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  1. The newly added competition to win TRNSMT Festival tickets seems to be missing the usual competition form. Unless this one is to be emailed in (though there's no mention of the address to use that I could see). I tried from both mobile and desktop versions of the site.
  2. merago

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Just came back to say thanks and to give an upvote - managed to book tickets for the second night straight after your reply! Was an absolutely great way to start Glasto. Can't wait for September now.
  3. merago

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Same here. Not a sniff
  4. Phil clearly really fuckin' loves Agadoo
  5. This is what I'm seeing for Pilton, Somerset-
  6. That sounds promising enough
  7. Still up. The top result in Google is an old one as it caught me out too. http://brotherscider.co.uk/news/item/win-a-festival-survival-kit?confirm_age=true
  8. merago


    Block 9, particularly NYC Downlow will have a lot of acts the may be right up your street then. Masters at Work, would be a good start
  9. Wait, but that means that the current projections of a dry, warm festival could be wrong too? Ok, I'm going to pretend I didn't ready your post @Thunderstruck
  10. merago

    The National

    Wait until Matt's vocals kick in, then it'll be the best customer service hold music you've ever heard.
  11. Agreed, where we are has had some beautifully sunny days over the last couple of weeks, but Christ, that wind has made it bitterly cold!
  12. This was the recent Coachella setlist (but they do shift things up a lot) as a pointer. Rattlesnake Doom City Nuclear Fusion Anoxia Billabong Valley Evil Death Roll Invisible Face Lord of Lightning Gamma Knife People-Vultures I'm in Your Mind/Cellophane/I'm in Your Mind Fuzz Robot Stop
  13. This is a great idea. Who do we write to at Bearded Theory to make it happen?
  14. Glad to hear it. Ordered one - at £2, you can't go wrong really.
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