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  1. A shower has just started.... This is not a drill, it's an actual shower, here, rain, wet stuff, watery bliss falling from the sky!!!!.... ....annnnnd it stopped 😞 Not even enough to entirely cover the patio, just spots 😞
  2. I'm not sure how you could read "typical Yanks can't handle a few beers and act like absolute pricks." and come to any other conclusion to be honest. 🤷‍♂️ I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this. I don't believe 'hundreds of years of oppression' is a prerequisite to any individual or group being the victims of xenophobia, racism, sexism or any other prejudice. The only prerequisite is the prejudice itself.
  3. I can't believe it was the Forest players that earned me the most points this week... 🙈
  4. 1) Yes, absolutely. When used by a none-American in this context. (BTW an American would never use 'Yank' only 'Yankee' but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt here.) 2) As pointed out in the previous post, that term relates ONLY to the problematic elements of the culture and those who perpetrate it. It's a term that is included in the dictionary. I'm sure you see the difference between using that term, and 'yanks' or even something like 'fraternity members' or even 'college kids.' But to clarify, when the term 'Yank' was used in this context, it was used in a way which implies it as typical behaviour of all Americans. To Quote: "typical Yanks can't handle a few beers and act like absolute pricks." When the term 'frat boy' was used, it is a truthful reflection of the sub culture actually responsible. As for the point I 'think' you're trying to make, if I'm right, then I actually agree with you, and concede that using that term is also in poor taste, and I am wrong to do it. Labelling any group of people by any kind of characteristic is only ever going to lead to the magnification of those characteristics, negative or positive, for better or worse. Point noted. 🙂
  5. I think it’s the documentary on Sky that goes on to cover the beginning of Coachella, and how it was the polar opposite. Citing lessons learned from WS99. They even gave out a free water bottle to everybody on entry! First ever Coachella was just months later…
  6. Saying ‘frat culture’ or ‘frat boy’ is different to saying ‘fraternity members…’ Frat culture is a cultural phenomenon that describes exactly this. ‘frat boy’ is defined by the Oxford dictionary as… “a young man who behaves in a loud or stupid way, considered typical of members of some college fraternities (= clubs for male college students in the US)” So yes, by the very meaning of the word… They’re all like that! 🙈 ‘Yank’ or ‘Yankee’ may have it’s origins in the US civil war, and it may still be used by some Americans to describe themselves as being from the Northern States, opposed to the Southern / confederate states. But we all know perfectly well that it’s used here (and in other countries) as an offensive slur.
  7. American / US culture isn’t the problem… Certain sub cultures are, like frat culture. It’s your generalisation I take issue with.
  8. Well.... Glastonbury related forums were the last place I expected to find such bigotry on public display. And nobody batting an eyelid. I don't see how xenophobia is any better than racism, sexism or any other kind of prejudice... But I'm clearly alone so I'll just shut up now. 😞
  9. Not any more I'm not... It was only because I used up that boost... haha
  10. I don't think there's any need for xenophobic comments 😕 Frat culture isn't representative of the entire population of the United States.
  11. Not dropping off enough if the latest GFS is to be believed, even Monday is still 30c for us, 😞 and I wouldn't hold out too much hope for a lot of rain until evening on Monday... Still going to be a sticky work day I think. (Well, for most of you, it's our first day off Monday, we've had to work right through the worst of it, so it kind of seems fair. 😛) Although there 'could' be a few scattered showers in the day / afternoon on Monday, if you're in a lucky location, I just hope it doesn't miss us completely like it did after the last heatwave. We could see it falling heavy in the distance over the peaks of the peak district etc, but missed us completely. Sunday Monday Monday Rain
  12. "England is burning" So we should totally stand here and film.... https://fb.watch/eSfvV5UtGg/
  13. Rolls Royce are already working on them, first one to be commissioned around 2030... But it's just not soon enough! Rolls-Royce to take on hundreds of workers to produce nuclear reactors https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/rolls-royce-take-hundreds-workers-7026670 New Rolls-Royce 'mini' nuclear power plant could light million homes https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/new-rolls-royce-mini-nuclear-5427413
  14. Absolutely, not all older homes will be suitable. But we absolutely shouldn’t be laying a single brick in this country unless the building has solar designed in! The current legislation doesn’t go far enough, and can be gotten around too easily. Simply put, every single new building built in this country should be designed to have at least 40% of it’s roof space (or 80% of it’s south facing roof) covered in integrated solar panels. Buildings, especially homes, are usually shaped such that they ‘could’ be designed to always have a south facing roof! Just like the boom of satellite dishes in the 80s / 90s we should consider adding a small wind turbine to the roofline of each new build too. A hybrid system is absolutely perfect in the UK! Doesn’t address older builds, obviously, but the fact we’re not already mandating these things on new builds is telling!
