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  1. economics will end this. The global economy can only stand this for so long. Eventually the need for people to earn money to feed themselves will outweigh the need to protect the vulnerable. A long time ago we decided it was acceptable for 250-500 thousand people to die every year from the flu, at some point we will decide what numbers are acceptable to die from covid 19 and then we will move on and life will return to normal. im not saying this is a good thing, or something I would advocate, but I’m just being a realist. if no cure is found, at some point the world will essentially abandon the vulnerable.
  2. Smeble

    People on Furlough....

    My wife avoided furlough, but is about to put in her notice so may end up on furlough after all.🙄🙄
  3. They shouldn’t be, everyone pays the same money. We only arrived late due to an issue at home. I was staggered by the complete lack of organisation and how much space early arrivals were allowed blag themselves. last year was the complete opposite, very well organised although the Marshall parking us was a bit over bearing, completely went off on one when I backed up a few feet to put my levellers down, went a bit Italian traffic warden, I tried explaining but he went off on a rant about the fire lane, which I got but he then put a motorhome next to us that was about 4 foot longer which then spent the weekend half blocking the fire lane🙄🙄
  4. Smeble

    People on Furlough....

    My wife finds out tomorrow. Could go either way. Slightly awkward as she has a new job to go to and is about to hand her notice in.
  5. If you are seriously ill enough to be finished off by covid 19 whether you die of what you already had or covid19 is semantics, although I obviously don’t want to belittle the medical expertise of randoms on social media.
  6. Packing to move to Luxembourg. My wife has just got a new job in Luxembourg City.
  7. So you were clapping to yourself then? My wife and I sent the nurse on our street a bunch of flowers. i get the clapping thing when it’s spontaneous and there’s someone there to receive it, but as a planned thing to nobody in particular is just bizarre, there are far more tangible and useful ways to thank your local NHS staff, flowers, thank you notes, volunteering, etc. this organised clapping thing seems to be more about stroking the egos of those doing it than thanking the NHS staff. It’s incredibly narcissistic.
  8. My wife is waiting to find out, her work have said they will make up the difference between the governments cap and 80% of her wages. Not all big companies are arseholes.
  9. People just aren’t acknowledging the seriousness of this, next doors mother has just turned up to visit, and the son of the other neighbour turned up on Tuesday to do a shop for them and stayed a couple of days🙄🙄 im going to have to do a shop for my parents next week because they can’t get an online delivery slot, but I’m gonna do the shop, leave the bags at their gate and leave.
  10. The difficulty with mass testing is availability of testing facilities, there is only so much capacity.
  11. The motorsport teams have some the most high tech facilities in the country, making respirators will be pretty easy for them. It was specifically for NHS staff to self isolate away from their families so they didn’t take the virus home to them, but yeah I guess you know better🙄🙄 in 2015 he allowed homeless squatters to stay in the building for 6 months until the building work to turn it into a hotel began, he could have gone to court to get them out, instead he allowed them to stay over the winter and the publicity forced the local council to open up empty public building to use as shelters.
  12. Nice touch from them both there have been a few instances of people and companies helping, many motorsports teams said they would put their factories over to making respirators and Gary Neville( love him or loath him) closed both his hotels so NHS spcould stay in them for free.
  13. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 FFS! They are doing their job. Yes the risks are higher but are they anymore ‘heroic’ than checkout workers? Truck drivers? Fire fighters? Police? No is the obvious answer.
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