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  1. Suggest Croatia travelling north from Dubrovnik, time it so there’s a decent festival on at Pag island incase the holiday without getting smashed doesn’t deliver 😏
  2. I wasn’t searched going in or out PGC twice a day this year. My wife and two friends were searched over the weekend....nothing found Saw people getting searched on exit again
  3. I think they are trying address the young people get smashed problem this year with the amount of alcohol you can take in. It is still a great festival but you do see some states, including older generations, the staff (paid and medical) do have a lot on. Id day it quite a full-on gathering where people seem to go all out for 3 days. As a reveller I’ve not got to the point I don’t want to go but you’re not the first person I’ve read say it.
  4. Thanks for recommendations @phillyfaddle And @Kalopsia, we met in the 100 monkeys and had a nice breakfast. Not cheap for a northerner 😋
  5. Only did the Sunday with out 1 year old so feel a cheat against those who did a full festival. The trolleys are great but heavy, a full day walking the site from east to west was hard after 4 days partying. We have an Osprey Pogo carrying which I regularly take him up mountains and cover a lot of miles in with relative ease, has sun shade and full tent for rainy days. It was one of four things our family member was meant to bring with him...they didn’t. This massively reduced the areas we could cover. The trolley was great when he wanted a kip. I left the trolley at a lock up when we walked to the top of the Park to play near tricketts/the sign. Bring the essentials yourself if child is being dropped off. Baby banz ear protectors were good, meant we could listen to bands or sit in the glade with some reassurance that his ears were somewhat protected. The fresh fruit stall near the kids field was good. We visited both the kids field/Greenpeace but both happened whilst he fancied a nap, the staff were great and there were places for shade and to chill. Was worried he might be disturbed (or disturb other people) sleeping in east campervan field with constant rumble of the SEC but he was perfectly fine. If we’re fortunate again with tickets next year will have big decisions to make whether to bring him for the whole festival. The festival falls on his birthday and not sure family would be prepared to have a holiday to accommodate dropping him off at Glastonbury again. His happiness whilst on the site brought so much joy to me I couldn’t describe it!
  6. Beatherder next weekend (sold out this year) has the Toil Trees which have a Glade vibe Mostly dance music but has bands, comedy, market, smaller version of the Shangri la tunnels, fortress, trash manor, loads more...
  7. My mate lost his ticket/pass out first night, queued up for 2 hours/answered questions and was given an extra band which meant he didn’t need to show either his ticket or passout (which he actually found) when entering/exiting PGC each day. Few people on hill of death on Sunday trying to blag spare tickets from leavers. Security were trying to tax people again exiting PGC each night - sad bastards.
  8. It missing fish n chips in my eyes! Thought it was worth a mooch, liked the robot dancers- trash manor have them at Beatherder. I would go again, it’s a pier in the middle of a field in Somerset at a festival!
  9. I was also at the HAAI Genosys set - the last proper dance I had at the festival as Sunday was a family day. It was everything I want in a set - got me moving good and proper! A friend wasn’t as impressed but can’t please everyone. Wife and I left as the rest of the group went to the Temple for “a terrible Patrick’s stopping set, worst of the whole weekend” which was followed, they said by the excellent Kruse set which I recommend through this thread...many thanks! Anyone venture for the Patrick Topping Donk/bounce set in Spaceport...good fun was had by our group there
  10. Lock up next to Glastonbury-on-sea were certainly charging when I dropped something off on Sunday
  11. We were in the same area for Foals and could hear the Stonebridge mor Ethan the park stage- wish we would have moved up the hill
  12. Beatherder in two weeks, a mini version of Glasto in the Lancashire countryside Wife and I are looking for more family friendly festivals, north of Birmingham, to take our son to. Any suggestions welcomed
  13. I drove out to Glastonbury on Sunday morning to pick my son up. Every street, lane and house had stewards outside for miles. Do these people get festival tickets from the 63,000? I was surprised how far the Eavis’ have had to go through the years to get the festivals right. You can see understand it when you see the traveller conveys in the 90’s I suppose
  14. My mates fit bit had Saturday down at 56k/35 miles! We did camp in the back of East camper van field though. Averaged 38k a day
  15. Watched David Attenborough’s video intro, listened to his speech and my numb mate said “is that Eavis who owns the festival” 😒
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