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  1. It’s crazy that 3 miles makes the difference but I agree with your earlier point that generalisation or larger areas is to stop commute drinking/socialising etc
  2. Thank you! Mines not good, safely in tier 3 with 295 per 100k
  3. Which website is that from? Curious about fathers in my area vs national average
  4. Wonder how long till they submit to MHRA for approval. I guess we will see what timescales we are looking at for Oxford when/if they grant Pfizer approval. If I remember it took Pfizer until the following Friday to submit for approval so judging by those rough timelines Oxford would submit back end of next week
  5. I’ve missed a few pages what’s the reset idea?
  6. YES - those dreams gonna get me through!
  7. Top effort!! Whilst in the queue?! Start it off with two this year and with the added freedom it will be even better 😝
  8. This morning I was certain, after that press conference and the fact they are really pushing Easter normality I'm 100% sure it’s on, brothers bar are gonna need some serious stock!
  9. Wonder if we will see vaccine capacity vs vaccine administered added to daily data once approved?
  10. This would be amazing! (provided it works of course!!)
  11. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned here but sky reporting Van Tam starting a new weekly briefing with no politicians starting today at 10am apparently. Will be joined by head of MHRA today.
  12. Is it 50m doses for U.K.? If so that’s even better than I thought, so 25m people vaccinated? What % of the population is likely to give herd immunity do we know?
  13. That’s for this very detailed explanation, so is it a case of them publishing data for analysts to look at and make the decision of whether to grant EUA or not or do we have to wait a few weeks once the events have happened for Oxford to write a report/journal to present etc? edit - just saw your most recent post which answered mine too, thank you!!!
  14. Are they reporting that? Must have missed it, that would be amazing!
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