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  1. Just donated so thought I'd bump.... So close to target now
  2. Gotta get something tomorrow surely then another one on Friday before the resale I hope
  3. dccool

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Totally with you on this one cooter. Trainers if dry wellies if wet (decent ones I might add not cheap ones). Anyways the weather will be superb we all know that. Best of luck in the resales
  4. Could this mean the common lineups coming soon?......
  5. Doubt it very much. The only way to ease the over crowding will be to have other late night areas away from the SE corner.
  6. dccool

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Great article the smokestak place looks amazing never been there before
  7. Very true although Wednesday and Thursday are bimble days so should give me good idea.
  8. I'll be wearing a fit bit for the first time this year can't wait to see how many steps i do and how many miles I cover over the 5 days. Be interesting to see how little sleep I survive on too
  9. dccool

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Great news that's my glasto food sorted. Pizza, Indian, pizza, Indian, pizza, Indian......
  10. dccool

    The 2019 Food Thread

    That's them. Seriously good pizza. 👍 They were next door to a decent Indian wrap stall iirc. Hopefully both be back this year
  11. dccool

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Wood fired pizza in the T & C field is brilliant could easily eat there every day
  12. Had that exact issue so moved forward about 30 yards inside the mixing desk and was a proper party. Any act can be ruined by people stood around chatting unfortunately
  13. Seen on a few occasions what can only be described as a running club going round the site early mornings. Could be the 5k fun run described above. I'd be way too scared of rolling an ankle never mind the fact that my nights were just ending as this lot were about to go running!
  14. dccool

    Glastonbury Videos

    Afternoon off so YouTube on and watching some of these vids. Loving the glidestonbury ones really really well put together. The 2013 has snippets of the slamboree video for death of a festival....
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