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  1. Was the bloody drummer there? You could see across the Bristol Channel so I think that’s far enough
  2. Been round the corner all weekend and was up the Tor earlier. Visibility a bloody long way. Ground conditions no worse than damp grass. Tracks not in the slightest bit dusty but I wouldn’t be needing studs if I was playing footy put it that way.
  3. Loaded the car, heading to Somerset in the morning and on site Monday! it’s happening!
  4. Flysheet

    Food prices

    Our local pizza van can’t take any more orders most weekends and it’s bloody great gear! Good luck with the mobile matey!
  5. Flysheet

    Food prices

    Parklife were making traders buy the gear from them to sell. one trader at NBHD said he bought a slab of waters for £5 from Bookers but for PL he had to buy it for £19! Also no tap water available at PL from what I was told. At NBHD it was about 12-15 quid for a main, they were told what price to sell at.
  6. It used to be in Kidney Mead back in the early 90s where I camped. You had the bizarre post sun up of sitting there listening to the sound but couldn’t see the images!
  7. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2022

    That’s what I thought. We can always pile back out to the pub 😂
  8. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2022

    We’re on site Monday lunch with Festaff, what’s the crack with food stalls etc? Plenty open?
  9. Oh how I’ve missed this for the last 3 years!
  10. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2022

    Festaff crew in from Monday morning…lots coming straight from the IoW. We’re staying round the corner near Pylle from Saturday so probably see you up the Tor on Sunday
  11. Just been on the Festaff crew at NBHD. Same sort of food prices and 6quid plus a pint, 2.50 for a can of pop. Vendors had been given a minimum cost to charge. Needless to say the clown asking a fiver for a coffee wasn’t exactly rushed off his feet. One told me that at Parklife they have to buy slabs of drinks off the festival first. Dig deep peasants…
  12. Probably a few times but deffo twice with the Manics. My (now ex) wife was unknowingly pregnant with our daughter in early 96 when we saw the MSP in Leeds. The gig was broadcast on Boxing Day that year and she was born to Design for Life on the radio. Manics headlined in 99, I was down the front in the mayhem and cracked up when they played it. I then went with my daughter in 2003 and she got to hear it live. She knew it was her song and I picked her up and cried as they played it.
  13. Let my Mrs drag me to Ed Sheeran, dire. We left after half an hour. Ended up having to physically fight our way OUT of the field, people simply wouldn’t let us past! By the time we got round to WH we ended up getting a crepe and listened from round the corner!
  14. I did that…I must have been mad
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