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  1. I like the politics at the festival. Enjoy a good debate and find it all very interesting. However it was the first year I didn't make it to the speakers forum or leftfield, just too much on. This is a festival immersed in politics over the years, and is part of the experience. You can avoid it, but you're kind of missing the point if you do.
  2. Pilgrim S


    I saw them and loved it. It's a great album so was hoping for a good set. They're a great band with Johnny as the wild card. Never seen anyone be sick on stage before but fair dues he kept going and put in a great performance. Doubt he remembers any of it.
  3. Pilgrim S

    Crows Nest

    No idea how reliable this is but I've been told Amber Arcades are 7pm Thursday. Although I guess that as they don't announce line-up until the day that things can change. Same booking agent as She Drew The Gun apparently.
  4. 9 am on Thursday would be great. If you're not there I'll hang around until 9:30. A friend is leaving Bristol at the time, so I can get sorted before he arrives. Never done a run at the festival before. Usually recovering!
  5. Not checked the site yet but where is the Park Run in Shepton?
  6. I might join you Thursday. 9:30 is a bit late for me. Normally run early and having breakfast by 9:30 and then ready for some music. See how it goes.
  7. I'm interested in Park Run at Shepton. I've just started training for Cardiff Half and was giving up on doing a long run at the weekend, but this might solve that. AA Route Planner is saying 5 miles. It would be one of the more stupid things I've done at the festival, and I've been a few times. Don't want to miss Moonlandingz but I think they're after 12 so should be fine.
  8. Or KP is the meat in a Run The Jewels/ The National sandwich.
  9. but your favourite band is overtly political. Perhaps you should get a new favourite band.
  10. If he could do that, it truly would be amazing.
  11. Could be a great moment. I'm expecting the sun to come out. Was looking forward to Run The Jewels anyway.
  12. I would go. I just think it's better than not going. When I'm there I tend to spend a lot of time on my own and really enjoy it. That's partly because I like a lot of different bands. However I do like to come back to a few people at the end of the day or even during the day to chat about what we've all seen. So I'd say take up any of the offers on here, even if it's just to have a bit of a base to camp and then get out and do as much as you can. This year I'm on my own for a day before a friend arrives. Quite looking forward to exploring.
  13. I've been going since 1990 but the Portishead set in 2013 was something else. I'll try and remember other highlights.
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