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  1. Here's the link. Interview starts at 31.48 Does say 48k tickets sold! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000sqrw
  2. Anna Wade said that on BBC R4 World At One today in a brief interview. Guessing crew tickets will be on top of the 48k. Not sure of previous capacity exactly.
  3. Dang, was going to join in again tonight but got diverted by a neighbour so sat outside with him by a fire looking at the wonderful moon. Thoroughly enjoyed last night, thanks everyone, Will try to pop in a little more often. Good company! I'll try to join in completely sober one time...if I've got the bottle as it were.
  4. Boomtown were, rumour has it, having slight financial issues. I'm basing this on nothing but guess work, but as it sold out so quickly and as there will be so few events this year, maybe they'll try to expand slightly on their current plan. Good for them, good for the additional festival workers and good for the extra ticket buyers.
  5. I'm hoping to do my thing at Boomtown again this year but I have absolutely no idea how the shrinkage will affect it nor whether or not there will be a Whistler's Green type area. It could be that the whole event is just a full on party.If it is I completely understand why after the last year or so. If I hear anything I'll let you know.
  6. From Lak's FB page just now, he's the head honcho. Emerging out from the longest winter in history and finally starting to have some serious chats about a certain party this august!
  7. It really won't matter who's playing. If Boomtown happens it will be The Party of 2021 and go off like you won't believe. If your decision to go is dependent on lineup then maybe it's not the festival for you.
  8. Just to cheer everyone up a bit...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/science-environment-56175714
  9. Sleaford Mods. All my friends love them. Bloke with laptop and a shouty bloke. Seen them twice. Should have learnt my lesson the first time but was bullied into it.
  10. Thinking that we really might be in with a chance.........
  11. 98% Big jump for me. Am actually feeling much more optimistic that, dare I say, the likes of Boomtown and Shambala may even be in with a chance this summer. Festivals like that really need it and we really need it. If tail end of summer festivals do go ahead, just imagine, people will go completely mental, the animals finally released from their cages. Fingers crossed, it's not impossible...maybe.
  12. With the recent progress in vaccines and CoVid hospitalisations dropping I'm starting to get cautiously optimistic that BT may happen. Just imagine how bonkers it will be if it does. It'll be the first event where the animals are finally out of their cages again! Fingers crossed.
  13. I think you're probably right. Been hanging onto the dream of BT happening this year. BT really need it as do festival goers. If it does happen it will be epic for obvious reasons but my optimism is gradually evaporating. Fingers crossed.
  14. Just joined in, had a chat with missen then left. Need to try harder re timing I suspect.
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