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  1. Friends held a day festival a few years back and the land owner (with one leg) drove a quad into a dark packed dance tent fucked. I went and found my mates who were watching a band and said 'you are going to have sort that tw.. out, can't be driving a quad into a tent full of people'. There's another festival on the same land in a couple of weeks 😬
  2. Just bought a ticket for Beatherder. I'll keep an eye for your flag (think you have it on the van usually?!) and say hello if you're around. Should be lots of fun in Beat-Herdershire this year 😁
  3. The hilla bove the Park in Wednesday evening was absolutely packed this year compared to previous 4 festivals we have attended. Friends couldn't get there nromally camping spots on Wednesday afternoon. The e year wait, weather and trains must have made the thur/fri arrivers come early
  4. Keep mine but the Mrs anything straight away. Not sentimental at all, wedding cards/baby's first etc.... Bin 😒
  5. Compared to the last year the security were a lot better in terms of searching. Real pain in the ass in and out in 2019, no search throughout the festival thankfully
  6. There were the little areas opposite Gas tower and I think Truth. Don't remember music but there were interactive installations I suppose. Understand small venues because of fire fears but last time there was double decker bus, the train carriage and stage - sure there were others
  7. Not screen related but sound: Watched Foals from near the stonebridge bar 2019, couldn't hear it properly because of the dip and beats from Stonebridge. Jack White stood on the left of the ribbon facing the stage, again couldn't hear it. Sat at the very top of the hill behind the Compost loos and could hear Jarvis?!?!? What's the crack, the wind can't have changed too much
  8. I was in there Weds/Thurs/fri/sat: My experience was it was mostly manageable, never properly shut off even when on Saturday Shangri-la was meant to be shut but you could walk in from the unfair ground. Temple was ace Friday night, my mate and Mrs also didn't realise there were toilets until it went light. My mate said he'd been holding it since 2am - I'd been going myself through the night! ICCON seemed a lot busier but can obviously handle it. Gas Tower was no where near big enough for Jamie Jones, [no show] Solomun, BIBI on Saturday. Totally none moving road block from 2am to at least 4:30am when I tried again. Was a bit of a bad atmosphere with those already in feeling the strain as people tried to find gaps that didn't exist. Platform 23 was a blag to get inside the tent but OK once in. Didn't like the genosys replacement visually but sounded OK to dance to late Sat night. First time friends buzzed off it, Shangri-la has lots the micro venues which is a negative though. Some of the best fun we had all weekend was bumping into the Notting Hill Carnival in Block 9 one afternoon. Haven't never been to the carnival it was so much fun! Still the best place to party overall
  9. Glastonbury through the eyes of a 14yr old in 2000. Walking around the site with other youths for the weekend. The police were laughing at the holes dug under the fence near PGB I think. Looking forward to bumbling around tomorrow
  10. What the area next to the Gas tower called coming from the common direction in Shagri La on the right? Think that had metal containers and a walk way around the edge - might be wrong. Can only remember Seth or JJones on Heaven in the early morning sunshine, dj box white and raised up. I can not wait for this - kid at Christmas doesn't describe it
  11. Upside down frowner


    Looking forward to Folamour as much as most on the line up - he is great
  12. Word of warning, I bought Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs after positive reviews but didn't factor in years of surgery/cleaning as a kid on one ear which had unknown to me had widened the entrance/canal. Wore them first time out to Ibiza's IMS and Pacha after. Slightly fucked I realised I couldn't feel the end of one of the plugs. I carried on partying but had to visit the hospital the next day to have it retrieved from a cavity in my ear. They are not tiny either!!! I would consider custom made next time but my example is probably an extreme!
  13. I could get on board for Sports Banger slot depending on time 😁 Mid afternoon bounce like Patrick Toppings set the other year
  14. I'm like this with my wife and friends. She will attend, have a brilliant time and report back to friends how good it is but she's not on efestivals every day and doesn't really care about the line up or where the newest pop up bars is. To be fair we are like this with travelling and lots of different areas of life. Sometimes gets annoyed with my 'research' but loves the actual events/holidays because I've usually eeked-out some gems.
  15. Some of the best parties growing up, especially in Manchester, were held in or by the gay community. Thinking about the hardhouse scene specifically
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