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  1. Wtf have I just watched... is this an act, I can’t believe my eyes. I was half expecting him to announce Eat Out to Help Out 2 at the end of his love of ‘coke’
  2. Hey, I doubt it will matter I think you can volunteer in any of the sites but I’m not sure. I didn’t get auto confirmation until the following day after but I thought it was strange I didn’t get instant confirmation so emailed the resourcing team a couple hours after who confirmed I was booked in the shift, I think the resource teams email addresses are in the GRS initial email. The north one was pretty responsive, hope this helps
  3. Kinda agree with you, I’ve got a Leeds ticket, carried over from last year and yeah their announcement was uplifting and will get me through the next few months, it will probably get me through to the 21st June and after which point if life is largely back to normal and they cancel I will be like meh, in contrast with when Glasto cancelled, and we didn’t have a way out or anything to look forward to, was a blow. I know that’s my own personal point of view and not everyone will share that relaxed view but IMO it’s not going to be as soul crushing as festivals cancelling last year (no matter how
  4. That’s ace! Bet you’re happy!
  5. It is pretty scary, particularly after yesterday’s wave of optimism, guess it’s just a reality check more than anything, for me anyway... ah well, had my moment yesterday that high will keep me going some more
  6. Ah sorry to hear that 😞 disheartening when you just want to get involved, sure something will come up, my local point of contact emailed everyone last night to say they are expecting a full schedule including a pretty big ramp up for the next 6 months. Based in Newcastle, there only seems to be two vaccine centres local to me, the racecourse and the centre for life
  7. The apps rubbish, there are a few shifts available near me, I only got access on Sunday and managed to book a shift for this Sunday, there were more during the week but I can’t do them. the instructions are a bit pants, if you click on the volunteer bit and fill in your availability and date range but instead of pressing back, press the button at the top right and that lists everything available for your chosen vaccination centre in that date range and you can then select which role you would like to do on shift. Also you don’t get instant confirmation that you have been accepted, th
  8. THE END IS IN SIGHT GUYS, filled with a lot of hope currently, 21st June is not far away!
  9. Israel are nearing the 70% mark, interested to see what the next couple weeks mean herd immunity wise, what would we likely see? The opposite to what we have seen as exponential growth to where there are just a handful of daily cases? Quite exciting watching and waiting to see what will happen, I’m sure there are some ideas here from people who seem to have a firm understanding of the numbers so interested in thoughts
  10. I have family there, they did an initial 6 week(?) lockdown last March but have been covid and restriction free since. They had a few community cases following Christmas but have got zero covid again and now no restrictions as of today, safe to say I’m jealous
  11. Me too!! I remember saying see you in June to my friend at the stereophonics gig in March!!
  12. Cheers for that, it’s the patient advocate so thanks for the heads up on the format and the mapping to the questions sent :). Good luck with the volunteering and the training.
  13. Yeah sorry guys my bad terminology and meant no disservice to people to give the bags full, needle in my arm taking a sample
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