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  1. Flysheet

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    The minutes silence before Hacienda Classical The crowd singing Don't Look Back in Anger at Liam Foos Everlong Biffy Many of Horror (was the song that got me thru the break up of my marriage)
  2. Flysheet

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Future Islands/Clean Bandit/Radiohead instead of The Park on Friday night...my missus' feet were in bits so I'll sort of let her off...at least she realised that Radiohead were as dull as I said so we left after 30mins! Saturday worked out well, though we still didn't make everything Sunday - Killers v Chic...aaargh ended up loving Chic but wondered what I missed. We picked Ed and should have gone for Groove Armada and Justice and caught the last 20 mins of the latter
  3. Flysheet

    Perfect Weather

    I was in Cockmill and in the queue at 5.30am Wednesday to get a decent spot. Took us 4 hours. Locals are allowed in earlier and take many of the decent spots.
  4. Flysheet

    Rude,pushy,aggressive young girls

    I'm getting old
  5. Flysheet

    Rude,pushy,aggressive young girls

    Not you, they've been told they're entitled to it all
  6. Flysheet

    Step Count

    Have a look at the distance thread!
  7. Flysheet

    Dick move of your festival......

  8. Flysheet

    A thank you to security & Medical Staff

    Good to know the FMS were on hand if needed. I'm Mountain Rescue and my missus is a 30 year nurse. I ended up treating her myself on Wednesday for heat after the queues but she wasn't too bad. I did consider calling in a medic though. We ourselves kept an eye on one or two 'casualties' over the weekend but there was one security guy in the Pyramid field who's in the Army and he did a sterling job as well
  9. Flysheet

    Distance walked

    54 miles, looks like I got off light!
  10. Flysheet

    The size of the crowds

    It was lovely though!
  11. Flysheet

    Dick move of your festival......

    Went to many Courteeners gigs early on, always lively but last one was Mcr Castlefield in 2013 which was carnage and never been back since
  12. Flysheet

    Litter - so much better

    There's one photo doing the rounds on Social media saying all us Glasto hippies are lazy scruffy shits as it shows the Pyramid field before the clean up early hours of Sunday. I've a clean photo I've been using trying to defend it. Maybe GFL needs to stand up and release a statement. Loads of tents on the webcam this morning though
  13. Flysheet

    Step Count

    146107! 87km!
  14. Flysheet


    Flares... Ed, its fucking rammed where we are, in front of speaker tower stage right for those that know it. Just up from entrance from JP and Other where it got overcrowded earlier. He plays Galway Girl, cue primary school age kid on parents shoulders given a flare by the parent! Fires it off and smoke pours towards us and others who can't get out of the way. Steve the Security bloke (spoke to him a fair bit over the weekend) is an Army SNCO moonlighting and he piles over the fence, grabs the flare off the kid and brings it back at ground level. It's glowing red hot and sizzling as it lands in the grass, he pours water on it to cool it down. These things are 400c when firing. We use them for guiding rescue helicopters. Had that kid dropped it either he, his parent or others would have been burnt and it would have started a panic in the tight crowd. Irresponsible and stupid IMO
  15. Flysheet

    The size of the crowds

    Rag and Bone Man, came in from the GF via Glade and was proper dangerous. Exited via Oxlyers into Silver Hayes and got to Pyramid early for my missus to see Barry