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  1. Gotta disagree. Whilst I agree that they have been putting on some great party headliners recently, like justice(!), from what I can see there seems to also be at least one smoother kind of headliner most years. Sometimes they’re golden oldies, a la bryan ferry, sometimes they’re more contemporary, a la james blake.
  2. Pour que? Is there some personal beef? Otherwise Earth Wind and Fire, Chic, Bryan Ferry, The Jacksons all acts of similar stature who have headlined in recent years. His back catalogue is broad enough and jazzy enough to qualify for the world music/jazz vibe of the stage. I can’t see a slot he’d be better suited to.
  3. Van the man doing a couple of festivals early July. Dare we dream of such a west holts headliner?
  4. Looool 🤘pop n roll. Can not wait. (I absolutely can wait) I’d be surprised if Ezra did get the leg up though. The 1975 are clearly big enough amongst the kids to draw a crowd even if the fact of that perplexes me. But I’m calling it now that Ezra won’t get it. He doesn’t have enough in the locker and there simply aren’t enough tories attending the festival for him to fill the field.
  5. Source? Edit: just googled its true dad gummit That would have been unbelievable. Whats the deal with all this exclusive bullshit. Just comes off as selfish shithousery by primavera.
  6. Was reading that Subways are touring uk/eu until around May time after a few years off whilst Billy Lunn did an english degree at cambridge as a mature student. Would not mind for a bit of 2000s nostalgia and they do play on a great show. Preferably early doors on a sunny other stage on a hangover to get the blood pumping again.
  7. mattiloy

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Yes sir you have it correct. I gotta clarify that for me their music is mainly inoffensive, so I don't hate it but yeah I certainly don't love it either and given we have limited time on the earth I wouldn't choose to spend much of mine listening to it. As for can I kick it, surely it owes everything to the walk on the wild side sample, a song I do love, but a song I'd also rather listen to.
  8. mattiloy

    2020 New Music

    Gotta say I don't hear much in common with misfits other than distortion (unless you count post Glenn Danzig misfits, which is a little nearer, but who in their right mind counts post Glenn Danzig misfits right?). Only pointing out because if I was misfits and I saw this, I'd be offended, because this band is junk.
  9. mattiloy

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Fair dos. Maybe not his own stuff but I do find there is often a lot similar and it just isn't to my taste at all. This soft jazz/hiphop fusion 90s stuff, tribe called quest etc. Repetitive, smooth and exasperatingly low tempo, demanding that i chill out, and I absolutely refuse, they can all fuck off, i'm not part of their tribe and if i were a criminal i'd be a very serious one
  10. mattiloy

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Yep okay, fair point, but little consolation to only be beaten to worst dj by that racist old bag.
  11. mattiloy

    Self Confirmed 2020

    They definitely don't need a bigger slot than avalon. I guess if you'd just started uni or something when they released that 'scooby snacks' and you thought you were in some american teen movie maybe you have some nostalgia for them but other than that they're just another one hit wonder act from the musical hinterlands of the late 90s. More famous for being that fat old guy who had a strop on never mind the buzzcocks once, and now for having the least interesting show on bbc r6.
  12. mattiloy

    Tenacious D ‘20?

    Two top ten albums in the UK ^^ (2 and 10) They’re bonafide musicians that play comedy songs i’d classify them as nearer flight of the conchords than the others mentioned and I think the pantomime/rock opera style of Tenacious D could lend itself nicely to it. Would also work on west holts. Doubt they’ll play though.
  13. Unlucky for some, 13 of my favourites the last decade: Wolf Alice - Trof, Fallowfield 2013 Marika Hackman - Holy Trinity Church Salford 2013 Arcade Fire/The Reflektors - Blackpool Empress Ballroom 2013 Libertines - Glastonbury 2014 Buena Vista Social Club - Bridgewater Hall 2015 Bruce - Etihad 2016 Sigur Ros - Glastonbury 2016 New Order - Bilbao BBK 2016 Black Sabbath - Glasgow SSE 2017 Fontaines DC - JP, Leftfield, Rabbit Hole (each as good as the last) Glastonbury 2019 Slowgold - S/S Blidösund, Stockholm 2019 Huun Huur Tu - Fasching, Stockholm 2019 Sara Parkman - Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm 2019
  14. haha, a rare +1 from me to you for the brexit segue. i know this sounds pedantic, but this looks late in the set and i was only there for the first half. he was support to stormzy so possible the field filled up towards the end? all i remember really is that my pals were pretty close to the front, just behind the second barrier and slightly left and it was easy as pie to get to them and then later to get away through what was a gappy crowd. anyway, i'm sure you're right that he'll headline. i just think it'll be a damp squib. also to the above post that inferred he was a big brave boy for not pulling out - he had a sprained ankle. A SPRAINED ANKLE. its hardly bert trautmann.
  15. Maybe Ezra sells a lot of records, but the glastonbury crowd is also not representative of the wider public (although perhaps less and less true each year). There was loads of space at his show last year on the pyramid and as I’ve mentioned it was a snooze fest. If he does get it, i’d put money on it being the smallest crowd and the worst reviews for a headliner for a long long time.
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