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    Serious Midsommar vibes from the vid. Don’t mind the tune though
  2. If that was April 2019 I was also at that gig at Thekla! Was at a loose end and took a chance after hearing a couple of their songs and been a fan ever since.
  3. Side A of Franc Moodys EP dropped today with studio versions, apparently side B out in 2 weeks and these are live versions of the same songs. Only 4 songs and 3 had been drip fed since March but very good all the same, can’t fault anything these guys do.
  4. Couple of listens to Blue Weekend and have to agree with what’s already been said on here. Was also worried they had left it too long after 2nd album but this has to put them up with the best current British bands. Love the flow of the album, think my favourite tune will depends on the mood I’m in but some strong contenders. Thought it was good having lead single near the end too, so many albums are front loaded with singles with the risk of losing interest for the more unfamiliar stuff later on. Although there wasn’t any risk of losing interest with this one. 10/10
  5. Big fan of the new Jungle track
  6. Slow start and a strong finish for me this month: 1. Elder Island - Swimming Static 2. HAERTS - Dream Nation 3. Iceage - Seek Shelter Had probably another 5 albums battling for 2nd and 3rd, Fightmilk, Penfriend, Paul Weller, The Black Keys, Easy Life. How is it June already 🤯
  7. Beat me to it! Hopefully this means another tour in the pipeline 🤞
  8. Don’t see many country recommendations on here, just seen Blackberry Smoke have a new one out today and it’s nothing groundbreaking but thought it was pretty decent and will definitely get some more spins when I’m in the country mood
  9. Elder Island didn’t disappoint, this will be getting lots of plays this summer. Definite contender for AOTM. Looking forward to their tour this autumn in some small venues. Thought Easy life was good too, think there were a couple of weak songs on first listen whereas some of their older singles and EP tunes would have fit a lot better for their debut album. Another good final release day of the month seems to be a trend this year
  10. Enjoyed this on first spin thanks for sharing!
  11. Been a slow month so far for me but Elder Island and Easy Life out tomorrow that I have been looking forward to for a while. Based on the 3 singles I think Elder Island could challenge for top spot so hopefully the rest of the album lives up to this!
  12. Not someone I would choose to watch but I’ve just seen a clip of him in 2019 and I don’t doubt he could headline and do a decent job, just feels and sounds underwhelming. I feel he would be more suited to a late afternoon/ early evening slot with a big crowd sing along
  13. Great day of releases today, Fightmilk and Paul Weller being the highlights for me but also enjoyed St Vincent. Wasn’t sure about the Vaccines single to start with but it’s already grown on me, hopefully announce a new album and tour soon
  14. One of my favourite discoveries from 2020 but since gone off my radar so it’s good to hear they have new music out, totally agree with the Avril reference too! Good stuff
  15. Another release from Franc Moody from their House of FM EP. Can see this getting a lot of plays in the garden this summer
  16. 1. Royal Blood - Typhoons 2. Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg 3. London Grammar - Californian Soil
  17. Really enjoyed first listen of Royal Bloods new album. Different enough from their previous 2 to keep it interesting but still very clear it's Royal Blood. This and a coffee has set me up for the day
  18. Missed out on tickets but signed up for resale, if anyone is selling give me a shout my QR code for the secure reselling platform is below 👍🏽
  19. New Wolf Alice is great, much heavier sound than the first release from the new album. Love how they can switch between the heavy and more stripped back sounds. Really looking forward to the full album now
  20. New one from Franc Moody released on Friday, love it
  21. Baggins7

    Taylor Swift

    Full track listing revealed. Quite looking forward to this
  22. The Vaccines have released an album of demos of song from their debut album, which is one of my favourites from the last 11 years. Always quite interesting to hear how songs started out I think
  23. 1. Black Honey - Written and Directed 2. Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark 3. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club Wasn't aware of Arab Strap before this album so did my usual Google search that I do with most artists that are new to me - I wouldn't advise doing an image search on a work laptop as I did!
  24. Today’s was Parallel Lines by Blondie, I quite like using runs to listen to albums in full or however long the run takes! Will often try to match the album or playlist to the speed of run I’m attempting. Hadn’t planned a particularly fast one today just felt really good as I got going. Good going with the 10 miler, I’m trying to build up my weekly distances hoping for a half marathon effort soon
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