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  1. Harry_W01


    Park farm isn't it? Steanbow is right next to GateA? IIRC Worthy Farm Boundary doesn't go past the pyramid field but snakes all the way down to some of the SE corner. I've always been curious about how much GFE pay for the land every year, seems like a monumental disruption for the other farms they must have ultimate bragging rights living inside the festival though
  2. Harry_W01


    I reckon 2 weeks and we will get some other stage liftage
  3. Imagine Dragons, any chance of them? they have been killing it recently imo
  4. Harry_W01


    oh no is the Camera playing up again? last update 11:15 AM
  5. Harry_W01


    you amazing bastard
  6. Harry_W01


    Does anyone have a link to the website where you can flick through images choosing the date & time etc? I remember seeing it somewhere in this thread but for the life of me cannot find the page
  7. Harry_W01


    They have been putting the flooring down for a few days now, think they started Saturday
  8. Harry_W01


    could we see screens a la Leeds festival this year? I don't think they'd look good on the pyramid but I think they'd look amazing on the other stage
  9. Harry_W01


    the lifting has begun!!!
  10. I think we all know where this is going...
  11. Harry_W01


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/glastonbury/webcam Or https://panodata.panomax.com/cams/879/recent_full.jpg Second one just shows the image which you can download
  12. Harry_W01


    still lots of people on farm, I suppose they finish at 7 ish? looks like the TV screen holder thingy for the pyramid may go up soon
  13. I feel bloody awful for Sainz, IMO the race spin wasn't his fault but it's just really bad luck, I'm hoping his 2 year extension gives him the confidence to push the living hell out of that car, otherwise I think Max and Charles will just runaway. Redbull have seemingly fixed their issue(s)? and are right back up there lovely to see, I don't see any reason for Checo to get a 2 year extension to his contract given his current performance, of course they need to make a decision on Gasly though but Checo all the way for me, class second driver and brings lots of experience to the team What on Earth is going on in Mercedes, they really have developed a awful car, I am hearing they may just scrap the no-pods design completely
  14. Coach from Manchester this year but driving up from Wales to Manchester
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