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    Kendrick Lamar

    Well I am for a start, it doesn’t matter to me what colour someone’s skin is, does it matter to you?
  2. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    They? You assume I’m not a ‘they’ whoever ‘they’ are.
  3. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    What part of it do you think is a joke?
  4. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    You seem to like bringing skin colour into things a lot. I thought skin colour doesn’t matter? Everyone has an agender, yours is peaking through
  5. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    But you’re happy to listen to someone who Uses racial slurs ( amongst many other slurs)to make money, that’s an interesting view of things.
  6. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    What the feck is ‘priveleged use’? She was singing a lyric in a song, if he didn’t want people singing it, don’t use it. If the word is so heinous then it should be off limits to everyone, not just people with the ‘wrong’ coloured skin.
  7. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    You really don’t get it do you
  8. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    Not sure what skin colour has got to do with whether you are free to use racial slurs! if you reread my post you will see I talk about context, and that is key, the word is used in art, and the last time I looked art is to be enjoyed by all and not just by those with the right coloured skin.
  9. Smeble

    Kendrick Lamar

    If you don’t want white people singing your x rated lyrics don’t write them. Certainly don’t ambush them by inviting them up on stage. real dick move IMO. if the word is good enough to put in a song and make money from it then it’s good enough for anyone to sing, it’s not a word that anyone should be throwing around in everyday use, but in the context of a song, or a story, or any work of art then anyone can use it in that context.
  10. Smeble

    Biggest artists not to have headlined?

    I’m not sure AC/DC really fit into that category anymore
  11. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Well it’s not as though the announcement is rammed with ticket shifting acts is it, but yes I agree their PR people either need sacking or a size 11 up their arse.
  12. Smeble

    Summerzest festival

    They need to get a move on if they want to sell any tickets, a very basic website does not exactly promote confidence in it actually going ahead. Not sure this area really needs another festival.
  13. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    The campervan field is a comparable walk to the east cv at G but flat, last year was our first year and we loved it, it is a very friendly festival, the site is in s lovely spot, a lake you can swim in stages and art in the woods, coloured sheep good mix of ages, quite a small site, very eclectic mix of things to see, music is good, comedy fantastic, some utterly random stuff in the speakeasy and other tents, never queued for beer at any of the bars for more than a couple of minutes, it’s definitely more middle class than G but no reason for that to put you off, toilets are kept clean, speak to old timer regulars and they will say it’s deteriorating in quality but we are going back this year and really enjoyed last year, I only saw 4 bands all weekend last year there’s so much else going on.
  14. Smeble

    Fleetwood Mac announce 2018/19 Tour

    Well my thoughts are that I’m glad I saw them with Lindsey Buckingham, as for G headliners they would be fantastic, although without LB they will lose that bit of bite you get between him and Stevie nicks with the songs they wrote about each other. on the plus side you would get a few crowded house numbers thrown into the set.
  15. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Beyoncé putting in an appearance joining her sister at latitude sounds like a good thing for the organisers to spread about to boost the numbers at the main stage and keeps numbers manageable watching James. She may be there to watch little sis but highly doubt she would join her on stage. Would be a bit off to get a better reception than the headline act. Solonge joining Beyoncé on stage at coachella boosts her profile, Beyoncé joining solonge on stage at latitude completely overshadows her.
  16. Smeble

    I feel lost

    I once went in a ‘English pub’ in Delhi that had table service and seemed to be modelled on the bar from cheers, it was as though an Indian had built a pub based on plans made by an American who had once read than we have pubs in Britain but had never been in one or had any idea on what they are like.
  17. Having never been before it’s not my place to criticise the lineup but I wonder if the perceived poor lineup is as a result of the success of the festival over the years, it sells out every year so there’s no pressure on the bookers to go out and book the best acts they can to sell tickets. Success breeds complacency. the only other festival that routinely sells out irrespective of lineup is Glastonbury but that is kept honest because it’s so high profile and it is a labour of love for the organisers. it is a little surprising that on a Glastonbury fallow year that the whole UK festival scene is a little weak, you would think festivals would have a stronger lineup this year as acts seek more alternatives to Glastonbury, it seems however that maybe acts aren’t even coming to the UK, does Glastonbury draw in the overseas acts and the other festivals benefit from this?
  18. Smeble

    What are you looking forward to the most ?

    It’s my first time at the festival so I’m looking forward to everything
  19. Smeble

    Your Dream Ten Acts for 2019

    Do all the people who put fleetwood Mac on their list still want them to appear now they have just booted Lindsey Buckingham out of the band? Mike Campbell and Neil Finn are replacing him.
  20. Cursed autocorrect!
  21. Rather have Paul Heston and Jacqui abbot.
  22. Any idea how long it’s been delayed for?
  23. Smeble

    IOW Ferries

    The IOW ferris are the most expensive ferries in the world, and then of course they cash in for the Festival by putting them up even more, they do cheaper early bird tickets when the festival first goes on sale, but that’s long gone. Last year I paid£245 to get my Motorhome to the festival, this year we are going to Kendal Calling instead, which costs less for the whole festival for 2 people and the MH than the ferry an CV ticket for IOW.
  24. Smeble

    Why no caravans?

    It’s amazing what people seem to get away with in campervan fields at festivals, at IOW last year 2 women turned up late on the Friday in a van with a mattress in the back and got in no problem despite them being banned. But the worst was the couple who turned up in a VW beetle and put up a tipi next to it, on what planet does that count as a campervan?
  25. Smeble

    Future "Legends"

    John fogerty would be outstanding in the legends slot. ELO have definitely opened up the slot for 10cc to do it. Jethro tull are back together but not sure legends slot is for them, headlining or subbing west holts maybe? as for distant future ‘legends’ Robbie Williams is nailed on, other than that don’t care hopefully the slot will be no more by the time we get to the tin pot warblers about now.