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  1. It didn’t help but his pick of arch Blairite David Evans as general secretary + shadow cabinet appointments already leant in that direction. His invitation to anybody who thinks the scale of AS was exaggerated to leave the party and suspending those who voice support for Corbyn in the party. Nothing right wing about that but a clear pattern of marginalising and attacking the left and undermining party democracy which doesnt give you much hope.
  2. Do you think honestly think the likes of Long Bailey, Corbyn, the lady below hate jews?
  3. Not so, the toxic legacy of new labour left the PLP full of centrist/right wing MPs. Sadly Corbyn tried to accommodate them and they stabbed him in the back. It looks a lot like Starmer is one of their lot after all and is not prepared to allow the left to continue growing their influence. The result could well be fewer left candidates and more centre/right candidates at the next election. At which point Starmer would struggle to get a truly progressive manifesto through even if he wanted to and gets a majority, particularly with the likes of wes streeting in ministerial positions.
  4. polling on single economic issues like rail, health, equality all shows that left wing policies are more popular. the trouble is you're never going to get out of the gate if you can't convince even all the MPs of the major 'left wing' party to back a slate which includes promises on those issues. you're fighting an uphill battle as it is when the media has spent decades deriding the credibility of 'loony left' policies and then when you finally have a leadership which puts forward a manifesto containing proper left wing policies half of the MPs immediately call a vote of no confidence and
  5. I’ll always vote for the party with the slate which presents the policies which I agree with most. I also voted lib dem in 2010. But the one thing I learned in doing so was how quickly phonies will sell their manifesto and all those who voted for them down the river. So trust is a big part of it. I’m sorry to say that I don’t trust Keir Starmer to implement a positive progressive manifesto. Then you get a government which is marginally more tolerable than the tories who end up making labour so detestable that they are kept out of office for another generation. Taking one step forward and
  6. The perception of the magnitude of distance depends on how far away you are. From my point of view there is little difference. If you’re happy to tolerate war criminals, increased inequality, financial crises, housing bubble, flat wage growth in exchange for.... sure start. Then cool. Try judging politicians on what they do rather than how unpalatable you find their public persona.
  7. Agreed, its honestly insane how much people are willing to ignore if somebody is publicly a nice guy vs a dick. Blair and Bush are war criminals and arch neoliberal baddies, end of. They should have been sharing a cell with slobodan milosevic but instead were also allowed to monetise their barbarity afterwards and in the case of blair still get airtime to give forth on any subject he feels and somehow being upheld as a paragon of virtue by the less perceptive amongst us. Astonishing.
  8. Really seems like splitting hairs for no good reason at all. I still heavily favour a deal to go ahead. Given how bent this government is I would not be surprised at all if this is just a bit of fake uncertainty to upset the market, short the shite out of their personal stockholdings before buying up tomorrow afternoon, a weekend of good news later and this time on monday rodney, we’ll all be billionaires.
  9. mattiloy

    Spotify Wrapped

    Yeah also got chamber psych and even ’adult standards’, whatever that is, in top genres.
  10. Rarer are those great mercurial talents like Ronnie, maradona, gazza, tyson fury who give value off the pitch and occasionally produce moments of pure, improvised brilliance on it. True geniuses. SPOTY rewards the dull, dour grinders. Its an award for WASPs to signal that playing by the rules, keeping your nose clean and having a good protestant work ethic pays off. Just like knighthoods and all that shite. Yes, SPOTY is a tool of oppression! Good on tyson fury for recognising it and undermining it. Starmer will probably win it next year..
  11. I’d tend to agree but clearly this operates a looser definition of a sport- if F1 is a sport then so is commuting.
  12. Lets hope he does. That would stick it to all the posh dullards of the world. Suck it Clare Balding, up the ruddy Ronny!
  13. Driving specifically? Because Ronnie became the most decorated snooker player of all time this year. Hamilton merely equalled schumacher in an uncompetitive era.
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