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  1. if the Tame Impala day returns this will be an insta buy for me! will be a good alternative considering I missed out on R&L tickets!
  2. 100% I hope reading and Leeds goes ahead and Glastonbury implements and learns from the changes the festivals have made. June 2022 is looking up!!!
  3. This is what me and my friend group are currently discussing. some are still very sceptical it will go ahead and don't want to waste 250quid just to get a refund a few months later. I'm one of the few in my group who doesn't drive so convincing them to go is a uphill battle so far!!
  4. Hey Guys, I'm not super up to date with this thread so forgive me if this has been asked, but is there a possibility they could delay Glasto till August or even September time. would/could they make it work logistically especially if rules are relaxed more and more during summer?
  5. as much as I tell myself it will happen I want to be realistic it probably won't go ahead unless there are extensive measures in place. rule of 6 in place till spring I can't see how we can go from that to 200,000+ in a field
  6. yeah that's the thing Liam doesn't feel like a very inspired booking to me. Don't get me wrong I really like him but I feel there are more names they could push up there
  7. yep 100% agree I feel like there are so many artists that deserve to headline over Liam and Postie
  8. Yeah I agree, honestly very confused as to why Postie is booked again over someone like Billie. I really hope they at least tried to get her. For me she would almost makeup for the other 3 sort of headliners
  9. this is kinda what I expected the lineup to be tbh 3 massive headliners and 3 not quite headliners. the other 3 headliners QOSTA, Catfish, Disclosure are OK but honestly thought there are better people they could've gotten??
  10. to be fair it is 1 minute to 7 lets hold in our excitement for another few seconds
  11. Tame Impala are the single band I want to be booked. I know it's very unlikely but a man can dream. I won't shut up about them till they say they will never do it lol
  12. You're setting a low standard with courteeners lol
  13. I am fully onboard the Tame Impala hype train for 2021
  14. really hoping they re-book Tame Impala, have been itching to see them again since Glastonbury!
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