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Kendal Food.


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Been building our lives back to festivals now kids have grown.  Been to a few smaller ones in last 2 years,  Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory and Kendal just now.

I couldn't believe how small some of the portions of food that vendors gave out at kendal were.  Worst one was the Tibetan Kitchen.  8 pieces of potato (2 very small spuds diced =20p)  and 6 small pieces of beef (prolly £1's worth)  with a table spoon of stock and cold rice. All in all £1.50 of food for £13.00. Absolute joke and the veg version the Mrs had was also poor.

Though by now festivals would ensure that portions and price were fair, THEY WERE AT BEARDED THEORY AND BEAUTIFUL DAYS.

Were the loaded yorkshire puddings any good?  Most piles of food in the mud I saw had a yorkshire in it.

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The pizza from near Tim peaks is excellent. The pie place near chai wallas always seemed to have a massive line waiting so guessing they were good. Unfortunately though the rest of the food I had from several vendors was absolute overpiced dross served. Going to make more of an effort next year to cook/ bring my own food and maybe just have one bought meal per day.

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I saw many munching on their woodfired pizza from next to tim peaks, all happy with it. Every time I would have bought one the queue was huge, whenever the queue was small I had eaten some other crap from the "street food" vendors.  Asking my son to make an app to rate and comment on vendors for next year.

As a campervanner I can obviously bring what I want to eat.  I brought little other than a bit of  brewing gear, brekkie and a few tins. This was my first KC  and was really looking forward to food mooching, which can be a great part of a festival experience. However, this was a disappointment beyond my wildest dreams.

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12 minutes ago, DORAYME said:

Come on, spill the beans WTF was ghandis flip flop.

It was a veggie/vegan curry place. Was actually really nice, but I couldn't (and still can't) bring myself to having curry at a festivals, so I only tried them once! They seem to have completely stopped trading, which is a shame

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4 hours ago, pehaw said:

I thought the Tibetan place was OK. I had the Fantastic Combo twice - I struggled to drink afterwards as it was too much food. Granted, 13 notes a time is a lot but it was just about the going rate at most places.

Agreed. I went for the two extra momos as well. Was feeling particularly hungry on Saturday evening. 😂

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On 1/10/2024 at 7:59 PM, Davo82 said:

Not been to Kedal yet but as the kids are older was hoping to take them to there first festival! Whats the deal with food? can you take a little bacon for in mornings or is strictly venders only?  Cheers in advance! 

No Idea what the rules are, we took camping stoves though, and cooked / made coffee... 

Edit: Single stoves are allowed, 230g max gas canisters.

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