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  1. Upside down frowner

    Flyers/Stickers/Posters at Festivals

    Never used QR codes- does the information save onto a phone? could use a free QR code titled ‘Secret Set Today’ hope you get a few who can’t help checking it
  2. Upside down frowner

    Flyers/Stickers/Posters at Festivals

    Personally I do not take much notice now a days but before the internet, the flyer pack handed out a 6/7am exiting a club provided fascination on the mini bus home and informed us what raves were coming up! I guess it depends on cost of printing (cheap) and time taken to distribute v exposure and people who recall reading them. with everyone having a camera phone I would imagine those who are bothered could take pictures of bands/gigs/shit jokes they see around festivals
  3. Upside down frowner

    Homelessness in the countryside surrounding Glastonbury

    Article in the Guardian this morning detailing the issue of homelessness in the countryside around the festival. https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2018/jan/10/rural-idyll-homelessness-hits-the-countryside?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  4. Upside down frowner


    What was the heat like in May? We were there in late Aug/early Sept and it is was close to unbearable. Can not imagine outside clubbing in that heat! Went to a dance night at the Sky Club which was good but some things were missing
  5. Upside down frowner

    Getting campervan sticker off

    WD40 just worked a treat - many thanks
  6. Upside down frowner


    Went to the Pickle Factory, Bethnal Green last night for Secret Sundaze. Small venue but nicely busy till 4am. Giles Smith and James Priestley played some really good house music. good vibes-would go again
  7. Upside down frowner

    Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Beatherder As much as you want in the campsite, however they did try to restrict to 2 or 4 cans per journey in because of pressure from the council. It is only a small festival so problem going back to tent/camper for extras. I took a few plastic bottles of spirits each day with no bother but got stopped with a 10 pack of cider which I was genuinely trying to bring from my caravan for a friend who was arriving late to the campsite.
  8. Upside down frowner


    Looked at Lost Village after it was mentioned on here, looks good and similar to our local festival Beatherder. Lincoln is easily doable for us but it is too close to a pre- booked holiday. Going to look at it again next year. Interested to hear how it goes
  9. Upside down frowner

    Glasto 2017 from the eyes of a first timer

    Good read Nimrod - sounds like you enjoyed it! Age is only a number The 50 odd year old who came to his first festival with me said it was the best holiday he'd ever been on and wants to come again in two years if we are lucky enough to get tickets!
  10. Upside down frowner

    BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    As a young teenager Love Parade in Leeds was buzzing. Introduction to dance music that has never left me
  11. Upside down frowner

    First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Cut your toe nails before the festival, seems obvious, forgot before the festival I attend last week and will suffer with a big toe injury that I am sure was related. Take a bin liner to sit on if it's muddy, take plenty of them- mucky wellies, rubbish, wet camping gear and to hand to neighbours. usually lots of room down the side/front when busy at the entrance. Explore and enjoy
  12. Upside down frowner

    NYC Downlow

    Certainly clubs in the village that play dance music. Can't name them but many also play the cheesy crap
  13. Upside down frowner

    NYC Downlow

    I went into NYC not to watch the LGBT in their club, I went in to listen to the music - in the same way our group went to the gay centred clubs in Manchester's village early 2000's because they hosted the best hardhouse music. I hope people didnt go in to take the piss. The queues were a joke though. A green friend asked to go in the dark room, had to explain what could be happening in there, he said he didnt believe what he had read about the going ons in the Berlin clubs...I assured him it was true.
  14. Upside down frowner

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Just had a look at today's Daily Mail whilst having some food. Hard left this, hard left that - you feel their pain at Thatcher's statue being put on the back burner. It is refreshing to see the left of centre views on display at Glastonbury.
  15. Upside down frowner

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I disappinted with the Tory bashing, very little in Shangri La, good effort in block 9. Didn't see any Thatcher is still a... T shirts The Corbyn chant got slightly annoying but we have to listen to the right from all angles very day