  15. Also, I still for the life of me cannot work out why there has been no legislation yet to mandate the inclusion of solar panels with every single new build in the country!!! It should by now be part of building regs, a legal requirement, x wattage of solar per x M2 of roof space!
  16. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/new-rolls-royce-mini-nuclear-5427413 We're working on it... Lobby lobby lobby and get it moved to the absolute top of the agenda... First one online around 2030 is not soon enough!
  17. They weren't 'forced' to sell at that really, they wouldn't usually expect to make a whole dollar gp per bottle of water, back in 99, remembering that is sans tax too. That being said, $3 is insane, and next to that, the traders charging $4 doesn't seem unreasonable at all... I knew about the traders being forced to use the onsite wholesalers, but I thought the wholesalers were a 3rd party who'd paid for that exclusivity... Had no idea it was the same company. I'd bet that they hadn't included profits from that in the festival total. 🙈 Greedy bastards.
  18. According to wiki In $28.8M in ticket sales $9M - $30M in TV revenue (estimates, no accurate figures available) Out $38M Production costs Then whatever the damages, fines, emergency security costs were... They only charged traders $500 per stall!!! (Can you imagine being able to buy a pitch at glasto for $500!!! Think I'd take my leftover stock being looted at the end for that!!!) If we're counting Merchandise since the festival though, you're probably right, they'd have earned a hell of a lot (there was actually an accusation that they let a lot of things happen to increase after fest sales of merch... But who knows... 🤷‍♂️)
  19. No it says they only made $200k after all of the organising costs, additional costs of damage, and fines issued. EDIT: although I've just re read the article posted here and can't find it, so must have seen it somewhere else?
  20. Says 200k in the article linked here and I think also on one of the docs (can't remember which one for sure though.) I did find that hard to believe though...
  21. Have you got tarps for above the tents? Makes such a huge difference.
  22. It's pretty standard for a commercial walk in, they all tend to have a rated time that they can maintain temperature for in emergencies, else with all the rules around food safety, we'd have to throw food away / use it up quickly, every time there's a power cut. 😮 Ours is full of fries and bread products mostly 🙈 But it also stores our batched cooked foods like lasagnes, currys etc, the ones we cook in big batches then freeze down to rewarm later (I can hear Gordon Ramsey crying as I type, but hey, it's a small British pub, at least we home make the stuff, most pubs just buy it in!!! And most dishes are cooked to order, cannot freeze down and rewarm a cream based sauce for example, it'll split. It's just the ones that take hours and hours to prepare and cook that we don't make to order, but I'm rambling now, lol.) Losing our batched cooked stuff would mean a lot of expense and work remaking it. The meat and veg is fresh, so kept in the fridge. Although I'm sure if we had to claim, we may find some beef fillets, and legs of lamb, that need binning. 😉
  23. If the freezer cuts out it’s designed to maintain a temperature safe enough for the food for up to 24 hours. This only works if the door is kept closed, and in reality internal temperatures rose to -12c in about 12 hours last time. They key is spotting it quick and getting an engineer here quick. Last time it was something to do with pressure in the coolant system 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m not an engineer, but it seemed an easy fix, he connected up some rubber hoses with dials on and used it to correct the pressure. Fingers crossed we can get the same engineer again if it happens. We do have cover on our stock, it certainly covers things like theft, fire etc, but I’d have to check about equipment failure. I’m being slightly dramatic tbh, because this time if it happens it’s a weekend, and we’re certain to be able to use most of the stock in time. Once defrosted, food standards state that you have 3 days to use the food from chilled. So we can just transfer it to the walk in fridge and use as much as possible up in those 3 days. 🙂
  24. To be honest I wouldn't expect anything less from a member on here / glastonbury fan... That kind of shit aint gonna wash with most people on here / at Glasto I would imagine... I would have thought that glastonbury is probably one of the safest places to get involved with a little crowd 'interactiveness' as the crowd will also govern it, and stop anybody from getting too hurt... They'd also look after anybody who does accidentally get hurt. I'd have no concerns about my daughter getting involved in a pit at Glasto. Not sure I'd say the same about a 90's Oasis concert. 🙈😂
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