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  1. Friday - Khruangbin (Park Sub) Saturday - Macca Sunday - Courtney Barnett, might catch end of Bicep
  2. Thursday - Mates Friday - Wet leg Saturday - Macca Sunday - Fontaines
  3. With them having the memorial burning on Sunday night, do you still think the Wednesday Pheonix burning will still happen?
  4. Think it was on a Matt Morgan podcast, just had a quick look but can't find it
  5. Yeah Masterplan is the one I'm hoping for! He has said he'll go Oasis heavy for this set, hopefully get one or 2 early on as well as load at the end. My voice usual goes on the Thursday so hoping a days rest on the Friday and i'll be good to go again Saturday night! Was also at that Ritz gig, absolute sweat box that night!
  6. Anyone remember how much a bag of ice was? £2?
  7. Just back from Primavera had it was a quick scan of your qr code and you picture came up on a little screen. Thought it was going to be a pain entering everyday but was through the gates in less than 5 minutes everyday. Do think Glastonbury will go the same way soon
  8. Bags got looked in upon entry but we all had few cans smuggled inside
  9. Sound for Tame was far too quiet. Never been to a gig where people were moving around and talking. Fred again was good, sound so much better! Queues for the bar were a joke
  10. Nearly an hour in queue for the bar 😫
  11. What’s the queue looking like? Long wait to get in?
  12. Yeah that queue tonight didn’t fill me with confidence for the rest of the weekend, will surely be a nightmare if you have to scan every time you go in
  13. We queued from 7:20 until 7:50, reckon we made it just past half way. Annoying as won’t see them Friday due to clash with Fontaine’s, luckily be able to see them at Glasto in a few weeks but imagine will have to get there early doors
  14. Took us an 50 mins to get through T1 security today, hand luggage only. Guess it just depends how many other flights are going out at the same!
  15. They posted on Insta yesterday raving about Goa Express so id expect them to be there
  16. There's usually 9 play the park. Only 7 there. Would love Wet Leg to be opening the day although would make getting a decent spot harder. Also I thought Arlo parks was subbing?
  17. Have St. Etienne gave the Friday schedule away with their Insta post?
  18. I know its not a massive marker but Florence just bagged no.1 album over Kendrick and if you were to ask those attending i'd say more people would pick Florence over Billie Eilish to headline
  19. If they're gonna bump up anyone you'd guess Sam Fender or Wolf Alice. Cant see it being any of the other names suggested on here
  20. Got my hopes up for the 24th but like most others was expecting it week commencing 30th, which is fine as I'll be in Barca, hopefully on the beach when it drops!
  21. Yeah I'd Guess Other Stage for them now. 3/4 down? Also if Idles are to play Other they be same level?
  22. Idles - Gorillaz the biggest clash for me. Hopefully have Glasto set times by then to see who Idles are up against
  23. One facing the Mountain stage? Was tasty but I’d pick Paellaria mentioned above over it! (Not the best pic 🙄)
  24. Yeah was also a highlight for me at Greenman. Hoping she plays an early Park set too
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