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  1. Multiple reports of people testing positive already. 2 different groups immediately around our tent coughing continously. We overhead one admitting that they'd tested positive but just dipped another test in water and recorded that. Also 90% of the crowd must have been 16-18. Rife
  2. That's not to mention the diabolical lock in at the carpark at the end of the festival
  3. Went to boardmasters at the Weekend. Worst festival I've ever been to by far. Disgusting toilets, aggressive security, no hand sanitiser to be seen. Covid was absolutely rife. Shocking and anyone who went deserves compensation. Compared to farm fest the weekend before it was night and day
  4. And also shutting the water off last night In the campsite. Couldn't even meet basic human needs.
  5. Agreed. Toilets were shocking. I had to resort to pissing in a Bush and was verbally abused by the security
  6. Given that the majority of festival goers will have only had 1 (or no) jab this isn't surprising in the slightest. Doesn't mean festivals should be stopped.
  7. 40k is a lot of people when travel/accommodation will be limited. Demand is definitely very high but the event still needs to have acts that will sell. If you compare to farmfest which had weekend tickets on sale for months for only £90 with multiple acts and camping included I reckon it will be a difficult sell. Fatboy slim has a limited audience and I don't think Glastonbury with no camping is as big of a draw as it will be for everybody on here
  8. If it is fatboy slim no chance of selling 40k tickets
  9. We don't know that and I cant imagine that's the case. Most jabs are protective for much longer periods of time aren't they?
  10. I've been hearing that the tories won't put up with another delay since April 2020. It clearly doesn't mean a lot
  11. Farmfest going ahead in just over 2 weeks and with lfts beforehand. Surely no more cancellations at this point. Have they got cancellation insurance and we just haven't heard about it yet?
  12. Deaths still ridiculously low and have shown no signs of following infections for quite some time now. I genuinely think flu might be more deadly at this point
  13. 22k cases and only 3 deaths. Fantastic news. Should have opened on 21st. Another mistake by this government
  14. I guess it doesn't matter. People in this thread have already turned and are ready to accept further restrictions. I just don't get it
  15. I'm desperate for a ping to get myself a week off work haha
  16. Might just do it with your anti football tactics. Reminds me of Greece winning in 2004 😉😂
  17. As a scot were happy with being here and taking a point. Can't say the same for Engerland. Scrape through the group and out in the quarters no doubt despite thinking you're going to win it again. Lol
  18. You don't understand what an introvert is. I'm introverted but sick of these restrictions and can't wait to get back to gigs, festivals, travel and nights out again
  19. Also an introvert. It's wildly innacurate and pretty ignorant but would say it wasn't a malicious comment in anyway. At least I hope not
  20. Tbf a lot of half chances in this game and don't feel Scotland are given enough credit. England just played to their normal boring defensive level. Scotland were class. Big Grant Hanley had the game of his life
  21. They can get fucked. Been waiting all year to blast out kumbaya ma Lord at the church
  22. Big statement given Boris hasn't finished jabbering on yet
  23. Lol. They don't. Just as they don't at the football. In theory it's much easier to distance in the open compared to an enclosed stadium.
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