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  1. Same here. All the ones I've tried were order on day only.
  2. Is it just Pale Waves who have dropped out? Also anyone know how doable the last train back to Manchester is. Looks like it is at 23:05 so may be a bit tight if staying to end of Catfish? Cheers
  3. Where's the main stage moving to?
  4. What do people think? Not blown away by headliners but some good bands lower down
  5. They've tweeted that "no news is good news" today. So being positive or trying to get money off people?
  6. Yep, rescheduled dates from this year. I've got 5 days at Download rolling straight into FNM. Can't see me being at my best for that gig. Shame as haven't seen them live since the 90's!
  7. When do we think line up will be announced. I always have it to be November time but can we expect it earlier this year?
  8. I know of one headliner who is not mentioned there.
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