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  1. Donating £2-3 million a year to charity is hardly virtue signalling, especially as they don’t make a big deal out of it, your average joe public has no idea they give anything to charity never mind the amount they do.
  2. Depends on peoples definition of equality. The key is equality of opportunity which people seem to miss, equality of opportunity does not mean a 50/50 split between sexes, it just means everyone has exactly the same opportunity. People see more men headlining than women and just assume it must be down to sexism. I fundamentally disagree with your belief that the pool of headliners must have a 50/50 split, why? What has gender got to do with anything?
  3. As someone without a ticket I’m hoping loads of people look at that and decided to put their tickets back in the pot, personally there’s nobody there who makes me gutted not to have tickets but there’s more than enough to keep me busy all weekend, never mind who hasn’t been announced yet. i wonder how many will see the headliners as lacklustre and not look any further? For me, out of the headliners, only the cure hold any interest ( I saw the killers last year,and stormsy is just noise) and even then it would depend who they were up against, but that’s the beauty of G, it isn’t just about the headliners, but loads of people I know only look at the headliners. i guess what I’m saying is I feel more positive for resale day after that poster than before, your casual G attendee may be put off going now.
  4. Yes but you don’t fight prejudice with more prejudice, promoting someone simply because they tick a box solves nothing.
  5. Why are you assuming they aren’t getting the opportunity because of their gender or skin colour?
  6. Again why this obsession with gender balance? Why does anything need to be gender balanced? And why is it ‘good’ if it is. I don’t buy or listen to music based on what sex the artist is, I listen to what I like and consider to be good, gender isn’t even a consideration.
  7. Thats the whole point, it should be an utter irrelevance to them as well, that’s equality.
  8. What has their gender got to do with anything? Why does there need to be an ‘appropriate gender balance’ as long as the best person for the job, gets the job and there are no barriers to anyone getting any job, then gender, sexuality, race is an utter irrelevance .
  9. It doesn’t matter who they are, only matters what gender they are, in the minds of some.
  10. I think this one possibly the most contradictory posts I’ve ever read on the internet, ‘ most of us don’t believe this bullshit’ but ‘everyone is institutionally racist, sexist etc’ ‘most of us are intelligent enough to know nothing except talent should be the main reason to be headlining’ yet you then say women are still absent from headliner slots blindly assuming it must be for sexist reasons. If talent is the main reason for headlining then gender is an utter irrelevance. Referring back to my original post, male acts sell vastly more records than female acts, therefore it’s entirely reasonable for festivals to book more male acts and for more headliners to be male. You could only expect a 50/50 split if record sales were equal and there are the same number of female acts as male acts.
  11. Because it legitimises their opinions in their minds,you need to show them why they are wrong, not just tell them they are wrong. If you positivity desriminate then you strengthen their belief that there's some conspiracy to promote minoritys just because they are minority’s and they are not where they are on merit. chauvanistic men think women only get to the top by sleeping their way to the top or because they are filling a PC quota, all you do by positively discriminating is show them that they are correct. you need to change people’s minds, not force what they see as an agenda onto them. The more you force it onto them the more they push back, show them why they are wrong and they will change their minds.
  12. There are more male acts than female plus Male acts outsell female acts by a large margin, are the music buying public sexist? Festivals book acts to sell tickets, that means more male acts, simple economics. booking acts based purely on their sex, and then putting them higher on the lineup than popularity demands purely because they are a certain gender is sexism pure and simple. Positive discrimination is just discrimination and only right in the minds of the morally corrupt, all it does is harden the resolve of sexists and racists in their beliefs, yes it’s gives a short term boost to the person being promoted beyond their talent but in the long run is damaging to everyone. merit is all that matters, remove the barriers and merit wins. wanting to support women is sexist if the only reason you are supporting them is because they are a woman.
  13. What have their sexual organs got to do with where they go on the lineup? Do people chose who they see based on gender? Seems a bit, sexist.
  14. Yeah don’t want to be TOO inclusive do we, anyone wearing red trousers or exhibiting good enunciation must be excluded on the ground they may have more money than us. Inclusive means exactly that, everyone is welcome no matter what their background.
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