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  1. Ah enjoy! I’m evening on Saturday so I’d have been no use to you, enjoy the show tomorrow and yeah it will be absolutely fine!
  2. When are you meant to be going? I’m going on Saturday so can post back if it’s after that?
  3. My first thought was the top right looks Like the way they write two door cinema club on fest posters
  4. First headline set - Franz Ferdinand 2009 First pyramid headliner - Blur 2009
  5. I’m surprised they’ve stopped showing the 7 day rolling average of deaths, but thanks for sharing!
  6. Yes exactly, there is the £20 fee per platform and I think that’s why they would have implemented this but that obviously doesn’t cover the 3 tickets which would be lost if just 2 people bought a ticket.
  7. Also don’t know what the chances are of getting a ticket it says capacity is 2,500 but a viewing platform holds max 5 people who have to arrive in the same car so realistically that means there’s only 500 chances to get a ticket - will try anyway
  8. Which email address did you use to get this response so I can email too? I want to be able to show this response when they try and turn me away for someone giving me a lift (stuff like this always happens to me)
  9. Wait. What? There was a briefing?! Hope you are ok, stick with it
  10. Me too!! What am I going to do at 5pm now I won’t be switching between bbc and efests!
  11. Did anyone get the impression from the way things were being phrased etc that they are wrapping this up? It seemed very much like the beginning of the end of lockdown to me, maybe just me though
  12. Just waiting for Robbie Savage
  13. Croatia, we supposedly fly out 15th July, still not been cancelled. Spoke to people in Croatia and they are really hoping for British tourists to save their summer as it is unlikely they will see Americans Canadians or Brazilians this year! I guess it’s wait and see.. I see BA, easyJet and Ryanair have taken the government to court today over the quarantine
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