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  1. Ged Devereux


    I’m looking for two tickets to Fontaine’s DC in Manchester if anyone knows of any going. Couldn't find a page for them and didn’t want to start a new group so thought in here would do!
  2. Ged Devereux

    2020 headliners

    What if Emily’s preparing to fully take over from Micheal and is testing the waters with fake rumours! Talyor is pretty much nailed on, what Odds can you get on her?
  3. Ged Devereux

    2020 headliners

    How many times did Chris Martin appear at other acts shows in 16? If they do play hopefully he’ll leave everyone else to get on with their own set. I’d watch them again, wasn’t looking forward to them in 16 but it’s one of my favourite Glasto sets
  4. Thoughts on the new album? Only listened the once but nothing really stood out and the singles they released from it prior didn’t really make a mark like the lead singles from Little Fictions. I’d like to see them sub the Other, least the band would get to see the sunset for a change!
  5. Black Keys headlining the Other
  6. Whats the best way to get involved with the recycling crew? Of all the options think this one would best for me as I'm not overly fussed about stuff on after headliners. Am i right in thinking shifts are 6-12ish? Have always said i'd work if i didn't manage to get tickets, been lucky the last few years but like many others on here feel the luck will run out eventually.
  7. I thought one of the main draws for Worthy View is you get to park near?
  8. Ged Devereux

    2020 headliners

    Thought it was pretty poor having The Killers back after they’d played a secret set the festival before. To do it again with Foals would be even worse. The Killers played John Peel they were the most talked about set of the weekend, Foals secret set just seemed to go down like any other set. I’m not a fan of 1975 but they’d make more sense.
  9. Anyone remember the price of mixers at the bars?
  10. Ged Devereux

    Out of office

    Was meant to be working till Tuesday. I'm now only in on Monday which means I get to watch both England games, hopefully they get the good weather too! Watching the Aussie game and hopefully having a bbq will most likely end up with me having a rough head and a 6 hour coach journey on the Wednesday!
  11. Paellaria, they’ve two stalls one between Pyramid and Other and one near Williams Green. They were at All Points East but the queue was massive, hoping they’re back at Glasto!
  12. Chemical Brothers - 150 Hot Chip - 103 The Cure - 65 Janelle Monae - 95 - 25 = 75
  13. Jon Hopkins - 59 - 20 = 39 Chemical Brothers - 160 Hot Chip - 120   Kate Tempest -80 The Cure - 114 Christine & The Queens - 60   Janelle Monae - 140
  14. Jon Hopkins - 105 - 20 = 85 Chemical Brothers - 160 Hot Chip - 80 Kate Tempest - 80 The Cure - 110  Christine & The Queens - 60   Janelle Monae - 150
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