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  1. sneakysabi

    Lost ticket

    Thanks everyone, that’s all very helpful and much appreciated. My friend is in pieces, as you can imagine. Willing to try anything to get this sorted.
  2. sneakysabi

    Lost ticket

    Hi there, I’m a little desperate here and looking for some advice. My friend arrived from oversees last night and she had her ticket delivered to her mum’s. Unfortunately looks like the ticket has been lost somewhere in the house. She’s been looking for hours and no luck. It there anyway whatsoever of getting in? She has got her Id and a photo of the ticket on her phone (mum sent it to her when it arrived). I know that Seetickets day they do not replace lost tickets that have been delivered but... Is there any contact info for anyone at Glastonbury offices that could possibly help? Anyone had experience with that? I will appreciate any advice as she is obviously devastated.
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