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  1. Smeble

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    That’s probably going to happen.
  2. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Arrived late Friday after the worst journey from Somerset imaginable. Loved the new food area with lots of seating, bars were slow and cider watered down, way too many people on Saturday, not enough toilets, saw some great comedy, the elvis dead was hilarious, Liam wasn’t shit, the killers killed it, said hello to Jason Issacs when I literally bumped into him on Saturday outside the speakeasy, SO MUCH DUST, loved the festival, will be back next year.
  3. Smeble

    The weath......

    Just got back from latitude which was like being in a middle class mad max film, the dust was extreme, no dust and no mud would be perfect.
  4. Smeble

    lauitude 2019

    Solo set from Henry the drummer.
  5. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Not even vaguely iconic.
  6. Smeble

    Arenas end agreements with StubHub

    Whilst I agree with you, they are a big company whose reason for existing is to make money, of course they will do what they see as best for profits, in fact they are duty bound to do so.
  7. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    They use a PR company, jeez you would never know, their PR is awful.
  8. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    The jemimas don’t bite as long as you leave your predudices at home.
  9. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Our van tickets came with the entrance tickets
  10. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Have to admit they have passed me by, however after 5 min on YouTube they have just been added to my list.
  11. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    Yes I have been before, I am merely reporting what I have seen elsewhere.
  12. Smeble

    Latitude 2018

    I’ve seen Liam Gallagher mentioned a couple of times, one on a forum with quite specific info involving the killers.
  13. Smeble

    Line up now finished?

    Edited because I’m a numpty
  14. Did they not have the taps in the arena this year? Or was it not working? There’s normally a few stainless steel troughs with multiple taps after the search area to fill up water bottles. There’s normally one at the entrance to the medical area. Why would you expect there to be shaded areas? It’s an outdoor event. as for food and drink being expensive, it’s a festival, it’s not going to be cheap.What were the beer prices. £5-£5.50 a pint is pretty much going rate at commercial festivals. when I saw it had sold out I wondered how busy it would be, it looked absolutely rammed on TV on Friday. Not selling out has its benefits.
  15. Smeble

    Chairs and blankets on the main arena

    I have to admit I’m a chair person, however I never set it up forward of the sound desk and it’s usually just me or me and the wife, the bigger issue is large groups of chairs and picnic blankets with nobody using them but whose owners give you evils if even your toes touch it whilst trying to negotiate around it. id not go to any festival that banned chairs completely, partly on principle but also because having to stand up all day for 3 or 4 days is not my idea of fun, however I do think there should be no chair or blanket areas, basically forward of the sound desk, and all chairs need to be folded up when it gets dark. for last years Glastonbury I switched to using one of those 3 leg camping stools and standing the most part but using the stool when I needed a break. However that’s a much more mobile festival than IOW which is essentially a 2 stage festival, people basically camp at the main stage and occasionally dash off to catch an act at the big top.