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  1. rumpola

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    Bought a Mallets for myself and two others in the Wood bar on the Wednesday. All three of us drank a mouthful, put the cans in the bin and walked off. Never again. Thatchers will always be better (especially if you can find Dry on tap in a pub).
  2. Fontaines DC- Williams Green Stormzy- Pyramid Dave- Other Stage (if only for Alex)
  3. No idea if they are still trading at the festival but I've always liked a Lukes Jamaican Jerk chicken. Chicken, rice n peas and salad. All anyone with a hangover needs.
  4. Ah, that's great news that all went well and you're making the most of those crew tickets.
  5. rumpola


    Amen brother. The two days before the music are always my favourites. No having to be anywhere at a given time means the whole site is your oyster and you can do or be wherever you want whenever you want. To me, that is true freedom from the pressures of daily life and is utterly priceless.
  6. Very true. There's more chance of Michael saying this years festival wasn't The Best Ever than that happening
  7. There's been a rip in the Space/Time continuum and we're now in a world where cats chase dogs, down is up and Donald Trump isnt a complete c**t.
  8. Hi Ross,

    Just a quick message to make sure everything went ok with Tim etc?

    Saw him a few weeks back and he said it was ok but I always get a little nervous about these things being the one that instigated it.



  9. I refuse to take them seriously since their prediction of 220mph winds at the festival in 2011. Thinking about it, I'm not sure what's worse, that forecast or me being a Weather Thread addict for 8 years. Hello, my name is Jon and I've been addicted to GFS for over 8 years.....
  10. It was 22° at 7:30 and sunny in Bristol this morning but now a big cloud has covered the sun. Do I start cheering now to get in practice for next week?
  11. Mate just sent this photo from site. Said its from the bottom of Pennards next to the railway track
  12. There will probably still be space. Not sure if there will be down by the hedge between Hitchin and Spring Ground but elsewhere in the field there probably will be.
  13. That's exactly where my group tend to camp too. Never had an issue there in roughly 7 festivals.
  14. rumpola

    Glastonbury Regulars

    Coldplay 😎
  15. Saw Dub Pistols at Shindig last weekend and tbh, was pretty bored by it all. Rodney P beforehand was great though. A London Posse set somewhere would be pretty amazing though
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