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  1. Used to love these when I were a lad but no Martin Carr? No thanks.
  2. No sir! EDIT: Yes sir cos of tour dates apparently. Sorry.
  3. It's been heavily implied by the organisers that the remaining headliner is a single male who has never played the festival before.
  4. @Jose Águila Google tells me you said "Michael is basically the face of the festival anyway, I can't imagine that he does much for that these days in addition to some specific acts. your opinion is good" Yeah but to a lot of people (including me) he's more than just the face, he's the originator, the driver, the pioneer of what the whole thing is. It'd be an amazingly sad time if he properly retired but what a way to send him off.
  5. My feeling is that it will actually be the three absolutely massive headliners, and they managed to convince them (or threw more money at them) because Michael will be retiring after this festival and they're all his favourite bands. Hell of a lineup to have your final shows on eh? The retirement announcement will be after the festival so as not to make it bittersweet.
  6. @Tommy Dickfingers it's a cliche but everyone's different and it sounds like you're stuggling a bit - while there's a certain amount of "just get on with it" that all festival goers will recognise they have to do sometimes, it sounds like that's not an approach that'll work for you. Identify what bits of festivalling you really want to experience and just focus on those. Certain bands you need to see? Set your days up around those and leave everything else open. Just want to amble around chatting to people? Do that! Stop forcing yourself to do everything and allow yourself the time and space to actually enjoy the bits you really want to go for. I'm 42 now and my last festival was Glasto 2017. That felt like a tipping point for me, specially around drink (I can only have a few pints now and find drink just doesn't get me excited any more - a few relaxing beers and I'm good, to be honest. I also found that I'd kind of seen everyone I wanted to see and while yes I could keep going it felt like the right time to step back. At least for a bit Do what you want to do now, not what you could have done in the past. Festivals are hard mentally and you want to alleviate the stress on yourself first. Everything else needs to align for you around that.
  7. @dccool hope things work out for you buddy. Good on you for seeing things as they actually are and dealing with them ?
  8. AM have done it a few times and their recent output is seen as... divisive? To be kind. Also the band's attitude to performing seems to have turned into some kind of arch meta-analysis of what a performance is, which while it might be interesting to some, but it doesn't really scream headliner. Band like Muse at least put some effort into putting on a show - I don't like Muse, I'm just trying to place AM against other potentials. Also if you're going to get AM to play at all, you can bet they're not going to want to be anything other than headliner. Glastonbury in particular are keen to push other bands (e.g. 1975) up to headliner status so why would you then have multiple white-boys-with-guitars bands headlining? Imagine the pushback on that.
  9. Interesting article on the Guardian about cancelling a festival.
  10. What does everyone's mum think of the sunglasses and how popular are they in Europe?
  11. Sorry but that's just you being a twat Yeah been in similar situations... EDIT: So how did that situation end? Bet she was a bit confused!
  12. I don't know if I'm reading more into this than is actually here, but you don't say that you actively want a relationship. Comparing yourself to other peoples' situations and asking "wouldn't that be nice...?" is one thing, but do you actually want your own version of that? I'm in a similar situation (in that I'm about the only single person I know), and I don't know if it's just because it's been that long since I've had a proper relationship (16 years) and I'm basically used to it, or whether it's just something I don't really want that much, but I've accepted that I'm not actively seeking a relationship. If something happens, fine, but I'm just not that invested in the idea to make something happen. If you go into it because you feel you have to, or you ought to, then you're not likely to make that connection with someone because you're fundamentally not that interested. Like you I'm fine talking with women but I just get uneasy when more is on the cards. Creating more situations where meeting someone is possible is no bad thing of course, but relationships are not the only way to live, and you shouldn't feel obliged to live as others do. I like living by myself and choosing every moment for myself. I could be (and probably am) wrong about what you want, but either way being single is fine, and you shouldn't be loading yourself up with pressure to be otherwise. Living is a very personal thing.
  13. I can't imagine he'd be doing it for much longer, but then again he's not at all like us mortal men. I'm guessing he's considering retiring from it but it must be so hard to let go of something like that. Even going into an advisory-type role. Once he stops (or heaven forbid passes away) how would people feel about the festival from then on? Would absolutely feel like the end of an era.
  14. I've found that as I crossed over into being 40 my drinking ability has really gone downhill. I can have a few but it just doesn't excite me any more. I don't really get drunk I just get steamed then fall asleep Glastonbury (and fests in general) have always been drink (and other stuff fuelled) marathon affairs which were amazing but I just can't do it that way any more. As an introverted kind of guy I'd really struggle with a quarter of a million people mostly-sober so it's kind of hard to imagine what kind of festival experience I'd have. After 15 years of festivalling and gigging I've also pretty much seen everyone I want to see, so I do kind of feel like I'm looking back over "what was" when I think about these things rather than being inspired to think "what's next?". It's sad, and I feel it like a loss, but I don't know what the alternative is. I don't know if I'll try for tickets next year. I didn't this year, and to be honest I was quite happy watching from the comfort of my sofa, apart from a couple of really strong wish-I-was-there moments. It being the 50th isn't massively relevant to me personally, though I understand from the perspective of the festival itself it's a huge milestone. Maybe Michael will retire after that one? I'd like to go to his last festival, that would mean something to me. Part of me thinks I'll go again in about 10 years time but I just don't know at this point.
  15. 15 minutes a year is mental! Hope something can be put in place to make things a bit easier for you ?
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