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  1. Aye. Been popping up on festival lineups quite a bit in recent years too.
  2. Probably already been mentioned but a few of these are playing a UK festival on the 5th June so they're certainly in the frame. http://diymag.com/2019/11/26/wide-awake-festival-first-wave-acts-announcement
  3. Officially signing in. Ticket purchased - 1st Primavera since 2015 - can't ******* wait
  4. If anyone can help please - 07535533966 735142577 SL64QS 4065814624 SL2 4DN 55275058 SL6 7JW 2864466900 SL1 6AY 2303674268 TN35 5NT 2487487412 CH2 4QS
  5. TomViolence

    Bon Iver 2020

    Only listened a couple of times but it's superb IMO. What a beautiful journey. As jyoung says, it'll sound great live. Hopefully don't have to wait too long for UK dates
  6. It's practically empty here atm which is kinda cool. See y'all at Goat Girl
  7. TomViolence

    Bon Iver 2020

    Cool to see Jenn from Wye Oak has joined the live band. I wonder what role she will have...
  8. TomViolence

    Bon Iver 2020

    Aye - has to be Other. I look forward to months of speculation and then finding out they're not playing.
  9. Disappointing to hear as I thought they had resolved the sound issues - no complaints from me the last two times I went to Hyde Park (2018 and 2016). Hopefully no issues on Saturday!
  10. Really really enjoyed that set!
  11. Might be worth splitting up the pages between a few people. I'm happy to help unless you think that will complicate things
  12. TomViolence

    Billie Eilish

    Same here. I was quite surprised when she said there had been technical issues!
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