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  1. First time I've ever been to a gig in my pyjamas whilst drinking a cuppa! It was really good fun and worth a donation for his crew who work SO hard. I feel really fortunate to have been at the York gig before his tour got cancelled. Just waiting to hear whether Lost Evenings in Berlin gets pulled 😔
  2. Just bought Faith No More tickets today and it'll be FT tickets tomorrow. People's Christmas presents are getting shitter and shitter with each tour announcement ?
  3. Knowing they are reasonably local around Glastonbury makes me smile
  4. I'm down here for the weekend. Took mumsy to The Empire yesterday to see Les Miserables. Off to the Evanwood for lunch then I'm off back home again... best thing about the new job is no weekends or shifts so I can get home more often ❤ She just blew a kiss back and said she will see you soon ? Her turning up as a bloody elf would have been hysterical ?
  5. Probably got set on fire Sunday night! I'm off out for lunch with your Dad today... I'll ask for photographs! ? True story my Ma told me yesterday. So she's off to your Dad's Christmas party in fancy dress. Her and Michael had grand plans to go as elves. I'm fucking gutted he has told her it's Beaky Blinders. Can't stop howling at the thought of everyone dressed as the roaring 20s and the pair of them knocking on the door as Santa's little helpers ??????
  6. Lots of stuff on Facebook of people in the outer catchment area included on the list being locked out with post codes not being recognised. They must be so gutted
  7. Yeah, that needs to be your outfit at the next family party! ?
  8. Digi

    Flares / Smoke Bombs

    Flares scare the shit out of me. The trauma nurse in me just thinks they are an accident waiting to happen I love smoke bombs though. They do look awesome and add to the atmosphere and I'd selfishly love them to be at every gig I go to. Unfortunately the cost is too high though for those with asthma etc
  9. It was 60 quid so not cheap. Took around 2 hours to make from a straight bar of silver. It is really heavy and solid though and it was a great couple of hours spent with my friend and something we will probably do again together next year too
  10. He was actually really really nice, but I think that's because I acted like I had absolutely no idea who he was so just nattered about how hammering silver wasn't the best idea I had ever had whilst drinking silly amounts of JD. We mainly spoke about getting rat arsed ?
  11. Make something in the craft fields. This year was the first year I've ever done it and I wound up making a silver bangle with the dude from Homes Under the Hammer. It wasn't cheap but I wear it all the time and it's a lovely reminder. I engraved it myself with some lyrics so the grand plan is to make it a bit of a tradition every year and engrave it with different lyrics each time of a band or artist I've seen that year at the festival ? Writing and bangle is a bit wonky but I love it considering I am shit at anything remotely creative
  12. I'm never going to be their biggest fan as I'm just not a glam rock kind of chick BUT they were really really good. Dead entertaining and pretty tight as a band. I really enjoyed them
  13. Digi

    Calling it a day

    ????? Now I'd be up for them making a guest appearance ❤
  14. Digi

    Calling it a day

    Am I actually related to you with your crazy arsed polls? ??
  15. Someone is trying to piss on my parade! ??? Fleetwood Mac Daft punk (obviously) Elton John ... that'd see me at the Pyramid 3 nights in a row getting tutted at for standing on someone's picnic blanket
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