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  1. Pros - Got addicted to exercise and fitness. Gave up drink and drugs. Cons - Giving up drink and drugs.
  2. Prefer family guy. But the best episodes of that are the Simpsons guy part 1 and 2
  3. Missed Dolly. Still regret that to this day.
  4. Blue for some reason. Would love the op to let us know what the point of that question is ?
  5. If anyone fancies going to Eats Everything Halloween party at Lakota on Saturday 2nd November I've got a spare ticket. Free to a good home.......
  6. Arrive as early as possible on Wednesday morning.
  7. Can't think of a single reason why they'd call it a day after next year. It may be the 50th anniversary but that doesn't really mean much in the context of future festivals and so long as it's turning a profit and is a sell out it'll continue for a long time yet.
  8. dccool

    Since 2015

    Pretty much everything is bigger and better than it was in 2015 ?
  9. The Temple for raving followed by the stone circle for a bit of waffling while the sun comes up is my perfect glasto late night/early morning scenario.
  10. It really is the most magical place on earth. Walking through those gates and leaving all the stress and general bollocks outside for 5 days of hedonism is the best feeling ever. Unless you've been before there really is no way of describing not only the festival itself but the feeling that it gives you. I didn't get tickets this year and theres a good chance last year will be my final glastonbury and I'm totally OK with that. This decision has made me think of all the good times I've had over the last 20 odd years attending the best party on earth. It's meant the world to me
  11. dccool

    Back-Up Plans

    Think I'll go to Ibiza for the week.
  12. I am going to walk round the site on Saturday 5th. This worked for me last T day ??
  13. Can totally see that happening. Shame as it's a great club in a decent location.
  14. The change is not just other people I totally agree with that. In comparison to when I was clubbing most weekends during the late 90s and 00s i definitely find it harder to spark up conversation with some randoms. I was referring to clubbing rather than festivals in my original post. Met some great people and had some wonderfully weird conversations with strangers at Glastonbury but in a club situation I find the atmosphere much less open. This has a lot to with the drugs clubbers take nowadays and the fact that I'm 15-20 years older than most of the ravers.
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