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  1. I really like that second photo, also I had no idea the pyramid used to have 1 large sound tent as apposed to two, I wouldn't have liked to be on that scaffolding whilst it was windy!
  2. could we see a return of Arctic Monkeys to the farm next year, hasn't it be rumored their back in the studio?
  3. Just registered for volunteering and was accepted literally within 5 minutes subject to my reference, will be my first year and solo, looking forward to it!
  4. Harry_W01

    Queue Times

    went in through gate A this year, arrived at 11:06 was in by 12:50!
  5. I'm quite enjoying reading this thread so far so I think I'll join in 1) 19 2) Taylor Swift, The 1975, Foals, Charli XCX, Kendrick Lamar & Diana Ross 3) Arctic Monkeys and Oasis by far
  6. that's it thank you! I'm hoping they are there next year top notch food!
  7. I can't remember the name but it was the mac n cheese place in the cinema field, all I remember is they has something called the 'Annie Mac' on the menu and it was the only proper meal I had all weekend and still couldn't finish it!
  8. Absolutely fantastic! I've been a secret Taylor Swift lover for ages as it isn't 'cool' in my friend group, will not be missing this for the world!!
  9. Tame Impala, I sort of heard about them around this time last year, but probably got into them after Glasto, now off to see them for a second time, thanks Glastonbury!
  10. I think Ben's alter ego Benedict told you this, I also heard this from someone called Benjamin, perhaps they are the same person!?
  11. This is fake, Dave is the guy at my local chippy, why would he be playing R&L!!!
  12. Harry_W01

    Taylor Swift

    so are we expecting Glasto to announce Taylor after her BST day has sold out, is that the working theory at the moment?
  13. 2019 was my first year, it was definitely very overwhelming, I didn't fell like I did everything I wanted to do, but for next year I'm hoping to spend more time in Arcadia and SE corner
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