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  1. from my experiance of taken many many sack trucks to glasto, made three big trolley designs from mountains bikes (approx 1.4m by 1m) I do like this 8/10 but.... do not relay on this in very muddy conditions AND you have to go off the tracks if it's for only to and from car to site, should be good, but if carrying people around the site then... a)be prepared to be kicked off the path by a big arsed tracktor in to almost knee deep mud - then get ready for some serious pulling/ pushing (taking rope can get extra help) b) some poky thing to get the mud from inside all the suspention bit before it sets! - water can help as well, putting some mud scrapers on would help c) random drucken people jumping on it for a lift! (I had two large blokes hi-jack my big trolley and let themseleves go down the hill near strummerville!) d) lots of nimble steering - think going through crowds!! otherwise be prepared to wait a bloody long time in the crushes with people trying to climb over it!! /2p
  2. I've taken my three kids a few times, and it's a totally different take on Glasto - worth doing it just once - spent most if not all time in the non music areas, craft field, greenfield kids area, kidz field, circus tent + areas, cinema tent etc.. I did miss going out until early AM, since with the kids I was generally back in the tent for 11-12 For those taking the rickety carts with kids - I'm not a bit fan. no suspension Basil brush was a bit of a let down last year
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    Festival Blagger

    having worked an early shift (Sat to Tues) at glasto with Oxfam, every *single* persons wrist band was checked, they where mainly security guards bar one interesting guy who work at the farm, he pulled out almost every wristband - stuck on a sheet, that could pass through!! he was legit cos he was modifiying the layout with huge arse tractor almost every day we even turned away a neighbour to the festival who's land GFL was using - we radio'd that in to double check remember you only hear the odd success stories there's probably multiple 1000's of failures
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    hair looks longer on it
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    Glasto is my favourite place to look for edgy and/or funny T-Shirts please cheer me up and post pics or the words on T-shirts? My favourite one - literally hours after Micheal Jacksons death was "Jackson 4, now availble for childrens parties" most bizzare one, saw a few years ago was two blokes wearing same T-Shirt saying "Fisting for Jesus" !!
  6. wweerr208

    50 @ 50

    ummm yes I'll be 50 with in a few weeks of Glasto - no ticket tho
  7. From my very vague memory, the police did not like people buying 5litres of extremely strong cider - no idea why!!
  8. and if you are joining another group of 4, NEVER join any other groups of 4!!!
  9. wweerr208

    Since 2015

    has the secret monorail thing been banned from being spoke about?
  10. resigned to not getting anything, but yes
  11. maybe I could blackmail emily when her crew made me literally jump out of the flipping way from her off road vichicle she and a few other was in, almost ran me over (can't remember the year, but i was at the back of the other stage watching (whilst walking) elbow at the other stage) they didnt even notice!!!
  12. It's taken me 2 to 3 days to fully realise i don't have a ticket - gutted did any one get a ticket in any ninja / secret sales AFTER the Resales last year - I'm assuming I'm not going to be successful in the resales :(
  13. If you asked "did you get a ticket whilst wearing something red" - you would equally get loads of yes responses
  14. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2020-deposits/worthy-farm/1450000
  15. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2020-deposits/worthy-farm/1450000
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