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  1. Happy with this news, it would make sense to go near gate A for all those on the coach who can only bring what they can carry. I don't think it will affect the bars too much, maybe if the cans were cold but if not it'll just reduce the amount people bring with them from their cars and that will be depending on how much more expensive they'll be
  2. Wonder how many people seen the Killers last time? How many does the new John Peel tent hold, plus all those stood outside?
  3. I'd guess between 15/20 Friday - Sunday, think the most I've managed in a day is 8. Tend to stick to the main 5 stages and don't count anything I see after Headliners
  4. We've always camped in Pylon, we get the coach and there's usually a big group of us so its ideal really. Would love to do Big ground one year, maybe when the group gets smaller and we can pick our arrival time. Big ground is one of the first to fill up?
  5. Yeah they’ll probably keep the same price which is already ridiculous, £1.50 or £2 for fizzy bottles, if i’m remembering correctly?
  6. The guy interviewing mentioned them headlining the second stage, think a lot people on here had them down for Pyramid sub again or even a secret set.
  7. Ged Devereux

    Other Stage

    Surprised we’ve not got a date for new Tame stuff. You think it would be out before they play Coachella. He’s said he doesn’t like playing unreleased songs as it doesn’t go down great so I’m certain we’ll have the new album before Glasto. Its unlikely we’ll get Tame and Vampire weekend both headling the Other?
  8. Feels a weak trio considering two of them played prominent sets at the last festival
  9. Happens a fair bit at the Pyramid, especially that time of day and even more so on the Sunday! Really hope they headline Other on the Friday
  10. Ged Devereux

    Other Stage

    They also played 3 years on the bounce with a secret set thrown in so if they played this year that would be 4/5. Makes sense to wait until next year and headline the Other in 2020
  11. I take it back, much better that I was expecting!
  12. The past few years the line up has leaked by now. Not expecting anything great anyway which is a shame as it’s my birthday weekend!
  13. Yeah i didn't take it as a confirmation but pretty sure they'll be there. Not too sure where else they could play, they did Eotr last year.
  14. Yeah I don’t see 1975 playing 2020, they could sub this year and come back in 2021 with another album and headline. I was thinking the same for Stormzy before he was announced headliner *Should have caught up on the rest of the thread before posting!
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