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  1. Even more impressive when you consider by the time he actually went over the fence it was long since daylight.
  2. Well at least you are basing your opinions on absolutely no knowledge, that’s always a good thing🙄🙄
  3. My point is they didn’t even start putting wood chip down until after James were supposed to start. It had been raining for days, yet nobody thought to do anything about the quagmire until then?
  4. It will all be done and dusted by June. And besides there’s only 9 or so cases in the UK. Everyone who needs to come home from an infected is home, so can’t see many more cases happening. seems to a slightly hysterical panic at the moment, 6000 people die every year in the uk from flu, nobody bats an eyelid.
  5. That’s pretty much every festival in the world bar Glastonbury and a few other.
  6. Wouldn’t Supergrass either be opening the other on Friday, or higher up than where they are?
  7. I’ve been to IOW 3 times and the only reason we don’t still go is the cost of taking a motorhome. We had 3 great years. however IOW is not a Glastonbury alternative, it’s about as far from Glastonbury as you can get. it’s more of a sit in front of the main stage all day watching pop music type of festival. There is the big top which is basically the JP tent and a couple of smaller stages with people Ive never heard of but others will have. there is almost nothing else to do, a few shops, a fun fair( which is far too loud and too close to the stages) and that’s it. its very family friendly, a nice atmosphere and I’ve never queued more than 2-3 minutes for a drink. It’s a long walk from the camping to the arena and the last year we went they are very hot on searching for alcohol smuggling. I’ve never seen any trouble and generally they have good weather. the toilets in the arena are really good, and the food is general festival stuff, not Glastonbury levels, but better than just burgers and pizza. We now go to latitude instead, but that’s a very different festival.
  8. Yes, apparently the other stage crew were surprised by the weather.🙄
  9. And you fell into that trap to prove it.
  10. I guess that’s it then, would McCartney draw that sort of crowd nowadays? Or swift? Or what’s his face?
  11. Do we know why they are making the pyramid field larger? Is it an ongoing thing for licensing reasons? I can’t think of any band or individual that would require more space, how rammed at the back was it for kylie or Adele? what big surprise would require a larger pyramid field? unless they are moving the stage further forward? or putting seating in at the back like latitude😂😂😂
  12. The first 3 letters of your name is quite appropriate.
  13. Bands nowadays really are just using the John Peel name generator aren’t they.
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