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  1. rumpola

    Crew tickets and campervan pass for Circus and Theatre area

    I won't know until nearer the time but will give you first refusal if there's any available Easty
  2. rumpola

    Crew tickets and campervan pass for Circus and Theatre area

    Fair play lurkumlurkum, thats an excellent deal you've got there. I know a bunch of people that work the festival and have done for years, and they always manage to have a few tickets spare which they sell on and usually for a lot more than you've paid. I actually got a couple of people off this forum tickets for last year's festival through them.
  3. rumpola

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    After missing out in 2017 I managed to bag tickets this year at about 9:31 after thinking they must be almost all sold. To all those that have missed out I absolutely feel for you all but don't give up hope, there's always the resale. I did manage to get a few hospitality tickets for people off here in 2017 (prophet6, GuildfordGlastoGirl and someone else that I can't remember). I can't guarantee I will be able to for next year but will let people know on here if I can.
  4. rumpola

    Whats the most memorable event from Glasto 2017?

    Man, this thread destroys me. I hadn't missed a festival since 99 until last year as I just couldn't get tickets in any of the sales. Also, Radiohead are my favourite band so this was a double whammy. I did manage to sort out tickets for a handful of people off of this forum from someone i know that works on site but they were too expensive for me ( i could've afforded them but my missus refused to pay that much-£800-£1000) so ended up in Ibiza instead and avoided the whole thing. As soon as I got home I watched the radiohead set on iPlayer and cried my eyes out because it was so good and I wasn't there to see it. Strangely, they were both tears of sorrow and joy at the same time.
  5. rumpola

    Site Visits this September 2018

    Go to the (permanent) GFL office at Worthy Farm and ask permission to go onto the site. They are usually more than happy for people to wander around as long as you don't take the piss.
  6. rumpola

    Shindig Weekender

    I am definitely up for this again for next year. I was chatting to one of the organisers and we were discussing about making it bigger but we both agreed that it would lose its 'je ne sais quoi' if it got too much bigger. Apparently, last year the organisers just about broke even and this year they would've made their first profit, so hopefully they are happy with that and don't go after bigger £'s.
  7. rumpola

    Shindig Weekender

    To echo Homer and Pilton Digger, it was an excellent weekend. Great music, great people and great weather. Couldn't ask for more.
  8. rumpola

    Shindig Weekender

    Is anyone else going to this? I have been given a free ticket as I know a few people that are involved with it. Excellent line up, especially if you are an old school raver.
  9. rumpola

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    My favourite band in my favourite place and I didnt get a ticket this year. Only just grown a pair big enough to watch it on iPlayer and Holy mother of God that was good. Big shit-eating grin at times listening to that but always with a bit of regret that I wasnt there. I saw them in 2003 on the Pyramid but dare I say this was better.
  10. rumpola

    Secret resales 2015

    My pleasure. This is the first time ive been back on the forum since Glastonbury started as I couldnt bear to know about it considering I didnt have a ticket and I'm glad it all went well for you. Hope you had a fabulous time.
  11. rumpola

    Weather 2017

    I'm off to Shindig this weekend and all week the forecast has been glorious....until late yesterday when it showeda thunderstorm rolling in early on Saturday. I am happy to take this one for the team if it helps to ensure all you lucky people with tickets get wall to wall sunshine.
  12. rumpola

    Secret resales 2015

    Once more unto the breach dear friends.
  13. rumpola

    Secret resales 2015

    There was one but I think he's been banned....
  14. rumpola

    Secret resales 2015

    Penguins, beavers, koalas and heart attacks just about covers the last 20 pages. Oh and a massive cockwomble.
  15. rumpola

    Secret resales 2015

    Are there enough knob jokes and koala Gifs to sustain another 200 pages?