live gig on Instagram 8pm tomorrow
  13. First gig wasn’t until I was 20 so a late starter. Arctic Monkeys @ Cardiff motorpoint in 2011 supported by the Vaccines. Suck it and See tour and also same year Vaccines debut came out. Seen both bands 5 times since and hoping they’re both active again next year, both class acts
  14. Jack Saunders is hosting a quarantine karaoke at 7pm with Miles Kane, Justin young, yungblud, jade bird and a few others
  15. Very nice. My afternoon sorted 👍🏽
  16. Halloweens debut out today. Justin from the Vaccines newest project. Wasn’t overly keen on the singles I heard but really enjoyed the album on first play through. Not sure if I’ll remember it a year from now but definitely getting a few more spins this weekend
  17. Absolutely gutted. I know it won’t happen now but it would have been pretty cool if it was a bit later on and we could have had our tickets. Little reminder of what could have been 😭
  18. Saw this video on twitter. Explains quite nicely and simply the possible reasons for not having complete shut down straight away
  19. Having been successful this year for the first time in 3 attempts and the initial excitement I now feel like I’ve scored a goal and VAR are having a look with a strong chance of ruling it out. I’d be gutted if it got cancelled and it was back to square one for 2021 and would obviously welcome the chance to get some sort of priority for it. Emily and Michael will receive a lot of abuse whatever decision they make which is so unfair. They do so much good but can’t win with this which is out of their hands.
  20. Just seen Kendall Calling have put out a statement that reassures ticket purchases that IF it were to be cancelled that their ticket would be valid for 2021 or choose a refund. Obviously very different in size, popularity and demand to Glastonbury but it would give a lot of people on here peace of mind if Glastonbury offered the same. I know it’s not a major thing in context but would be one less thing playing on some people’s minds in these worrying times.
  21. I do like his solo stuff and his new singles too so hoping to catch him, would be a bonus for a couple of Pulp tunes thrown in. A band I love but never managed to see live
  22. Pleased to see JARV IS on the line up poster. Noticed he’s planning to tour in May too, anyone seen him in this form before and does he play much or any Pulp?
  23. Been thinking about the current Coronavirus and why it seems so big. I think a large part of it is social media, everyone talking about it and having their own (and in most cases with no basis or facts) opinion on it. Before social media we would hear about it once or maybe twice a day on the news and there wouldn’t be as much of a panic. Journalists like piers Morgan constantly mentioning it because it’s current doesn’t help and has lead to this panic buying which has snowballed. Death rates of other epidemics have been much higher in the last 20 years but never seemed as bad or big as this one because guess what? Social media was much less prominent. Don’t get me wrong I think it is bad but made so much worse by people being fed constant headlines and reports. I feel my point is backed up by the fact there are over 140 pages of discussion on it on here in less than 2 months, some people massively overreacting and probably just because of some scaremongering tweet they have read. Just sit back, stay clean, don’t lick any hand rails at airports and we will be fine
  24. New album from Franc Moody today, although half of it had already been released. Top stuff, off to see them tomorrow in Manchester and would be great to see them on the farm
  25. Would like the see The Pearl Harts on one of the smaller stages. Similar to the Mysterines and supporting Honeyblood and Feeder this spring.
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