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  1. But an open few acres of land isn't?
  2. Exactly. So it's not safe to open until we know more
  3. And the old people. Their vaccines will be running out soon and will need a top up.
  4. We've got to do it at some point. The NHS is nowhere near full capacity. There are now many studies proving the vaccines significantly reduce hospitalisations. Where is the risk? Better now than in 3 months when the NHS is at risk of being overwhelmed as admissions rise anyway. Also, by your metric, will it be safe to open in 3 months when the most vulnerables protection from the vaccine might be wearing off. As you say, we just don't know.
  5. As has previously been said. A delay will lead to the cancellation of weddings, festivals and the best part of the year for many people for another year, which won't just affect people psychologically, but also in terms of finances. From me it's a strong no to shifting the goalposts and delaying the reopening
  6. Still not huge numbers currently although I see your point about the exponential growth. Still it's only cases. I'll take note if hospitalisation start doubling
  7. Absolutely huge is a stretch. Nothing suggests we should be tightening restrictions as there's no threat to the NHS
  8. To be honest I don't think a one month extension is long enough. If we open up early August we're then getting into fall season where not all the older people will have had their booster jabs so they're going to be a t risk again. Especially with the flu which will come back stronger. We can maybe think about opening next summer but not fully. We don't know what damage festivals etc will cause. Maybe 2024 when everyones had their 6th booster and every child has been vaccinated from birth. Maybe.
  9. Restrictions when everyones had 2 doses of a vaccine?
  10. What about the children? Are you going to put them to the slaughter once every adult has been offered a vaccine?
  11. Fair enough if it's extended by a couple of weeks but at what point do the goalposts stop moving? When kids are also vaccinated? When the elderly have had their booster shots? When we've all had our booster shots. Deaths fall of a cliff when you get below 50 years of age. Once everyone's been offered 1 dose we need to open up
  12. So assuming the vulnerable are at this point protected with two doses, why is there talk of rolling back on the road map? I just don't understand it
  13. Whys everyone shitting rhemselves over a few thousand cases which is to be expected as we've opened up? Where's the evidence that this Indian variant is able to escape the vaccine? I don't worry about the the government anynore as much as I worry about normal people fueling this perpetual shit show
  14. This is comical. They're just making this shit up now. Pandemics over guys. Chill out
  15. Nocebo is a hell of a drug
  16. Change the word care home for hospital and you have the same scenario. I don't know if testing capacity could have been increased. I imagine if it could have been, it would have been as the government was funding any placement out of hospital to free capacity. Care home managers were refusing to accept patients back from hospital who had not contact with covid and showed no signs of covid, some of whom them went on to develop covid and die in hospital. All the while care home managers continued to pocket their residents extortionate weekly expenses. You can blame this incompetent government for a lot the past year. Some of the blame here needs to fall on care home managers who could have and should have done much more
  17. It's a non starter this argument. People were discharged from hospitals in open spaces where people are clinically vulnerable back into care homes where they can isolate, and where people aren't extremely unwell. If anything more funding should have been chucked at ensuring safety in care homes rather than increased testing capacity
  18. They must be. How is the peak going to be twice the size when we're probably approaching herd immunity. And if its cases only but not hospitalizations who the fuck cares.
  19. Chances that those who bought tickets for this event get priority for any potential event in September?
  20. So if one person with multiple comorbidities dies, but happened to test positive as an inpatient, we should remain in lock down? 🤣
  21. Luckily my gym has no mask wearing and that tape has gone from the floor along with the requirement to wipe down every piece of equipment after use. Currently a haven of normality. At the peak I was 100% behind restrictions and feel at times we should have gone further. What they're suggesting after June is madness
  22. Full bars but they expect people to wear masks and follow a one way system 😂 I'm done with this shit. Just waiting for everyone else to realise this pandemics over and rules like this beyond June are dumb
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