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  1. I think there a minimum space between each van but I forget what it is, you get enough space for an awning, they will ask if you have one, unless it’s a mahoosive awning you should be fine. there were space issues last year, the marshalls did a piss poor job and late arrivals struggled to get in, the live in vehicles are in a different, bigger field this year so unless they have got greedy hopefully space won’t be an issue. IOW and Kendal calling actually mark out spaces so everyone knows where they stand, makes it much easier on arrival and they know they have space for everyone. someone on here or maybe a different forum said the marshalls have been told to be strict this year on people trying to blag more space than they are entitled to. we arrived on Friday afternoon last year and really struggled to find space, walking around looking for room it was staggering how much room some people appear to need and manage to blag.
  2. Smeble


    If the rumours are true that Johnson and Williams are back then it will be great, if not it’s barely AC/DC.
  3. Excuse my ignorance but is that a band called extinction rebellion or the actual rabble that bought London to a standstill? If it’s the latter then I fear for the festival,
  4. Smeble

    A4 bag rule

    Didn’t get searched once last year. No bag.
  5. So the festival should only put on acts you like?
  6. So you hate anyone with the money to spend £500 on a ticket but you would spend that yourself? So you hate yourself or are you just a hypocrite? Why would it be ok for you to go but everyone else would be ‘too horrendous’? Would you be happy with that conclusion being made about you by a complete stranger who knows nothing about you?
  7. Smeble

    Flops 2019

    If an act can’t be bothered performing I can’t be bothered seeing them. Acts actually expect to get paid for opening and closing their mouths in time to a backing track? That’s worse than Jess Glynne cancelling on IOW because she was hungover after a night out with the spice girls.
  8. Saw that on the telly, looked fun.
  9. Smeble

    Legend Slot 2020

    Saw him at a festival a couple of years ago and whilst the cool kids won’t like him, he puts on a good show.
  10. Smeble

    A4 bag rule

    Yeah don’t stress it, no bag for quick access, a4 bag for not quite so quick access, big bag for slow access. Choose your speed of access. All runs very smoothly.
  11. Not all men are sexual predators and ‘pounce’ on women. He could just have thought she was pretty and got chatting to her.
  12. How much of a celebrity do you have to be to not have to bother with refreshing like mad on a Sunday morning in October? And how many tickets get taken out of the pot for them?
  13. Maybe it was you stood next to me at the pyramid in ‘17 and not mark webber then! My ‘celebs’ I spot always turn out to be not celebs.
  14. Hell yes, if you are the type to even consider not taking your tent home, then it being covered in mud will definitely tip the balance.
  15. Smeble

    Best flags

    Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without a sea of flags, if you want to see the artist then get up the front, otherwise music is for listening to, not looking at.
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