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  1. I also fall into this category so screwed myself over 😂 now can't seem to change it
  2. Unlikely I'd say. Much greater chance of exposure to the virus at a festival with 1000s of people vs an office with a handful of people just due to the numbers involved
  3. After seeing the covid thread and festivals seemingly increase the chance of catching covid will this put anyone off trying for tickets next year?
  4. BBC introducing first set on the Saturday morning
  5. Turnstile for the Pit. Idles for emotion and pure performance
  6. Calvin didn't even bother mixing. Swear he wasn't even there. They just put a mixtape on with all of his tunes
  7. I reckon it was the extra tickets from the bottle gate fiasco. That happened to a lot of people
  8. Rex2

    Secret sets 2022

    Sunday JP TBA back in the game
  9. Rex2

    Queue watch

    Any dogs in the ques?
  10. Rex2

    Queue watch

    Surely it's not worth the risk taking stuff in. Get caught by security they might confiscate it. Get sniffed by a police dog and you're getting arrested surely?
  11. Mikey shoes is there already and truth stage just had a TBA announced?
  12. Yeah will go for one of those gates the. Cheers
  13. Where's best to find plenty of space for Thursday arrivals? If coming from gate B and trying to minimise walking time?
  14. Rex2

    Secret sets 2022

    Harry styles on WG confirmed
  15. Rex2

    Secret sets 2022

    😂 Doesn't narrow it down at all then
  16. Rex2

    Secret sets 2022

    @stuartbert two hats what sort of music do you like and not like?
  17. Chemical brothers are the new coldplay
  18. Yeah but she must always have been the TBA. Why are chems more likely?
  19. Surely amelie lens given she was on the leaked Cox lineup...
  20. Rex2

    Arcadia v4.0

    Anyone know what the deal is with amelie lens. On the leaked poster but now no one talking about her being the missing TBA.
  21. Rex2


  22. Rex2

    Secret sets 2022

    Surely arcadia is amelie lens given she was on the leaked poster from Carl Cox?
  23. Hope Turnstile don't go. Really got into them after they were recommended on here
  24. And get music cancelled that others want to see? Get a grip man
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