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  1. 3 tracks from The Raconteurs' first show back.
  2. Ah sweet, been wanting to see Phosphorescent for years but never got round to it. Tried to get into Ezra Furman before due to all the hype on this forum but failed to get into it. Will try again!
  3. Mid-JP seems like a good shout for Glastonbury. The new album took a while to click for me but love it now. Seeing her tonight 👌 flawless
  4. I had meant to come back to this thread and reply. It is cool... I'm surprised the news has slipped under the radar tbh! Assume they're planning more shows so hopefully they pop up at Glastonbury.
  5. So much to get through today! Had Nilufer Yanya on this morning and it's great. We'll worth the wait. These New Puritans next
  6. TomViolence

    Tame Impala

    So so good. Their live show has improved so much since Lonerism.
  7. TomViolence

    Tame Impala

    As others have said, quite similar to Currents material but I like it. Thought it was weird that they hadn't released anything with Coachella coming up soon. Hopefully more to follow soon!
  8. Argh that's annoying. Just tried again and it's working if you or anyone else only needs 1 ticket.
  9. Doves tickets are available again ^
  10. Just found a presale link that's live now https://www.metropolismusic.com/artists/somerset-house-summer-series-with-american-express/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=owned_social&utm_campaign=somerset_house_summer_series_with_american_express_2019&hootPostID=29f3cf364b97b097fccd257c98b921fa Looks like it went live at 10:00 - Doves sold out but I just got some for The Internet. Not sure what else is left. Will try find other pre sales or try in general sale tomorrow for Doves.
  11. Yeah you do 😕 Pre sale today from 2pm if you're on the Somerset House mailing list and general sale tomorrow (Amex not required for either of those).
  12. 100% Male music artists have had the privilege of fewer barriers to entry to the industry and repeated bookings at the higher end of festival lineups which leads to more exposure and results in a perception that they're somehow 'bigger' and 'better'. This won't change until there's a conscious action to book more female artists and to push them up lineup posters (like Primavera and Glastonbury for example seem to be doing). Tokenism can stay as far as I'm concerned.
  13. TomViolence

    The Cure

    Pretty comparable to the last couple of times I saw them but I imagine they won't play for longer than 2 hours so they will have to cut a few. This run of tracks is insane The Walk Friday I'm In Love Close To Me Why Can't I Be You Boys Don't Cry I hope they leave that untouched!
  14. The Killers x1 - secret set in 2017... played hits throughout, was great. The Cure x3 - smashed it everytime. Stormzy x1 - energetic, gets the crowd going. George Ezra x1 - bored me to tears. Tame Impala x5 - used to be very hit and miss live but really upped it in the last 2 or 3 years. Could be the set of the weekend. The Chemical Brothers x3 - a very solid option. Definitely watch if you haven't before. Two Door Cinema Club x9 - loved their first album but haven't followed theie musical output since. Saw them at NOS Alive in 2016(?) and it was fun still. Bastille x1 - watched them with someone I had met earlier in the day and they were rather forgettable. She's now my long-term girlfriend and doesn't like Bastille anymore. Perfect outcome Snow Patrol x1 - was okay, a little bit better than expected. Cat Power x2 - often gets a bad rep but Chan nailed it both times I saw her. Years & Years x1 - not my cup of tea but very energetic, decent crowd interaction. The Good, The Bad & The Queen x1 - many moons ago but I remember enjoying it. Hot Chip x2 - guaranteed to nail it. Jon Hopkins x1 - superb at Primavera a few years back, not sure how I've not seen him since. I'm going to APE so will see Chems, Hot Chip and JH there and possibly not at the big G. Solid options to fall back on though. Santigold x1 - wayyy back on her debut album tour. Was great. The Streets x2 - once on their break-up tour and once since. Definitely still got it and should not be missed. Kamasi Washington x1 - great. If the sun's out, I can't think of many places I'd rather be. Johnny Marr x2 - worth a watch. I'd rather listen to him sing The Smiths' songs than Morrissey. Rex Orange County x1 - was on in the background. Was aite. Michael Kiwanuka x2 - good voice. Kate Tempest x1 - another I should've seen more. Phenomenal set on the park in 2017(?) Loyle Carner x1 - was alright. Perhaps I need to listen more - he had a lot of hype but I don't really understand why. Jungle x1 - played before LCD at Lovebox and it worked really well. I'll see them again (clash permitting). Kurt Vile x2 - could watch him and the band all day. Ridiculous amount of great tracks to choose from these days. Interpol x11 - I try to see them at every opportunity and they never disappoint. Well worth a watch if you've never seen them. Friendly Fires x4 - so great to have them back. They were great before the hiatus and are even better now. Do not miss them. Sharon Van Etten x2 - her set on The Park a few years back was outstanding - one of my favourite ever Glastonbury sets. Check her out if you're not familiar.
  15. The Cure / Janelle Monae Tame Impala Jorja Smith Cat Power The Streets Neneh Cherry Kurt Vile Friendly Fires Sharon Van Etten Low
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