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  1. Best of luck! I managed to convince my Mother and sister to register for next year. they keep going on about how they will be so tired but the reality is they can get there on Friday and just get deck chairs and sit at the pyramid. although I warned them they will be called chair w*nkers..
  2. Thank you! looking back from this year I definitely should have prepared physically. I expected to easily do a lot of standing but was not prepared for 9 hours of standing. my back was burning by midnight. I envy the people in my group who plodded back to the tent at 7am as I was getting up!!
  3. 1) You should be fine bringing drinks into the campsite as long as you don't look 12, hit and miss at the arena. I didn't get ID'd once at Glasto. 2) It really depends when you get there. if you're going for Thursday I'd say 300 ish should cover you for 3 meals a day and a few rounds of drinks a day. although from experience you probably will end up not eating loads. big breakfast usually covers me 3) There are plenty of ways to get it in. some more creative than others. just remember it is illegal. if you get caught and hand it in sometimes you will just get a slap on the wrist
  4. reading this thread gave me a good smile. I'm lucky enough to be in my final teenage year so I have got a very long way to go before I even think about packing it in. I met people who were in their 60's who have been going for the past 30 years and still have no intention of packing it in.
  5. the site looks really cool out of season. wish I had the luxury of being able go down more than once a year.
  6. Quiet one for me. I decided to book Leeds tickets knowing full well that I'm not getting there till late Friday, regardless I have committed myself to try and do Boomtown next year. if Glasto taught me anything it can't be that bad.. right? ...
  7. Just the one I was looking for! thank you very much!!
  8. I only spent a couple hours in John Peel this year but it was amazing. we went a couple hours early for the Streets so watched the friendly fires, must say really great music there were a few acts there I missed due to clashes. on another note: I've always been curious which production company provides the John Peel tent, or to expand does the same company provide the majority of stage tents at Glasto?
  9. I was considering a day ticket at one point, but It makes sense for me to get a train to Leeds on Friday and come back Monday rather than back again Friday. I heard it was a totally different vibe at Leeds, heard everyone is still lovely but theft is a lot worse, hate the whole arena and camping is separate as-well but wouldn't turn down an amazing lineup for that!
  10. Good on ya!, I was surprised to learn I actually put weight on after Glastonbury, I'm a bit thin as it is so can't complain but if anything I was expecting to loose a little bit
  11. First year for me - Camped at park home ground and had absolutely nothing taken from my tent, neighbours were all extremely lovely, my group camped around in a big circle I was unlucky enough to be behind them so I was worried but everything accounted for other than my extremely light wallet
  12. Completely agree on a lot of point's made here, the only time I really spent in silver hayes was Wednesday morning getting to my campsite and Sunday night/Monday morning, I don't really see the appeal of the place, daytime lineup isn't my taste and there are much better things to do after the headliners have finished
  13. I'm very disappointed in myself for the lack of training I did for Glastonbury, my only excuse is I got re-sale coach tickets, I was not prepared for the 20,000 steps and 8 hours of standing - All worth it though, planing to start the gym in late October
  14. Harry_W01

    T DAY

    T-day was horrible for me (general and resale) I some how got the most amazing luck and got a coach resale ticket in London, and I spent 2 days there leading to the best weekend of my life!
  15. Was told I made the right choice choosing Glastonbury as my first! Can't get over the party fever so went out and got tickets to Leeds, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself If I don't get tickets in October, was lucky enough in the coach re-sale this year!!
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