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  1. Off to Wells tonight to watch it with the GF. It was her favourite ever set at the festival so shes pretty excited to see it again.
  2. He Norwegian Woodn't surely?
  3. If it wasn't for this damn flu I've had all week, I can imagine I would be speaking in some South American influenced tongue about now. Unfortunately, I'm sober and am watching The Goonies on telly.
  4. I saw Banksy this year backstage at Silver Hayes. I am actually being serious as well as I kinda knew him as a kid growing up in Bristol. Cheeky sod had a Dismaland t-shirt on too.
  5. Has ME ever said any particular festival wasn't the best ever?
  6. If out in an open air stage like Pyramid/Other they're not too bad but in a tent á la John Peel for Gerry Cinnamon this year they just stink the tent out and cause issues for anyone with asthma etc as the smoke has nowhere to go. Let's face it, if people can't smoke a cigarette in a tent why on earth should a flare be deemed as acceptable? It's pretty selfish IMO and just screams 'look at me, I'm super cool'. No you're not, you are coming across as a selfish w*nker. Most people come to watch the acts, not look at coloured smoke that is making people choke.
  7. Then give Shindig a try. Small but very friendly and it's in a beautiful setting not too far from the Glastonbury site. Last year had the likes of Dub Pistols, Audio Bullys, Ozmatali etc and have seen Soul2soul, Andy P and Sugarhill Gang there in the past. Being able to leave your tent and be anywhere on site in 10mins is a wondrous thing. Plenty of DJ's and live acts and Father Funks church is great fun. Been the last 3 years but unfortunately can't make it next year as some extremely selfish friends have decided to get married that weekend.
  8. Yep, Showhawk Duo are far more entertaining and talented than him.
  9. Tbh, and I'm not trying to belittle you or anxiety sufferers in the slightest at all, but even the most hardened, mentally strong people have those overwhelming moments from time to time at Glastonbury. I know there are times over the years that I've needed a bit of time to myself and so have the majority of people that I've gone with. Theres been a few tears shed more than once over nothing in particular and I'm not ashamed to admit it. One year, we had someone who had never been before and she was struggling come the Saturday and was worried that she was ruining it for others due t
  10. It's nearly time. See you all on the other side....... (of the fence in June 2020)
  11. Bought a Mallets for myself and two others in the Wood bar on the Wednesday. All three of us drank a mouthful, put the cans in the bin and walked off. Never again. Thatchers will always be better (especially if you can find Dry on tap in a pub).
  12. Fontaines DC- Williams Green Stormzy- Pyramid Dave- Other Stage (if only for Alex)
  13. No idea if they are still trading at the festival but I've always liked a Lukes Jamaican Jerk chicken. Chicken, rice n peas and salad. All anyone with a hangover needs.
  14. Ah, that's great news that all went well and you're making the most of those crew tickets.
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