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  1. These are some of my favorite photos from last year. I especially like the first picture, my friends told me to walk all the way up to the glasto sign then look back, absolutely blown away by the view..
  2. Just found out that my workplace is closing for the foreseeable future, I was hoping I'd be eligible for the Gov's 80 percent income thing but since I'm on a zero hour contract I don't think that's likely, also found out that my driving instructor is also stopping lessons for at least 2 weeks. what an awful month this has been...
  3. Yeah can't see this going ahead in May, a postponement would be nice though to be honest but I don't think that'd be very likely, I'm happy I haven't bought anything more than a ticket for all points east yet though...
  4. Rollover for me, I'm 19 and could really do with the extra 50 quid at the moment, but Glasto keeping the 50 and me not having to deal with ticket day stress is way worth it IMO
  5. I am still firmly riding the Tame Impala hype train at least till May, hopefully they have UK tour dates next year tho having to travel down to London is already becoming an expensive pain in the ass
  6. Definitely agree with the primary entry being a stupid add on and to be totally honest I have no idea why I purchased it over standard tickets, because I probably won't end up getting there till gone 2 or 3 ish and I only really intend to watch Tame
  7. Thanks for the response, whilst probably not worth it in terms of price I want to have the best possible experience, and I'd pay a stupid amount of money to see Tame Impala live
  8. Anyone know if in the past the festival has offered VIP upgrade, I bought a primary entry ticket but really fancy the VIP view ticket but I don't wanna buy a new ticket and essentially throw 100 quid down the drain
  9. I second this, back when I used to work for an MSP it really helped for when customers refused to pay for an SSL cert as it was 'unnecessary'
  10. It expired about 30 mins ago which explains the problems, I guess Neil forgot to turn on auto-renew?!
  11. This 100% I didn't like half the lineup last year but I just went to watch someone else or discovered someone new (Aitch, YungBlud as exmaples)
  12. You really can't make this up, it's so much fun to watch twitter meltdown when their choice of popular American rapper won't or isn't announced for their favorite post GCSE festival. I'm glad I didn't know about festivals till I was a few years out of school
  13. we have a spy in the ranks, he must be found!!!! Also light mode
  14. This is the most British thing I've heard in a long time, thanks for the laugh
  15. Not sure if he's trolling at this point or he's just really shit at the internet because not only does he have his email address as his twitter name he's arguing with literally everyone who's disagreeing with him. I'm getting a good laugh though..
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