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  1. Can't wait for a bit of Spice! 😁
  2. Really enjoyed WOMAD. Definitely up there with my favourite festivals. Will be going again 😊
  3. I hope that's not true. It's going to be my first WOMAD, and I was looking forward to some interesting sounds, as opposed to the boring tripe you get at a lot of festivals 😔
  4. It'll be our first time too. Really looking forward to it 😊
  5. DO NOT go to the main part of this festival. I've been to Tramlines a fair few times now, and there has been a steady decline. But this year there has been a sudden drop. It has been absolutely horrendous. Jam packed with more selfish, arsehole people than I've ever seen in one place. Never have I appreciated Glastonbury so much!!! On top of that, the music was crap this year too. The only saving grace has been Johnny Marr. Other than that, every band has been indistinguishable from one another. The same thing all day on every stage! As a group, we've decided to go home early and not even enter the site for the last day. We've cancelled our last day at the hotel...it was that bad! Nobheads through and through - young and old. It's a really horrible place. Can't wait for WOMAD next weekend for a bit of sanity. Sorry to be so nevative
  6. Frank Turner, The Damned and The Cure
  7. I've seen adverts for them on Facebook. They look cool. But yeah, very much a novelty act.
  8. Wanderlei

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Will Frank Turner be headlining, do you think? It says he's on at 12 on his website, but not sure if it's accurate
  9. Wanderlei

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Richard Hawley
  10. How much at WOMAD do you have to pay extra for and how much is included for free? (Workshops, etc)
  11. True. And the poster is only a snapshot anyway. I have long since stopped caring about the lineup, because i know it's the best place on earth regardles :-)
  12. What a beautiful day. I'd be happy with weather like this come June!
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