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  1. How long to get out also depends on where you are parked and how many fields you need to go through to get to the road. The best way is to not have any expectations (I must be at x y z by [time]) and ensure you have water and food in the car. If there's a queue pop Worthy FM on, sit back and try not to get too anxious/het up.
  2. The tent should be allowed because, as you say, it's for six of you. The issue will be if you are forced to leave behind the porch and trolley. If so, you either (1) leave everything and buy new tents at Glasto (likely a number of small 2 man tents) or (2) be prepared for this and leave the porch behind and breakup the tent into a number of bags which can be carried by hand. So have a few ikea bags (or similar) ready so that the different canvasses and poles can be spilt between you. As people keep saying, the likelihood if this is far greater with See tickets. You haven't confirmed if you are going Seetockets or National express. This is the obvious and easiest solution, except if you are on the See tickets coach. There is another thread about the risk of not taking the coach when you have a combined ticket. If a car is a genuine option, it makes so much sense. Your car friend can take all the heavy stuff, plus booze and trolleys. Once you are in, you meet him at the car and unload. Voila.. trolleys and oversize tent and porch, no issues. If your friends beats you there, s/he can even do the initial load with the tent on a trolley to get a space. NB. Do allow another friend to do the road trip with him/her - it can be a long old trip and you'd have 2 ppl to put the tent up.
  3. I'm sure this goes without saying... If it's a muddy year, you don't want to be relying on the wheels on the cooler transport it. The wheels are too small and it's too close to the ground. The wheels will stick and you'll just end up gathering mud in front of the cooler whilst you try to pull it. Seen this mistake being made year after year. If muddy, you'll need a trolley or a cooler you can carry.
  4. If you are doing some reconsidering following all the advice above, I'd add that you tend to curse every additional pound of weight when carting your stuff across the site (whether in a trolley or not). For example, I tend to take out the additional poles from my tent which can create an awning from the tent flap and take string instead (you can tie to another tent to create the same effect without taking the poles). With this in mind I would seriously, seriously, reconsider taking an additional porch. You simply do not spend much time in the campsite at Glasto ( not if you're doing Glasto right anyway) and may regret taking it... especially if the sheer quantity/size of all your stuff means the coach driver declines to take it. Again, See tickets are very strict. But, it's up to you. This is just meant as well meaning advice. Especially if you are trying to get this all on a coach. I hope it doesn't end badly for you. At least you can buy a tent at Glasto if it all goes horribly wrong.
  5. National express may let you take a trolley depending on how busy it is. Only sack trolleys though. See tickets appears to have a ban on them. Btw, your chosen sack trolley appears really expensive. Much cheaper models out there. Not sure you'd be happy if one that price broke in mud. Up to you though. E.g. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Michigan-Folding-Compact-Fishing-Equipment/dp/B00B9F0H3A/ref=asc_df_B00B9F0H3A/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=255710331282&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18259978553284785304&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006567&hvtargid=pla-358352399243&psc=1
  6. Ahh... pockets. I love pockets. Its a shame most clothes designers for women don't agree, or if they do give you some, they are a fecking useless size. Bring on the day sack! Saw this debate was largely male dominated, so thought I'd add the problems the other half of the population suffer. If you ever see a girl without some kind of rucksack, look for her partner with a huge bag for the both of them! 🤣
  7. Glast0baby

    Surprise Ideas

    Best Glast surprise I ever had was a friend arriving with frozen cocktail packs on a heatwave year. Enjoyed it twice, both wiped all over my body and then in my belly! More seriously, you could get something cool to give him at the festival. One year I bought some amazing sunnies which had been art and crafted on Etsy with model dinosaurs on them. Presenting something novelty like that, maybe wearable LED2 clothing (?) could be a great surprise and then you have the fun of it throughout the fest?
  8. Has anyone got this 4 man version. I've bought it, but unlikely to get an opportunity to practice pitch it before Glasto. Any tips or tricks? Obligatory: very excited to be 'one of us'. Hope it lives up to the hype!
  9. I was bought one of these and hadnt thought of using it for Glasto. Main issue being it isnt huge and whatever you are decanting from needs to be cold first. Perhaps if your are pouring bought drinks into it to keep it colder for a few minutes more? Doesn't seem worth the space in your day sack for that though? I Interested to know how you envision using it? Don't want to miss a canny trick if I already own one I could take!
  10. Yes. The queue will already be huge by the time you arrive as many arrive on Tuesday now. So you'll be stationary for a bit once you join the queue and then hours of snaking queues and barriers before you get in. No way to skip it. That 's just how it is folks. Advice. Only take your tent and a day sack of necessary stuff on the first trip. Necessities mean water, toilet roll and hand sanitizer, something substantial to snack on, suntan cream, breakfast cider. You may also want a camping chair if ground is wet to sit in initial stationary queue and once you are pitched for a well deserved breather. I liked a G&T can to celebrate once the tent was up! Once pitched, then go back for all other stuff. This means that you don't bugger your back before you even start the festival. It's simply not worth taking a big initial load when you can get in and out so easily on a second or third trip. Be realistic and prepared in order to avoid... bad back, exhaustion, heatstroke, major sunburn, fainting via lack of food/drink (all things which have happened to at least someone in my group through not listening to this advice and taking a large rucksack+ on first trip). Also, garden centre trolleys are a n i g h t m a r e in the queue as they can't easily go around the turns in a snaking barrier. Leave it behind for the first trip or only use a sack trolley for the tents.
  11. Silent disco normally has a cheese channel which 90% of the crowd are listening to.
  12. In terms of getting out of Glasto, the coaches have their own road route so don't get caught in the legendary car park queues that you may have heard of. I have caught coaches a few times and can't remember any significant queues on exit... that said, I was likely half asleep and not paying attention. Oth3rs may have better recall. I expect any traffic issues will be normal issues you would encounter on Bristol roads plus a bit for safety.
  13. I know that there are tales about See tickets being very tight on luggage space. I presume/hope this is going in the car you mentioned? I'm having hot sweats over just getting a camping chair in, let alone a bike and trailer 😮
  14. If you are a woman and packing space is an issue, I'd recommend a shepee instead + whatever container you have. I used to reuse diet coke bottles and pour it into the long drop in the morning. A shepee is much smaller and very cheap... only £4.99ish.
  15. Glad to be of assistance. Dairy and Paines are very popular with groups coming by car as it's near that gate. It also tends to be a bit quieter without being too far out. So a nice balanced camping spot, close to the railway line. I've been pennard and then paines (when the Park and arcadiaa moved in) for 10+ years.
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