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Vintage Laureatte cant log in

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Hi neil ..... @vintagelaureate has been trying to log in and cant access the site .... from last night ....

he has got a message saying 

This site cant be reached 

www.efestival.co.uk refused to connect 


checking the connection 



tried on various devices and has also tried clearing cache 


id send a screenshot but I cant because im getting minus _200 errors .... when trying to post photos...  last time a cache clear sorted this but it hasn't worked this time :) 

thanks neil 

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1 hour ago, eFestivals said:

that's something to do with his internet connection

No idea why or how but it's working today. 

Tired everything last night: cleared cache, DNS flush, router reboot, changing proxy settings and a few more things to no avail.

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On 8/26/2020 at 7:00 AM, eFestivals said:

that's something to do with his internet connection

I had a similar error in the last couple of days. Same error message and couldn’t log into the site while using my home internet. Was fine using mobile internet. 

It’s back to normal now but I haven’t changed any of my router or browser settings. Had the same issue on my PC and mobile using wifi.

At the time I was trying to do a search within a topic, it brought up an error which I should have taken a screenshot of and then was unable to get on the site using my main internet. Initially thought it was the site going down but managed to confirm via someone else that the site was still up. 

Was this some anti-spam feature kicking in?


Will have to ask @vintagelaureatewhat he was doing at the time when the error kicked him out. 

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