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  1. Fair enough but what's the point if its going to sit in a fridge
  2. So when they say no restrictions from 21st June?
  3. But there are studies showing that covid effects fertility, even in mild/moderate cases. They think this is likely only a short term effect as with other viruses but they don't know. Given the fact that covid has been shown to have lasting effects on different bodily systems I wouldn't be so sure that it doesn't have a lasting impact on fertility.
  4. Given the combination of slow procurement and more vaccine hesitancy in Europe I'd be surprised if even the vulnerable have been sufficiently vaccinated in Europe by the summer. In contrast the UK will have offered the entire population at least one jab which is highly protective against sever illness / hospitalisation in itself. I don't think we will have full capacity but it would make sense to host the whole thing
  5. At what point do you feel we should have no restrictions?
  6. Some will say we still need restrictions lol
  7. I do but the level of protection from severe disease should drastically reduce deaths. I'm not for living under this shit when the hospitals are empty
  8. If restrictions continue to be in place once everyone has been offered a vaccine I'll be more inclined to believe lunatics who said that the whole thing is a nefarious scheme to increase government control over the population
  9. I think there will be a push for 'some' larger scale events that will suit the tories. I can see some crowds at euros for example. We'll definitely be able to do more than meet a couple of friends in a park at the height of summer as suggested by the article though
  10. But they've consistently fucked up throughout. Vaccines will massively reduce hospital admissions which is only more likely to make them push for normality. If you don't open this summer you won't next summer either as there won't be any difference.
  11. It states that there is hope for meeting a couple of friends outdoors in a park. There were less restrictions last summer without a vaccine. As previously stated. Pessimistic rubbish
  12. If its necessary to get flights etc I definitely think that would work but is also likely to see a backlash where people feel corned into taking it. I'm just suggesting that its probably best to offer specific dates / times for ease which will increase uptake. But of course highlighting that it is optional at the same time.
  13. Think this would be a bad move. People do stuff when it's simplified. Come here on this date at this time and they're more likely to do it. Ring this number / fill out this form / go to this website and people are much less likely to bother
  14. There's a vaccine which everyone will have been offered by mid summer. This peak is much earlier than the one we had last year where cases dropped pretty rapidly in the summer months I pretty much based my predictions on the 1918 flu which was over within a couple of years. People never learn from history There might be some restrictions early summer like mask wearing indoors etc but there's literally no need to maintain this once everyone's been offered a vaccine.
  15. It's not going to take until 2024 to get back to normal 😂 back in February I suggested this virus was likely to kill at least 100,000 in the UK to my friends and family. I was labelled a conspiracy theorist. At the same time I predicted a decline in the summer and then said the peak would double in winter because of lock down fatigue. I also said we'd be back to normal by summer 2021. Now I'm no mystic but I'm backing myself to be right again. Anything to suggest we won't be back to normal for a few years yet is just not logical. I'm screenshotting this and will repost from a festival this summer
  16. I have a real feeling that opening at Christmas has fucked us here. You can't go ahead with the terrible numbers atm but it will be almost non existent by June
  17. Let's be real. This year is not going to be worse than last (at least for covid) and infections are going to fall off a cliff as we approach the summer. Remember the peak was April last year, not January.
  18. @Toilet Duck I've just had my first dose of the Pfizer jab a couple of days ago, having no idea about the government's extended 12 week plan for the second dose. Do you foresee any efficacy or safety concerns with this given that the technology is different to the Oxford jab?
  19. Rex2

    MF Doom

    RIP. Had DANGERDOOM on heavy repeat as a teenager. Phenomenal album and still ahead of its time
  20. The thing that really grinds people down is still having to pay for parking. That £40 a month should be covered by the government for every member of staff in the NHS and would go a long way to restoring staff morale and feeling appreciated.
  21. As someone who works in the NHS and ICU once a month I despise any suggestions that Covid isn't real and the entire NHS has been on a jolly for the previous 9 months. The damage covid does to previously healthy people is scary. What they were training us to do in April was far outside our scope of practice and also scary. Covid numbers in my hospital have surpassed the peak in April. Critical care is full and patients are now in temporary recovery areas. Several wards have shut down with covid meaning overall capacity is reduced. The only reason people haven't died on 1hospital floors up to this point is because of lock downs. In a way I wish everyone could spend just an hour on ICU. The whole thing would be taken much more seriously
  22. Some good news. All of Vietnams 16 cases have recovered. Hopefully we get some decent weather in May to knock this on its head
  23. Based on what? I'd say its pretty likely we are on a similar trajectory just as Italy was. Why would the UK be any different? Downplaying it is just as dangerous. People need to realise the seriousness of this to take proper precautions and prevent deaths in the elderly
  24. The problem with the festival going ahead in 2009 with swine flu is that the fatality rate and transmission rate were much lower. It doesn't compare to corona virus. The Spanish flu does
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