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  1. Daft Punk 100 (-2) Depeche Mode 110 (-3) Elton John 75 Rage Against the Machine 100 Pearl Jam 90 (-4) Talking Heads 105 Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 75 Nick Cave 105 Dua Lipa 100 (-1) Tidying up!
  2. Yeah nothing ... also through at 10:01. Congratulations to those who succeeded. Back at 12.
  3. Train kept a-rollin.... (hopefully)
  4. Head to the south west ... Back House is a hidden oasis that only opens on Thursday. Always has space and not too far from the Park and Stone Circle.
  5. Daft Punk 102 Depeche Mode 107 Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 105 Pearl Jam 114 Talking Heads 89 Kate Bush 90 Taylor Swift 61 Nick Cave 105 Dua Lipa 90 The Jam 45 (-10)
  6. There was the bloke with the door, but there was also another one who'd made a model of a green door that opened up to reveal Shakey inside ... see attached piccie. I bumped into him later on still dragging his sign around with him. I congratulated him on his efforts but all he did was grumble that it had taken him two days to make it and he that didn't bloody play the tune.
  7. Yeah, but that's not really fancy dress though, is it? It's just a bloke dragging a door about.
  8. Presale sign-up for AF here ... (don't need to purchase!) https://store.arcadefire.com/pages/koko-faqs
  9. In '95 you might have been at The Other Stage watching, erm, The Shamen. Again, I wasn't alone!
  10. Well I wasn't on my own watching Basement Jaxx ....
  11. Macy Gray in 2000 - 'special guest'
  12. Fiddlerontheroof amongst the favourites and Dingo Dollar for a long priced each way.
  13. Well that was fun while it lasted .... still - get Wax Wings on the farm!
  14. LAWKS - I'm officially excited now.
  15. Looking back over the recent photos, I would appear to be quite consistent in spreading myself around.
  16. Sound advice, as ever x
  17. '97 was very very muddy, but it didn't actually rain Friday to Sunday. '98 was very wet. I'd gone on the Wednesday in '97 (not so common on those days) and remember trudging to the phone boxes with my phone-card (I'm sure I've got a Glastonbury one somewhere) and ringing one of the gang to say the place was the like the Somme and implore on them the importance of decent footwear - no mobile phones; no web-cams; no state-of-the-ground threads.
  18. There were 18 of us in '07 .... 5 returned for '08
  19. https://www.eventim.co.uk/event/self-esteem-eventim-apollo-15087703/?affiliate=H75&uk_et_cid=Apollo_NL_300322&uk_et_rid=1_648910836200858
  20. https://birdonthewire.seetickets.com/event/angel-olsen/o2-academy-brixton/2310339?mc_cid=84387f29ff&mc_eid=68e7f201a2 Presale for Brixton today .... code is BIGTIME
  21. Ezra Collective at Village Underground in That London last night. Great fun and I'm always pleased to see a band happy to be out and playing again. I know they played last time, but a slot in the late afternoon sunshine would go down a storm (again).
  22. Yeah - TLSP were billed as Special Guests so a secret and the start of the best Park-run of TLSP, MGMT, Battles and CSS.
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