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  1. Upside down frowner


    My wife and I went for a drink around Stokes Croft, didn’t know the area at all but loads of places had dance music on. Bell Inn was an interesting little pub with decks and the Love Inn was good
  2. Upside down frowner

    Block 9 expanding

    Certainly too quiet 2015, good sound levels in 2017
  3. Upside down frowner

    How to get a Camper Ticket Refund

    We did it on my wife’s See tickets account. Made sure we stated it was for the campervan ticket and NOT festival ticket. Also took some screen shots. She informs me we have had the refund
  4. Upside down frowner

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

  5. Upside down frowner


    Yes some people from our way told me about ‘Big fish, little fish’ at Bird Cage Manchester. Said it was good, wall where kids do artwork on and it’s close to Victoria if you arrive in the train. Next Raver Tots is NYE at Gorilla, we only have El Row at WHP booked over Christmas/NY so might go again
  6. Upside down frowner


    Listened to Brandon Block and Slipmatt with my 4 month old at Raver Tots in Manchester this afternoon...it was better than some adult raves I’ve attended 🙃
  7. Upside down frowner

    Metal/Hard Rock/Alt Rock/Punk at Glastonbury 2019

    At Glastonbury he did a gag about punk being dead. “The kids over there don’t want new-punk...they want daft-punk” Older lad who comes with us was a punk and enjoyed it though. I’ll keep an eye out for this thread when line ups out for punk suggestions
  8. Upside down frowner

    Thursday Night

    Wednesday and Thursday are great for the all the reasons names above. It finishes too early though...4am Thursday booo Excited just thinking about it all
  9. Upside down frowner

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    Chemical Brothers on the Pyramid - Friday 2000 14 years old, fast forward 18 years still love dance music! Their set in 2015 on the Other stage was ace as well
  10. Upside down frowner

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    Nothing too bad at Glastonbury, generally I’m wrecked from Wednesday evening until Sunday midnight. Floating around a festival is pleasure. At our local festival, which also has a stone circle, I have been dragged from the stones which my legs have been attached to, a good distance back to my caravan. Friends propping me up under both arms, smiling past security totally unable to use my legs. Also back to a tent another year during a monsoon, led on top of my sleeping bag soaking, unable to undress or get into the sleeping bag. Waking very cold and wet a few hours later. Had a friend missing at said festival for a full day and night, only to be found in the medical tent after too many 2CI. Another in a 1 man tent unable to come out because the tripping was too intense, for him the worst bit was being stuck in the tiny tent with his TED bear fancy dress costume looking back at him.
  11. Upside down frowner

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    What is the cut off date for cancelling the extra campervan tickets?
  12. Upside down frowner

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    We ended up with two East on the same reg. That’ll be another back in the pot for April. Mrs can stop fretting now and look forward to travelling in 2 other campers😎
  13. Upside down frowner

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Another tense Saturday awaits...
  14. Upside down frowner

    Glastonbury with a 3 month old?!

    Fair play to you and the Mrs- sure you’re lad is better person for the festivals he has attended!
  15. Upside down frowner

    Glastonbury with a 3 month old?!

    Can’t answer your question but will follow this thread as we plan to take our 1 year old next year. He has just turned 4 months whilst we have been travelling around Florida for a few weeks. He is bottle feeding which would make Glastonbury more difficult but not impossible if in camper/caravan. I guess it’s about being prepared and ready to have a different experience. Our son is relatively chilled out, at the moment doesn’t throw paddies, sleeps and eats. I think we could have done a festival with him. He has been to little local day festivals after 6-8 weeks. my work colleague took her son as a small baby in arms to the festival in 1990’s and survived.