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  1. I'm a big fan of this approach ... big game changer a few festivals ago. There is no limit to what you can leave in the lock-ups. I've used the lock-up by PGA, but there was a big, slow queue at Sunday lunchtime (missed Davos in the Glade - boo) but fine early doors. A better and quieter option is the lock-up in the north of Silver Hayes as that had no queues at all and is on the route from the SE corner to PGA. However, the trudge up the hill with a full bag can be challenging when tired and emotional.
  2. Ha! I never said ban the flags. And I certainly ain't moving from the prime spot. I was just being a bit curmudgeonly.
  3. Friday night too .... 😠
  4. Yeah, peace and love and all that, but when you're in the pit they can be a bloody pain. Look good on the telly though.
  5. Which means you'll be staggering past on Monday morning. You could pop in.
  6. They definitely don't advertise it as it really would be chaos, but I've been See coaching most years since 2012 and yet to have my London ticket checked. Loads of people get lifts home and they just want people off-site. N.E. are much stricter.
  7. Yeah, pretty much. Postcode puts as this car park marked with the red marker. It has always been the one to the south on the other side of the green bit in previous years. You won't miss it as there will be loads of coaches and people. The Pilot is a good pub for pre or post festival if your timings work.
  8. They're not. Just rock up and they put you on the next available coach.
  9. Yeah, but for those who've been before, it has moved slightly. Check a map.
  10. A couple of spare for Flaming Lips at Kentish Town on the 2nd June. Currently on Twickets for £40 each, but will accept an offer from a friendly face on here. I didn't realise it was the long, long weekend.
  11. I think it just seems earlier, because it's Sunday.
  12. Hope that doesn't clash with Cassetteboy then.
  13. Erm, London is already known. You have to pick a time when booking.
  14. Thanks Benny. As ever you have articulated this far better than I could have done. Also, you continually show the love that exists on these boards, particiculary in this corner, and which now forms an important part of my build up to the weekend. I also hope Ddiamond gets back involved, his insights are top drawer and then we can all go back to giving peace a chance. (Out of upvotes)
  15. Short answer is no. It also looks like most NE coaches are fully booked now. The other option is to blag your way onto a SeeCoach. See coaches to London are usually complete chaos and all they are interested in is getting people off-site. I've used them often these last few years and have never had a ticket checked, as far as I can remember. You'll still need to get there at a reasonable time and be prepared to wait. It's never been 4 hours though. They go to North Greenwich, which may also be a pain for you.
  16. Yeah, but nostalgia is not as good as it used to be.
  17. And the Cult.... bargain. I've had the same thought. Plenty of seats (and it's all seats) available.
  18. Use this link for O2 London .... https://www.axs.com/uk/events/432017/arcade-fire-tickets/promopage/33410?skin=theo2&uk_et_cid=o2nl120522&uk_et_rid=1_648910836200858&pt_pubid=1_648910836200858
  19. Still plenty standing left for the O2 on AXS.
  20. Erm, yes. Hasn't it always been that?
  21. Aha, but it's always that delicate balance, isn't it? Basically we are going on holiday and we're returning to a destination we've been to many times before. Do we visit that new trattoria that's just opened up or do we go to the old faithful that's been serving us for years? Also known as the 'Goan Fish Curry' dilemma. Me, it's also mostly new stuff, but I will see Mik somewhere and I'm locked in for Cassetteboy, but I'll catch you at 4am on Platform 23.
  22. I blame The Thingy for telling GFHQ he was too busy today.
  23. The boat on it's travels past the G-on-Sea ...
  24. Live Nation on the Thursday
  25. It's the age-old question. Visit an old faithful or try something new? I think of it as the 'Goan Fish Curry Dilemma'.
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