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  1. They posted on Insta yesterday raving about Goa Express so id expect them to be there
  2. There's usually 9 play the park. Only 7 there. Would love Wet Leg to be opening the day although would make getting a decent spot harder. Also I thought Arlo parks was subbing?
  3. Have St. Etienne gave the Friday schedule away with their Insta post?
  4. I know its not a massive marker but Florence just bagged no.1 album over Kendrick and if you were to ask those attending i'd say more people would pick Florence over Billie Eilish to headline
  5. If they're gonna bump up anyone you'd guess Sam Fender or Wolf Alice. Cant see it being any of the other names suggested on here
  6. Got my hopes up for the 24th but like most others was expecting it week commencing 30th, which is fine as I'll be in Barca, hopefully on the beach when it drops!
  7. Yeah I'd Guess Other Stage for them now. 3/4 down? Also if Idles are to play Other they be same level?
  8. Idles - Gorillaz the biggest clash for me. Hopefully have Glasto set times by then to see who Idles are up against
  9. One facing the Mountain stage? Was tasty but I’d pick Paellaria mentioned above over it! (Not the best pic 🙄)
  10. Yeah was also a highlight for me at Greenman. Hoping she plays an early Park set too
  11. Manchester. 4.30am on the Tuesday. Had National express booked for 6am but they didn't auto renew the times and missed out on the 6am one. Was either 4.30 or 10am
  12. Another for Fontaines, Roman Holiday the stand out track for me. Really hope they're Park headliner, seen them headline Greenman last year and called it then
  13. Ged Devereux

    Wet Leg

    Got a spare for tonight in Manchester
  14. Ged Devereux

    Beer Prices

    I’m the same about warm cans of lager. Do like a trip to Brothers Bar but wasn’t a fan of Mallets last time, guessing that’ll be the cider at most of main bars again this year?
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