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  1. You did well to get one. Pretty hard to find these days
  2. I use one of those as my awning. You definitely need to watch a video before trying to pack it away.
  3. Some of my favourite shows returning over the next week or so. Derry Girls Taskmaster Inside no. 9 And the biggy, Better Call Saul.
  4. Yeah, imagine the 'Regret' story if he'd stayed.
  5. I wanted to go on an adventure with the A Team. Thinking about it, Jimmy Saville arranging for me to be picked up in the back of a van...
  6. philipsteak

    Club Covid

    Tickets aren't scanned. Or they haven't been in the past at least.
  7. Some gates are better than others. Gate D is so far from anything there's no point even trying to see stuff on your break never mind being in the think of it. Oxfam do get arena positions at other festivals, I just never seem to get them.
  8. philipsteak

    Club Covid

    First official bout for me (suspect I had it in the first wave but no tests of course) Amazed it's taken me this long to get it if it is my first. Fairly rife at work. Just been like a bad cold, but getting noticeably better each day (which I don't always do with a cold). I feel like I could handle going in to work today (which I'm not doing obviously) whereas the last few days that's def not been the case.
  9. Outside the fence I am just like your husband. It's kind of impressive how bad my sense of direction is. People don't belive it until they see it in action. But for some weird reason I have very little problem finding my way around the festival. Must be the ley lines or something.
  10. For all it's general awfulness, well played on this one Twitter. Might even be funnier than when they banned Trump
  11. Me too. It's ripping through my work at the moment. How you feeling? I'm kind of in 'bad cold but I've had worse' territory.
  12. philipsteak

    Sober times

    This will be my 8th or 9th Glastonbury sober. Plus numerous other festivals. And it's great. Different but great. It's been so long now (15 years or so) that I genuinely don't miss it. The idea of being drunk just seems so weird now. And I used to drink a lot. A lot. There is the odd time I feel a little jealous seeing everyone let loose a bit more than I do but then I don't miss the hangovers/despair or the forgetting. And I feel pretty broken on the Monday as it is so God knows how bad I'd feel if I still drank
  13. I'd love A, but usually get B.
  14. I've got one that's at least 6 years old that's still working fine.
  15. That's a shame to read. It always used to look so good. Would've liked to do it at some point.
  16. No. they shouldn't ignore me either. And I think it's pretty fair to say that they don't.
  17. I did the same thing except I bought it on Google Books so I could read it on my computer at work.
  18. He may talk shit, but you can at least read it.
  19. Yep. I'm 45 and the festival absolutely shouldn't pander to me. There are plenty of festivals out there that do, and I don't want to go to them. I'm the oldest on my group, the youngest is about 15 years younger, so they help with highlighting good new stuff for me. Although saying that some of them have 'older' taste than me.
  20. Thank fuck for that. Thought it was me for a second.
  21. Do you ever think it's mad I get to do my run through this place, or is it just 'normal' for you?
  22. I've done varying degrees of solo. Although I volunteer so it is different. It's varied from knowing absolutely no on else, to having friends going as punters and meeting up with them. The times when I've known no one, sometimes I've made friends with people I'm working with or camping near and spent time with them, other times I've spent time when I'm not working pretty much on my own. With the occasional 5 minute friend. The group I go with now all met while going solo. We don't have a marriage yet, but we do have a couple. And to echo everyone else, sharing those moments with your friends is amazing. Equally, not taking 40 minutes to leave camp, then stopping 5 minutes later cos someone needs a piss. Then 5 minutes after that cos someone else needs a piss and someone needs to fill their water bottle is also amazing.
  23. Yeah, I think pretty much every festival I seem to meet someone who got their place last minute. There's always a chance
  24. Not gonna lie, but when I started this by mentioning how nice Avebury is, I didn't see it (happy) ending with Yog w*nking on a bus
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