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  1. Article regarding festival cancellations by a forum resident https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/15/abort-retry-fail-how-coronavirus-is-jeopardising-music-festivals
  2. Only mid 30's but still out and about every so often, absolutely love it- personally like dark clubs so you wouldn't know whether you're stood next to an 18 or 50 year old. My wife and I will be out next weekend, it's a small town and most people who are into dance music know each other. Saw a great adaptation of a George Bernard Shaw quote in Ibiza a few years back You don't stop clubbing because you get old... you get old because you stop clubbing 👌
  3. My mate went out in Leeds with another pal who was a regular on the Leeds clubbing scene. They went to see Kerri Chandler at Mint, my mate had Ghb for first time and blanked out. When he came around the club was closed, just the bouncers and a few people my other pal knew listening to Chandler using a glass bottle in each hand to mix on the decks! I often call bullshit on his story but I know it's true 😏 He's on in Manchester this weekend
  4. Personally think acts like Ed Sheeran/Kylie/Lionel all seemed bigger than the biggest crowd in 2000
  5. I'd agree to what's on offer then see if she is feeling more settled with the baby closer to the time and will allow you more time. I agree with a few posters, both my wife and I have been away whilst our boy was young. I encouraged her to get back into things she enjoyed before the baby as soon as possible, short breaks with friend/nights out/odd club night. You sound like you have a good support network that can help and will probably enjoy it!
  6. Without sounding like an old man in the mid 30’s, it is not as good as it was the first few times I went however I still enjoy going every year. There are still good places with interesting people (Las Dalias, Pikes, Cova Santa, some at Benimussa etc) beautiful beaches and villages. Miss watching Car Cox at Space but he still smashed Privilege to pieces when we went in September. Think as I’ve got older, I’ve appreciated the other side of the island away from clubbing.
  7. If I could choose one set/night I did not attend but want to- the Erick Morillo set would be it! I can not tell you how many times my friends and I have listened to that set, it’s our go to set at after parties, BBQ, basically anywhere you need good vibes ?
  8. With regards to East increasing; E14 didn’t look very full last this year and is a large field. Not sure how much more they will need to expand to take the excess from west. I find East quiet, not much of a party atmosphere which I’m comfortable with, someone nailed it with ‘seems like a place to go back to sleep’ what difference do you find in “East quiet” Other than being closer to PGC?
  9. Fairly easy in the resale and they appear sporadically for weeks after, i would not worry
  10. I accept I am useless in the main sale but managed to get the camper tickets for the last two years? We managed two before 7:06 and I got on few times more but waited too long for a friends reg for Quiet East
  11. Not found any issue with bad searches last weekends at WHP. What did you think of last night? Not sure if it was where we were stood but thought crowd was flat. For the Luciano set it felt like people were waiting for Topping but then didn’t get going when he came on. Not a massive fan of his set but that allows us to watch Paco Osuna who was good Bought a ticket from the touts outside for £40
  12. That’s what we want to hear. Proper music she threw down that night!
  13. It is a while since we came over but agree it was a great place to feel part of an event as the crowd got into a decent set. We also came for a couple of the camp and furnace nights but it wasn’t as good. Always enjoyed clubbing in Liverpool, didn’t mind the rough edges at Nation personally, should be over on Boxing Day so hoping someone puts on a good night
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