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  1. If I had a pound for every time Prince Phillip had “died” I could pay off my balance for 2021 right now!
  2. I’m so grateful they have rolled tickets over to next year, it really is the best any of us ticket holders could have hoped for in the current situation. And for those of you who don’t have tickets, you’ve got an army of efesters to help you in the ticket sale in October. 🤘🏼
  3. I can’t imagine it will be too long until it’s announced given two members of the wider Eavis family appear to have leaked the news on social media...
  4. Her mum has cancer so obviously she won’t want to take the risk.
  5. Keep it as tribute to our fallen soldier. Glastonbury 2020 we hardly knew ye.
  6. Just have the 2020 festival and the 2021 festival on consecutive weekends, all the 2020 people out on the Monday, couple of days to clean up and then 2021 people in on the Wednesday. Would probably work out better for the people who didn’t get tickets for 2020 as there would probably be less 2020 ticket holders trying in the 2021 sale (I certainly wouldn’t be able to get childcare for a baby and a toddler for two 5 day weekends in a row so wouldn’t be able to do both)
  7. Yes, if this year is cancelled they are within their rights to roll the tickets over if the customer wants, but legally they also have to offer a refund.
  8. They could even add a tick box when we pay the balance - in the event of cancellation, would you like to roll your ticket over to next year? Those that tick roll over, those that don’t get a refund and then the refunded spots go into the October sale as usual.
  9. The question is what’s more disappointing: 1. Having a ticket for 2020 and being told the event is cancelled and there will be no rollover to next year and you’ll have to take your chances with everyone else. or 2. Not having a ticket for 2020 and being told it will be harder to get tickets for 2021 because those who had tickets for 2020 get first dibs.
  10. I wouldn’t mind losing my deposit for a guaranteed ticket for next year, but the whole balance would be a bit steep...!
  11. I don’t understand this idea that people who were unsuccessful in 2020 would be “pissed off” if the festival roll over 2020 tickets to 2021, and people who have tickets for 2020 will be “pissed off” if tickets aren’t rolled over. From my perspective it’s already a shit decision that Emily and Michael have to take regarding whether to cancel and if so what to do about 2020 tickets, and as a 2020 ticket holder I selfishly do hope they decide to roll them over, but whatever they decide I will happily accept without a cross word being said. It genuinely worries me that Emily is going to get a
  12. I think if this year’s event gets cancelled then there will be something for those who have tickets, not sure whether it would be a straight rollover, or a presale like they do with coaches etc. What I’d like to see is some kind of system where those who have tickets can defer for up to 3 years (until the next proper fallow year), and choose to use their ticket on any one of those years - maybe with a limit on how many can defer to any one year to avoid the issue of those who were unlucky for this year not having any chance at all next year. Obviously that’s way too much of a ballac
  13. I feel like we need two of these threads like we do with the weather threads - the serious one and the NFCNFC (No f*cking Coronavirus, no f*cking compromise) one...
  14. That’s true, but Matt was insinuating that the media was reporting a ban on mass events which would definitely mean the cancellation of Glastonbury, which at this stage is not what is being said at all. I think we just all need to be a bit mindful of making sure that we don’t present opinions/concerns/speculation as solid facts right now, especially as there are people on the forums who are not from this country and don’t have the same access to our media as we do.
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