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  1. I usually use a combination of an inflatable pillow underneath and a collapsible camping pillow on top (although the one I use is about half the size of the Decathlon one). The collapsible ones are softer and more pleasant to lie on, but are too flimsy to be used on their own I feel. Whereas the inflatable ones give you a bit of support but aren't very comfortable - the two together works for me. It's less weight and bulk carrying the two in than a full size pillow - but it's a personal preference thing as to whether it would be comfortable enough for you I guess.
  2. I use these - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01IW3XLNE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They're moldable, and once I've got them in comfortably I barely notice they're there.
  3. merago

    Love Affair

    I think he's yanking your chain. A quick bit of Googling confirms he's neither Maurice Bacon (Love Affair's drummer) or Clem Cattini (who apparently recorded the drums on Love Affair's version of Everlasting Love). Maurice Bacon Clem Cattini https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everlasting_Love#The_Love_Affair_version
  4. Have you heard of Headway- https://www.headway.org.uk/? They're a charity that deals with assisting people affected by stroke and brain injuries. I had a stroke myself a few years back (brain haemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm) - I was lucky in that I have made a full recovery but the information Headway provided and just knowing the services they offered were available if I needed them were invaluable to me during recovery. They offer a lot of services, including legal advice, or health advice/answers to brain injury questions from neuro nurses. Worth checking out if you've not. I had a similar experience to you in that, when you are discharged, you feel a bit like you've just been left to get on with it without any sort of guidance or next steps (the care I had while I was in hospital was top notch - it really was, but the aftercare, other than follow up scans every couple of years, just sort of falls off a cliff - NHS funding issues I suspect). Headway and other charities like them are great for helping try to get your head round what to expect in the coming months and for providing assistance.
  5. I think that's the Piano Bar you're thinking of
  6. It will be busy, but there will still be space I'd say, probably a better chance of finding space there than alot of the other fields. There's also a little overspill field just off Bailey's near the entrance to that field that usually gets opened on the Thursday.
  7. Checking reviews of other events held there I've not seen any mention of complaints about noise from the airport - some of the events were the likes of Scotfest that included music, and others involved camping. I'd have expected at least someone to mention unwanted noise if it was an issue. So, fingers crossed it's all good.
  8. Nevermind, I've found it (despite directing people to sign up for their mailing list from their official website, neither the mailing list nor the official website were updated with the announcement!)- https://twitter.com/ChemBros/status/1490628179580628997?s=20&t=y5RxamT-dHtKJW5nOu3DAA
  9. Anyone seen any announcement yet?
  10. To the OP - no, avoid them I'd say. I've ordered one thing from them and had no issues with it, but a few months later, I was helping a mate track down a record and found them as the only stockist, he had an absolute nightmare of a time dealing with them - never got his records in the end, although he did, eventually, get a refund, after threatening to take it up with PayPal.
  11. (Are there people playing basketball in that campsite image? How shit must that hypothetical festival be that they'd rather play basketball?) Anyway, I can definitely see benefits to pre-pitched, but I just can't see 100% pre-pitched working - no choice as to who you're pitched next to definitely doesn't appeal to me - at least if you've brought your own you can move to a quieter/rowdier pitch if you want. The logistics of managing, pitching and then removing 140000 or so tents boggles the mind. And, I can see there still being a lot wastage as the sort of people who treat the tends as disposable and trash them then leave them behind will be, I suspect, even more likely to treat them as disposable.
  12. merago


    Tickets sold out crazy quick for Edinburgh. Brutal!
  13. 0 successfully purchased out of 8 ? This was going to be my first return to the farm after being lucky enough to recover from a pretty serious injury at the tail end of 2017, and was likely going to be pretty emotional so I thought I'd be gutted. I've taken it better than I thought to be honest.
  14. Do any of these refresh the page regardless of whether the page loads or not? The ones I've played about with look to actually wait for the page to load before they start the countdown for the next refresh (which means you'd be quicker manually hitting F5 while in the rammy to get a connection, until and unless you get to the holding page - then the auto refresh software will work fine)
  15. If Lycra's suggestion of DNS poisoning on the router is correct, you could get around it by changing the DNS settings (and only the DNS settings) to use a public DNS server, such as Google, that way you'd be bypassing the router's poisoned DNS. Another alternative would be to change the router so that it gives out Google's public DNS to connected devices. Id be tempted to see if Virgin would be able to replace the router, or at least verify 100% for you that it's not been compromised. I'm afraid I'm not much cop with Macs to tell you how to manually set a DNS server. I'm sure someone on here will know their way around them though.
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