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  1. A mate has just posted these from 1990, didn’t even know they existed. I’m the one with the wonky eyes in the James top. I may have had a drink and a smoke... The other one just shows the Pyramid set up for Archaos
  2. That’s a good shout. eVent is good gear
  3. Packed the breakfast gear and stuff. Made sure the torches work. Packed my bag...! I think I'm giddy 🥳
  4. Oh, even as a walking boot wearer, I’ve got a decent pair of neoprene wellies that I’ve worn at a very wet and muddy Kendal Calling (it was water not mud!). I can wear them barefoot for short periods they fit that well
  5. Guys, just remembered my Mrs has recently picked up two pairs of Brashers (recently taken over by Berghaus) leather boots. Dirt cheap because slight seconds or sent back for repairs, these had an eyelet missing. Cost £30 from eBay, there’s an online shop
  6. Flysheet

    Lock ups question

    Been using the lockups since the early 90s, superb idea, great staff, have a good laugh with them, have donated cash, beer etc to them over the years!
  7. Go Outdoors will be a good place to start
  8. Be cancelling according to the Liverpool Echo then least it’ll keep the scousers away 😉
  9. Spend a big chunk of time trekking across peat bogs and climbing big hills My winter boots would be a bit over the top mind for Glasto
  10. Just got a lot darker as the screen refreshed! Its just the edge...🤨
  11. Stayed nearby for both the last two. East in 16, stuck in traffic at 5.30am to 7.30 from Shepton Mallet to Cannards Grave so walked with the tents and got to the gate at 9. Mrs pulled into E6 at the same time, traffic started moving not too long after we set off walking 😂 There were some drivers had taken 13 hours from Bristol! 17, drove into E10 at 5am, hit the back of the queue in the Camperfields above C at 5.30 or so and got thru the gate at 9.30
  12. Certain places in Mcr you’d be ok...
  13. Can you swap for a leather pair?
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