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  1. I mean she's clearly pro putin and deluded but I'm sure there was plenty of blairite musicians not speaking out about the invasion of Iraq for the same bullshit reasons. Why were they not cancelled? Its the double standards I don't get. Now if she'd come out and publicly supported 'this' war then yes I think she should be cancelled
  2. I wonder how many of us here if we were in a position of power would publicly speak out against a leader that has a track record of offing people who do?
  3. Any way to get access to these tickets or have you got to have connections?
  4. Is there normally music on Wednesday?
  5. Rex2

    Doja Cat cancels

    Lizzo surely not a serious suggestion. She isn't going to curate a show just to sub Glastonbury in a month's time lol
  6. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/campervan-caravan-tickets/worthy-farm/14700001 This page updated this morning. Not sure if that means more tickets are available
  7. Solomun was on another version of the Shangri-la poster
  8. Rex2

    Music Turn-offs

    It ain't the same lil c but I'd love to see some dirty South at glasto
  9. Yeah I've also thought this since the love regenerator rumours on arcadia. Reckon the other side will be crowd pleases. Arcadia more of the serious stuff
  10. Joy anonymous. This will be unreal if x everyone you know
  11. I always see the same acts mentioned on here and people are gutted if they aren't playing even though they've played multiple times already. E. G. Chemical brothers I dont get the excitement about them playing as they are there pretty much every year but people still lose their shit What's with the excitement of seeing the same acts every year?
  12. As someone who loves electronica there's too much electronic this year. Was really hoping for another gojira esque booking
  13. Yep says a deposit is needed if you try and register which is weird
  14. His essential mix is one of my favourites
  15. Get a towel on the floor and scrunch it up with your toes 👍
  16. what you're doing there is loading the plantar fascia rather than just stretching it which is actually pretty important and often neglected. Ill pretty much always prescribe toe curls along with the stretches
  17. Rex2

    Silver Hayes

    Giant swan
  18. Tried listening to some ghost. Would be disappointing for me after gojira last time. Just a bit flat
  19. Stick for architects. Just for impermenance alone
  20. I would love it but would be concerned about placement for a live set. Maybe if silver Hayes has a bigger stage this year?
  21. Yeah good points but I caught it and I think was under one tent all weekend (sides still open), didn't use any shuttle buses, drove down and I still managed to catch it.
  22. Boardmasters last year would suggest otherwise
  23. India Jordan showing up as appearing at Glastonbury on Spotify touring page. Don't know if that's news
  24. Don't think demand for tickets has died down. The customer service guy form see tickets told me that it was more than 10-1 trying for tickets in the resale.
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