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  1. Drugs are also ‘banned’, doesn’t seem to stop people taking them though. Might be a few people on here upset with increased searches for flares uncovering other items.
  2. Smeble

    Gate C

    Haven’t got the faintest idea, it was whoever was running the gate who were crap.
  3. Smeble

    Gate C

    Nope it was a clusterfuck, too many stewards standing around doing nothing, or even worse trying to tell people who have just been queuing for an hour to cheer up, whilst stood around doing nothing, it’s one of the downsides to using untrained people for that sort of thing, when things go wrong they have no idea how to sort it. There didn’t actually seem to be anyone in charge. the re entry procedure isn’t fit for purpose and takes too long, it either needs to be changed or the number of lanes increased.
  4. Smeble

    Gate C

    Gate c should be renamed gate clusterfuck, utter shambles Friday and Sunday, Sunday busiest day of the festival and they had no queuing system running at all. the gate needs a rethink, needs to be widened and capacity increased.
  5. Paul and Jacqui were fantastic as usual, atmosphere was stellar.
  6. Diana Ross was awful, she was awful, the sound was awful, crowd was great, but that’s about it. Pet Shop Boys weren’t bad but not the spectacle I was expecting, maybe it was my mood and I’ll reassess my opinion down the line, who knows. left half way through plant and Krause, just a bit dull. paul McCartney was epic, but would have preferred a 2 hour greatest hits set rather than what we got.
  7. People who walk around the site as if there’s nobody else there piss me off, they just go straight through you if you are in their way, my wife got pushed over by someone in a stewards hi viz just before McCartney, just barging through the crowd not giving a fuck. special people who don’t seem to have to queue like everyone else🙄🙄, anytime there’s a queue, there’s people who think it doesn’t apply to them. And a general life one. Why do people with children suddenly lose to use of their legs and for some reason expect to park nearer to everything? Or jump queues? What was my local Tesco had the lazy parent and child spaces almost in the store, closer than the disabled spaces, and closer to the door than the trolley park, which of course they never return🙄🙄 ’entitlement’ is a modern name for general ignorance, there’s a level of general ignorance in society as a whole, nobody thinks or cares about how their actions affects others, from chair w*nkers at the pyramid, to big groups who think the middle of a walkway is a good place for a chat, to inconsiderate parking, dropping litter, the list is infinite. More than ever we live in an ignorant society.
  8. Smeble

    TLC Cancelled?

    I’ve been saying for years there’s too many people on site, needs a serious rethink, time to trim the fat and hangers on.
  9. Seems daft considering Tuesday is bulk cv arrivals day
  10. Seems daft considering Tuesday is bulk cv arrivals day
  11. There are people who do like it?
  12. There are 2 bridges on the approach to the car park but neither will trouble a Bongo
  13. All packed ready to head to the ferry this afternoon.
  14. From memory there’s no height restrictions on the car park,
  15. Smeble

    “Getting in”

    Look up Max Fosh on YouTube, he’s the guy who put the Welcome to Luton Airport sign at Gatwick, he has a video on how he blagged his way into a Security convention, scarily easy. Might give a few pointers.
  16. The festival should care, it’s them you have a contract with, see are just agents, the ‘goods’ you paid money for is entrance to the festival. Trouble is they will have factored in an ‘acceptable’ loss % and below that nobody cares. A few dozen tickets go missing, nobody bats an eyelid, a few hundred and papers get interested, the festival looks bad and do something about it.
  17. Waterproofs back on the packing list.
  18. No worse than people who think flags or chairs should be banned. Some people just want everything they don’t like to be banned. Just the tolerant society we live in.🙄🙄
  19. Guess to get the campervan ones out the way before everyone else arrives, like the Campervans arriving Tuesday before everyone else to ease the flow.
  20. Just take a giant microphone for miming into
  21. That’s not a strike day so there should be trains running, however it will probably be a reduced and disrupted service, it will probably be a case of figuring out what train to get when you arrive at St Pancras. according to thetrainline.com the timetables for next week will be released on Friday for strike days and Saturday for non strike days. Worth keeping tabs on thetrainline.com
  22. What else is in the vehicle? Does it look more than just a mattress in a car? Ok so different festival but at IOW one year we had 2 girls next to us who literally had a mattress in a van, thats it, the very thing specifically banned, another year a VW Beetle turned up with a yurt, the only connection was a flap of fabric that vaguely rested on the roof of the Beetle. No idea how they blagged their way in. It could come down to the mood of the stewards as you come in.
  23. Vaguely getting stuff together to bring, charging generic Chinese power banks, dug out some photography gear I probably won’t use, charged Bluetooth speaker, booked haircut and beard trim for Monday.
  24. Yep reckon an early arrival for PSB is a must, it will be rammed. I have less than zero interest in Kenny but I can see he is a big coup for the festival, but a lot of casuals have no idea who he is.
  25. When I went to KC in 2018 I managed to get drunk, pass out, wake up and vaguely sober up all between arriving just after lunch and the arena opening up late afternoon. Got the ‘I’m not with this twat’ look from my wife all evening.
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