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  1. Sorry for your loss, will raise a glass for Helen. X
  2. JoBalls

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    Love that @4519dennis!! @Ayrshire Chris it was fine, stung a bit but not unbearable by any stretch of the imagination! @mashedonmud hahaha, I’ll take a pass on that one! Didn’t even think of the risk that he’ll be asking to do a guest slot on my arm now!!
  3. JoBalls

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!! I’ve been wanting a Glastonbury tattoo for years but I didn’t want anything too fussy - then when I saw this design (it’s adapted from the pyramid on the front of the Glastonbury 50 book) I knew that was it! Nice and clean and minimal!
  4. JoBalls

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    So, after saying I was going to get one for years, I finally found a design I liked and today I got my Glastonbury tattoo! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Does anyone else have any Glastonbury inspired tattoos? Would love to see pics!
  5. JoBalls

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    I didn’t like Mallets which was an absolute pain in the arse because I don’t drink beer either so it meant my options for a nice cold pint we’re extremely limited. Plus it meant that on the Thursday sat at West Holts, I was drinking a pint of Brothers for every pint of beer/Mallets that the rest of the group were drinking. Let’s just say that one of us was SIGNIFICANTLY more drunk than the rest by the time we left that area...
  6. JoBalls

    Lessons learned

    😂😂😂 that’s not what I meant and you know it!
  7. I’m here waiting for an epic tale to rival the twix story...
  8. JoBalls

    Lessons learned

    I bought one on Friday but it was an exception as I saw the person in front of me get one and it was taken out of a freezer - the can was coated in ice and the water was basically like slush. Best £2 I spent all week. Got Right: 1. Seeing Stormzy and The Killers. We have a theory that if we are in doubt, always see the Pyramid headliner, and 9/10 times you will love it. 2. General travel timings - managed to miss the queues getting in when we arrived at about 11.30 on the Wednesday (Gate D) and the queues leaving when we left at about 8am on Monday. 3. Accepting on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday that we wouldn’t cope with the next day if we tried to get smashed and pull an all nighter, due to the heat. We were in bed by 3am each of these nights and we were nicely drunk but not absolutely smasho, and ended up feeling great the following day! 4. Respecting the heat - lots of suncream, lots of shade, lots of water! Got Wrong: 1. Seeing The Cure. In our theory on the Pyramid headliners, these were my 1/10. I knew I would hate it and I did. Put a bit of a downer on the end of the weekend. 2. Getting completely turbo’d on Thursday, resulting in a level 4 hangover on Friday and missing the Vaccines. 3. Didn’t give myself enough time at the efests meet - basically I lost track of time and arrived late, managed a quick catch up with @Gnomicide and @JayBalls and then had to dash off because my group wanted to see Mik Artistik on Avalon (who was totally brilliant but would have liked more time to chat with everyone!) 4. Packed my raincoat and wellies 😂
  9. JoBalls

    Is It Too Hot?

    Same... I think mud is more of a mental challenge - as long as you’ve got the right clothing and the right frame of mind you can drink through it and still have a bloody good time watching bands! When it’s 30°C+ you can’t just grin and bear it, you have to find shade, drink more water and less booze, not over exert yourself etc. Yesterday’s weather was perfect for me, warm but not hot, occasional cloud cover, dry.
  10. I struggled Saturday too and I usually love the heat - it was just that little bit too hot! Couldn’t step into direct sunlight for a second without breaking into a full body sweat!
  11. Did we all survive Saturday?
  12. Chris Martin just got in our car and asked if he could be special guest to us singing along to our Glastonbury playlist on the way home.
  13. JoBalls

    Is It Too Hot?

    Saturday was absolutely brutal, couldn’t be out of the shade for more than 30 seconds without breaking out in a head to toe sweat. I also found Friday a massive struggle - although that was partly due to having a level 4 hangover.
  14. 1. Stormzy 2. Billie Eilish 3. The Killers Stormzy absolutely smashed it for me, it was just everything a Pyramid set should be. He completely blew me away. Foals would have been up there but we couldn’t hear them very well which was a massive shame...
  15. Mega thunderstorms in Essex last night but worth it, as the air feels much much fresher right now. Assume the rain this morning is for the same reason/to help the tent let’s go in easier.
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