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  1. A sneaky payment window at no notice...
  2. Emails have been sent out...not me 😂
  3. Can anyone tell me how this alert thing works for the ticket page please?
  4. Hiya how do we get added to the group please, 2 poss 4. Me as the obvious one, Mrs as my +1 for now
  5. Dunno. I think we had an iPad and laptop on WiFi, another laptop tethered to O2, iPhone on EE, Moto on Vodafone, another laptop via works VPN in Antwerp and another two phones also on EE and O2
  6. I feel loads better now, I’m not an IT spurt and I rigged up 8 separate routes, still getting nowhere!
  7. Difficult to explain except that I feel very different there. Relaxed, happy, open to all sorts and not judgemental in any way. One of the Hare Krishna summer it up last year ‘there’s no pressure to conform’ Failed with tickets yesterday but that I’m considering working says it all really...30 years since I first went and it’s always in my head
  8. Shows you how much luck the whole bloody thing is!
  9. Exactly what I got, couldn’t get the payment page up. Would rather have not got through
  10. Flysheet

    Drop the deposit.

    Speaking as someone who’s been going for 30 years, your problem isn’t the deposit scheme, I think it’s a good idea. When I first started I was on maybe a 100 quid a week and a ticket was a big chunk of that. Now I’m in a position where the 250 is less of a problem and we could take the hit, but many many more can’t. Glastonbury has become a very expensive do. The problem is demand. Demand driven by many types of media, plus a growing bucket list mentality that covers climbing mountains, sky diving, whatever takes your fancy. The demand is also driven by it being more mainstream. The line ups are less and less alternative, made for TV, which attracts a broader demographic...and more people. Plus we’ve had two lots of great weather.
  11. That tweet...absolute tosh. At 9.26 they'd virtually all gone, I know because I got the payment page shortly after and there were none left!
  12. Must have gone back and forwards a hundred times, probably more. That's the really frustrating bit to tell the truth.
  13. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    We're hopefully applying as well (we haven't got tickets for 2020 but the stress of it is getting a bit much tbh). I've been in contact with someone else on here and already emailed the FMS office this morning.
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