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  1. So dull but gives me a headache
  2. Nope, I think they've closed up completely. They've sold the cafe in Ambleside too. I got my dates wrong and went for one final thali but they'd already closed. Gutted.
  3. The comparison sites don't seem to work for campers. Or at least they haven't for me. The very attractive quote you initially get falls apart very quickly. I've used Adrian Flux for the last few years. Seem OK but I've never had to make a claim. Their sales people are a bit "salespersony" (I imagine their office has a big 'Coffee's for Closers' sign) but the price has always been fine.
  4. That's what I've heard. Still want to see it but my local cinema only showed it for a week and I had covid at the time
  5. I'm the same, hate feeling constricted when trying to sleep, even a pod was too restricting for me so would open it up like a duvet. Then I just started using a duvet.
  6. My mate was telling me last week about his nephew who was pretending to be a cat. This included shitting in the litter tray. At least he was house trained I suppose.
  7. I'm genuinely surprised at this. I mean I'd expect most people to be OK with it, maybe give you a bit of friendly stick about it, but only one shit comment. Shocked, I am. Maybe don't start wearing the '86 shirt though. That might be too much for some
  8. Or in the case of Nadhim Zahawi, calling him Pete.
  9. Can I just stay in and watch the telly or read a book?
  10. philipsteak


    We got a load of trees from them through work. Planted some at our sites around the North West, then a few of us got to do a volunteering day with these guys https://twitter.com/HardknottForest planting the rest, as well as some clearing. A very rare satisfying day 'at' work. Ash Dieback has hit some places around here pretty bad. Some really lovely spots look a bit like a bombsite now.
  11. Lib Dem or Tory is the only choice here too. Although I voted for a Shadow Council, which isn't nearly as interesting or MCU as it sounds
  12. Not seen a single Tory sign in a garden this time. Usually it's loads of Lib Dem, maybe a quarter of that or so Tory, few Greens dotted about and maybe a token Labour. Just Lib Dem and Greens this year. And we only get Lib Dem leaflets so no change there
  13. There he is! Was starting to worry
  14. I mean he's now destined to be a punch line for ever anyway, but he really didn't help himself with the whole tractor thing.
  15. he's got a new one out for the Jubilee https://princeandrew.info/
  16. Whenever ive used it for someone else's vehicle they've either understood how it works and think 'that's really clever' or not understood how it works and basically think it's witchcraft.
  17. I've got one of these https://www.toolden.co.uk/p/sealey-e-start800-electrostart-batteryless-power-start-800a-12v/ which gets round the problem of remembering to charge it. You do still need to remember to keep it in the van though. Can't help with that one. Got me out of bother a few times. And guests at work on a few occasions.
  18. Pop in the plunger then pull it back up a bit. Creates a vacuum so it stops flowing through. A little will go through obviously when you put the plunger in. Or just invert. Eithers fine
  19. Yeah, that's always been my thinking to be honest. I mean even paying a fortune for a home setup isn't going to compare to a professional with years of experience.
  20. I've drawn the line at roasting my own coffee. So far.
  21. Never mind festivals, he doesn't seem to want to tour full stop. He said he'd given it up after his last tour. Looks like he's gone back on that now though and is previewing a new show.
  22. I seem to be permanently at gate D now. It's a bit of a pain on the arse, but depending on the shift I'm often already on site before a shift or staying on site after a shift. And being a supervisor makes it much easier to get the shuttle bus if needed. Although I usually only need to for the start of the early shift or end of the night shift.
  23. { was blocked just trying to read the story at work
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