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  1. "Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that coronavirus would not stop him greeting people with a handshake, adding that he had shaken the hands of everyone at a hospital where infected patients were being treated." So weird to think this was barely a month ago. He almost looked proud of himself 😧
  2. Aye. There are already a lot of people in need of a refund so I hope they announce something soon.
  3. As others have said, it feels very optimistic but I guess we will know more in the next few months. Thanks to @Ohjesusfor the tip though - changed my accommodation last week.
  4. TomViolence

    Nick Cave

    Real shame but completely understandable in the current climate. Glad it will be re-arranged
  5. Lucy Dacus @ Union Chapel cancelled
  6. Tbf, Primavera appear to be exploring the option of rescheduling so they're limited in what they can tell us. EOTR is at the end of 'festival season' so they don't really have an alternative - this enables them to be more transparent.
  7. Lana Del Rey. Had to cancel her European tour in February due to illness, Primavera most likely cancelled / postponed and now Glastonbury cancelled. I reckon she will want come to Europe next year and I hope Glastonbury is top of her list
  8. Given that so many acts are having to postpone / cancel tours it wouldn't surprise me if they manage to keep a good chunk of the lineup.
  9. Aye. I don't have a ticket but it wouldn't have felt right if those who do lost theirs.
  10. Jay Som's UK tour cancelled. King Krule is due to be starting a UK tour tomorrow. Dublin has been cancelled but other dates seem to be going ahead still :S
  11. I think it's because it shuts at 11pm so they want to prevent people just turning up for the main act as a warm up for a night out elsewhere.
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