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  1. JoBalls

    T-Day - Fair ticket sales within groups

    Come on GCSE maths skills, it’s your moment to shine... 😂
  2. JoBalls

    T-Day - Fair ticket sales within groups

    I know, also to compound the issue the three couples are all related... I’m going to try and work it out so that it’s fair but it’s impossible to make it 100% equal... There’s 7 people: A & B are a couple, C & D are a couple, E & F are a couple. G is single but is friends with A & B; he knows C, D, E & F but not really enough to go to Glastonbury with them if A & B don’t get tickets. Everyone is agreed that we should maximise the number of people that are bought tickets in the first round, and that going to a 3 and a 4 split is not an option. As far as I see it, the only way to do it is for C, D, E & F to buy for themselves plus A & B if they get through first and then get G on the second round through. Then A, B and G can buy for themselves plus one other couple if they get through first and do the other couple on the second route through. As I say it’s not 100% fair because it means A & B always get through first off, but I genuinely can’t see how else to do it? Any thoughts? Surely there’s some people on here that love a good puzzler... 😂
  3. JoBalls

    T-Day - Fair ticket sales within groups

    We have the same problem this year - but three couples and one single person.
  4. JoBalls


    It’s just not worth the risk!!
  5. JoBalls


    I’m stressing out about everyone in our group being too casual about changing their photos... I keep hearing “oh we’ve got ageeeees!” 😩😩😩
  6. JoBalls

    T. DAY

    Our standard pre-T day birthday night out is now planned. It’s not ticket morning if we’re not still a bit drunk and had 4 hours sleep.
  7. JoBalls

    RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    I really enjoyed it! I didn’t expect to be impressed at all, so it really was a pleasant surprise. The whole thing felt really well executed - the transport links were great to and from the station, there were plenty of bars, plenty of toilets... I don’t think I queued for more than 10 minutes at all until the wait for the shuttle bus home. The lineup was fine - I enjoyed Stereophonics, Rag N Bone Man and Bastille. There did seem to be a bit of a lack of recognisable acts lower down the bill but that could well be due to the fact that it was a new festival in it’s first year - I suspect that next year they will be able to pull in slightly bigger names. Given it was such a small festival I was really impressed with the variety of bars and drinks available - as well as the usual run of the mill festival bars next to the stages they had bars by Carlsberg Export (selling Somersby Rhubarb and Strawberry cider which was lovely), WKD and Red Bull, plus two cocktail bars. We sampled drinks from each bar during the day and while prices were slightly high (£5.50 a pint, £7 single spirit and mixer, £10 a double, £5 for alcopops) it’s no different to what I’ve experienced at any other festival. The site was much smaller than V, I’d say it was a 10 minute walk from end to end, but it was well laid out - you couldn’t hear one stage from the other etc. The crowd wasn’t all rowdy teenagers, which had been one of my main fears - it was a real mixed bag! Overall it was a nice day out - if the lineup suits me next year I’d definitely go again.
  8. JoBalls

    RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    We’ve bought tickets for the Saturday on the basis that it’s only in the next town over. Always worth trying a new festival, let’s just hope it’s better than V has been in recent years...
  9. JoBalls

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    I don’t even care who it is, I’m just SO excited that rumours have officially started!! *I 100% do care. I want Diana.
  10. JoBalls

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Well we made it to Sunday bedtime - what would have been Glastonbury weekend is officially over, AND we are officially over the hump!! We are now closer to Glastonbury 2019 than we are from Glastonbury 2017!! Time to start praying to the ticket gods.
  11. JoBalls

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    I wonder how long it takes them to clean up all the cow pats before the festival each year.
  12. JoBalls

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    I genuinely can’t get over this weather. This would have been another 2010.
  13. JoBalls

    Latitude 2018

    Anyone seen today’s email about a “huge secret set”? Any ideas?
  14. JoBalls

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    This time last year I was the perfect level of drunk and dancing the night away in the tent at Williams Green. Right now, I’m doing the nightfeed. Literally could not be a more different situation!! 😂 Foos tomorrow though. And daydrinking. Lots of daydrinking.
  15. JoBalls

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    We are currently working on a similar plan for our little one (I can’t refer to him as Baby Balls, it sounds too weird!! 😳)