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  1. When he got on the box he had an automatic reaction to get on the box?
  2. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    @Hugh Jass fair point, that's probably the reason for the radio silence! @eFestivals he's not "obliged" to say anything, though I guess i'm kind of expecting something because, from my point of view, I want to know whether this person is someone I'd be happy listening to the music of (the person behind the music is important to me), especially since I've loved a lot of his stuff for years. It's very disappointing to me (awful for the women/girls concerned) if these things are true. For the time being I'm not listening to anything of his. Not that he cares, of course. He'll do what's right for him. Of course he still has a life to lead whatever happens, but I'm less sympathetic to him than I am to the people who he's hurt - if he has hurt them, of course.
  3. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    Of course he'll make a decision for his own benefit, I was just asking what people thought that decision might be, and when. Anyone who's heard the allegations will want to hear his side of things, me included. However, all I've heard so far are the allegations from the other side. All he's done is put out a few general tweets that don't answer any specific points ("Some of its details are misrepresented; some are exaggerated; some are outright false"). Those were two weeks ago now. Does he think that's answered all the questions people have? Why wouldn't it seem reasonable to him to come out and respond fully to the allegations, and what's specifically been alleged? I'd be very very upset if I was accused of the things he's been accused of (particularly the underage stuff). I get that nothing has been proven, and maybe there isn't a way of "disproving" these allegations, but I do feel that he could do a lot lot more to talk to people about this.
  4. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    If he's innocent, or thinks there's information that needs to be out there, then surely he would come out and say it. He's already made some noises about his relative innocence so why not explain things to people? I know a lot of people have written him off due to these rumours already, how would it be worse to come out and talk about it? Unless he's hoping that this is all under the radar just enough so that enough people will still come to the gigs... his level of fame is hard to gauge, really. What percentage of people coming to his gigs would know about these allegations?
  5. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    So... what happens now? Is he going to come out and make a statement (I know he made one on the day these came out but that's been it)? Haven't seen anything else from him. I think we need a lot more than just "well gee whiz I didn't realise I might have hurt people". Maybe he could go full Spacey and release a video? Maybe not... He can't just leave things as they stand though, what's he gonna do, turn up on stage and just carry on like nothing's happened? "Here's a song about love, and what I do to people to get what looks like it".
  6. Damn you!! Yeah the thought I might never go again... I feel sure I will, just not soon. But then like you say, you have to get lucky to get tickets at all.
  7. I've been to 7 Glastonburies, as well as loads of other fests and gigs, but decided not to try for a ticket this year. All my usual krew got their tickets (bar 1 but we'll try for him in the resale) so they're all excited. I decided not to try cos I can't drink anywhere like I've been able to in the past and I just feel like it's time to not go, at least for a while, to try and get that love back for the place and to try and imagine bimbling around it while being near-sober. I just can't see my relaxing enough to enjoy it. I'm an introverted person and alcohol really helps with that, but I'd be on alert all the time without it (far less than before, anyway). I'm sort of looking for the excitement to build up just like some of you, in the hope it'll make me try for a ticket! Not feeling it yet though, even though I'm still following the threads on here Also, so many of the acts (headliner or not) I'm not fussed about, and if I'm honest I feel like I've seen everyone I want to see... as anyone who's been knows, that's not really the draw, but still... (God I sound oooooold I'm only 41!)
  8. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    Yeah he was gonna release three albums this year. Odd how open a secret this was, I'd heard nothing. You'd think with MeToo there would have been more, but maybe I chose not to see anything. As for people who were turning a blind eye, no-one else was blamed for knowledge of Harvey Weinstein and that was a very very open secret. It's a terrible state of affairs that someone can act like this with impunity, but hopefully more light on the subject will drive more change.
  9. Room to sway

    Ryan Adams

    Fuck's sake, I really like his music. Some of the stuff in that link makes my skin crawl, hope it's not true. It probably is though.
  10. Bit weird seeing my home town of Chesterfield on that listing! Think Bon Jovi are a bit big for the WMC in Hasland though. Mind you we had Happy Mondays a few weeks back...
  11. Don't have a recommendation but would be worth keeping an eye on Hot UK Deals. Also, I thought there was a thread for bargains in general on here, might be worth a search. EDIT: This one, but it's not been updated for a couple of weeks.
  12. Hey come on now, it's not like it's been out for years and even third-party patches have fixed these issues on other platforms!! Give 'em a break jeez. Me I've been hammering Destiny 2's Forsaken dlc. So many bullshit moments in the campaign (trapped in room with no cover oh joy) but still loved it. Got some lovely gear too.
  13. The man's ego is colossal, wouldn't surprise me at all and it's not like he can't afford it.
  14. Had a notification this morning they're attempting delivery today of my tickets for Birmingham (which is next Saturday), if that helps anyone.
  15. I don't know if I'm looking forward to Far Cry 5 as much as I thought I would... I've got it preordered (PS4) and it does look good but I dunno, I think I really liked the more outlandish environments of 3 / 4 / Primal and I don't know how exciting a modern American setting will be. Also they took out the towers, I liked those Ah well it's out next Tuesday, and by chance I'm off that day so I'll be giving it a good thrashing in my pants.
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