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  1. Yeah I was thinking earlier, it’s not a matter of how, or if, it’s when, and they know that and they will say ‘told you so’... I do kind of get their organisation too in the same way there is opposition with the government but for me the the hooks they have with the tabloids, media and good morning Britain, can’t help but find it a bit damaging to public confidence but that’s just my opinion
  2. This made me chuckle, partly after watching the whole fake SAGE thing unfold on here over past couple weeks and partly because I saw it coming after reading those articles
  3. Loads of positivity on this page this morning, must be happy Friday! Glad to see you guys booking your jabs!
  4. Royal blood, stereophonics, libertines?
  5. This is what I was thinking haha
  6. Was dead weird! No I got unblinded shortly after my second dose as I was offered the jab via the NHS, still participating in the trial I think they are also assessing the AZ/Pfizer vs J&J 1 dose and 2, sounds complicated
  7. Placebo for me! Defiantly suffered from the placebo effect on the first jab, so so weird!!
  8. Wonder what happens if you are under 30 and already received one dose
  9. Wasn’t somebody on here able to book a jab for someone who was 49 yesterday completely legit through the website? Maybe they will start openly moving through the 40’s early April
  10. We must be getting there now! Will be great to see the downward curves similar to Israel
  11. This made me chuckle - thanks
  12. Is that lull starting tomorrow? Can’t remember when the shortage was said to start and how long it’s gonna last
  13. This was my thinking when I saw trnsmt had an announcement today after putting two and two together
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