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  1. Not unless I win the lottery in the next 20 weeks 🤣
  2. Their prices are eye watering - £4K for a cabin with a bed in it!!
  3. I hadn’t thought of Tangerine Fields!! All the official Glasto accommodation is sold out but that could be an option, I’ll look into it!
  4. That’s really helpful, if a non pregnant person thought that I’ve got no hope 😂 I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for sure, thanks!!
  5. That’s really good to hear!! A caravan would have been our first choice but unfortunately we found out we were expecting again about two weeks after the campervan tickets went on sale, and I don’t hold out much hope of getting one in the resale sadly!!
  6. So... it’s going to be a slightly different Glastonbury for me and my husband this year because I will be 32 weeks pregnant by the time the festival rolls around! This is our second child so I have a pretty good idea how huge I will be by then 🤣... on a normal year we would have considered not going but we couldn’t bear to give up our tickets for the 50th (and there ain’t no mountain high enough to make me voluntarily miss Diana Ross)! We have decided that camping for five days is probably not the wisest idea so we have provisionally booked a BnB in Wells for the duration of the festival. I understand that there is a shuttle bus that runs between Wells and the festival bus station, and I just wondered if anyone had any experience of using it? Particularly the last bus of the night (at 00.30 last year)... is there room for everyone who wants to get on, or is there a risk of getting stranded on site? Basically we think that the shuttle bus will be our best option as it would drop us at PGA, whereas if we drive in there’s the risk of ending up having to waddle to and from the far end of the car parks each day. However if there’s the risk of getting stranded on site overnight with nowhere to sleep we might have to re-evaluate! Also if anyone has any experience of using a taxi to get off site at the end of the evening advice on that would also be welcome - I’ve heard the taxi rank is a nightmare to get to? Thanks in advance ☺️
  7. Was just about to post this. Friday Other?
  8. Special guests “The Farm” and support from someone called Emily? Seems like some sort of code to me... ?
  9. It’s actually a tough call - I’m thinking of 2016 v 2019. 2016: Too wet. All clothing damp the entire time. Couldn’t sit down unless a bench was available. Walking was hard. Missed quite a few acts just because walking in the mud takes twice as long/is a ballache. Toilets are even more disgusting than usual. Can get pissed to ease the pain. 2019: Too hot. All clothing sweaty the entire time. Could sit down. Walking was hard due to heat. Missed quite a few acts due to need for shade. Toilets fine. Can’t get pissed until after dark due to constant need for water. So dehydrated that hangovers 10x worse than usual. Hayfever completely ridiculous. Just give me 18°C and dry. Don’t even care if it’s sunny really as long as it’s a comfortable temperature and not wet.
  10. I was literally coming on here to post this - I think it’s possible, they’ve been away for a while now and hopefully will have taken stock of how crap every album they have released after Only By The Night is...
  11. Foo Fighters have just announced three European festivals in June with Glastonbury weekend so far clear. It’s a bit soon for them to headline again but maybe a cheeky secret set as it’s the 50th? Or is this just wishful thinking? ?
  12. Lionel Ritchie is touring in the UK next summer... guest appearance with Diana maybe?
  13. I bought one can of water at the festival this year on the Friday afternoon when I was struggling in the heat with a hangover - I hadn’t been intending to buy water as I had a bottle full in my bag from the taps but then the people in front of me bought some cans and when they were handed them they had been chilling in the freezer and were all frosty. So I bought one and it was DREAMY - so cold, so refreshing. Still think about it regularly.
  14. JoBalls

    2020 headliners

    No it won’t, we’ll then just start discussing potential set lists and guests ?
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