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  1. I go for the clashfinder view, double sided on A4 for each day. I find that easiest to read as the colours stand out.
  2. Just printed and laminated the clashfinder.... #oldschool
  3. It's all we need to know (this was the closest I could get).
  4. "Excuse me, sorry, thank you, sorry, excuse me, sorry, beer coming through, thank you, sorry, excuse me, sorry .... " Good luck.
  5. Long story, not really talked about on here, but have a dig around. If old-uns like me 'n' Ben can suss it out I'm sure you'll manage.
  6. See you out there somewhere, in the usual spot! Definitely won't be at Overmono, but will try and make the other meet, but as you know it all depends. Sterling work as ever, with your infectious enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge. Love and hugs to all on here.
  7. Has anyone checked in with the Norwegians recently? 🤯
  8. Yep, everywhere is busy Thursday. Too many impatient people with not enough venues open. And Stonebridge is not a very big tent. But there is crowd turnover, so it's not impossible to get in.
  9. Pretty rammed. It's the Thursday thing.
  10. Even the Norwegians are on board. Stick.
  11. https://www.glastoearth.com/p/torts-faq-part-3.html You will not need to camp in Darble. It's nice and quiet but bloody miles from the action.
  12. I'll see you at that last part of Saturday and Sunday, if not before. (Near the front, in the middle. Otherwise known as Benny's sweet spot). It'll certainly be tears before coach-time.
  13. Fishman

    Show Us Your Plan

    Young people tell me it means 'absolutely'.
  14. Pulling more people away from other venues. Good news!
  15. Having just said the above ... Thursday is busy everywhere, especially earlier in the evening, so it is sometimes best to stick around one area. Friday will be ok except Honey D which will have loooonng queues anytime after headline time. Saturday is possible but think about your dancing feet. It's a long way from Macca to Fol. then back to A.E. then back to Sol. Sunday should be fine. Whatever, you'll have a blast.
  16. I'm going to keep saying this.... you won't have major queues heading into the SEC, even after the headliners or The Chems. It may be a little busy and slow in places, especially the entry point, but it will be moving. IICON is huge and can swallow a large crowd and last time helped reduce congestion a lot. Also, there is now shit-tonnes on after hours in various locations not just the SEC. It's not like the good old days where everyone all headed the same way.
  17. And I'll be honest, I got a bit bored early on but, blimey, the home run. Oooft.
  18. OK …. here’s my old-man plan, as it stands. Thursday This is Bimble ‘n’ beers day, so it’s generally a bit random and also certain venues are often rammed. System 7 > bimbling > Giant Swan > Danielle & Hodge > Sama Abdulhadi. Friday Four Tet > Temple for Blawan, Nastia, FJAAK > Mr Bruce Saturday Jopkins > Daniel Avery > Mandidextrous (!) > Pangea & Pariah Sunday A bit of Arcadia > Steffi > A-Future > Batu > Ped Gate A for a coach
  19. I found this in amongst my team's group chat for 2019 .... "All Wednesday live performances have been pulled off the app / website. Apparently they are breaching licensing conditions if they promote live music on the Wednesday. Allegedly all acts still playing." 🤔 So it's not new.
  20. Keep calm team ... don't be leaving sets early just to get in the SEC. There won't be major queues to get in and IICON is huge and swallows a large crowd. The only queues are at the venues such as Downlow (now that's a queue) and The Temple (busy but tends to move quickly, more so around the back).
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