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  1. As I say, it’ll all come out.
  2. Yeah exactly, really weirdly specific thing for the chief political correspondent of the times to just invent.
  3. Tim shipman tweeted about it after a few drinks once and chapman sued and won damages. But of course, thats not to say that it didnt happen.
  4. Admittedly the primary sources are all from starmer foes but i do believe that the truth of his dad owning his own business called the oxted tool co is also included in his biography. It’ll all come out. Along with his affair with baroness chapman.
  5. Whats your source for the contrary? That Liar Starmer said it? His wife is allegedly employed as a contractor by the NHS, hence ’works in the NHS’ rather than ’for’. Then his dad did indeed work as a toolmaker in a factory, a premises he owned as a sole trader. Not that it matters that Starmer had a petit bourgeouise upbringing or that his wife isnt directly employed by the NHS. But he misdirects to take attention away from the dishonesty of his political persona but that misdirection is then to a private persona which is also a dishonest depiction of who the man is. He’s just a lying megalomaniac. Boris with a red rosette.
  6. His Dad owned the tool factory. They couldnt afford electricity, but went to the lakes on holiday every year. He was both responsible for every prosecution under his time as DPP, but not personally responsible for the Savile decision. This isnt even to get onto all the shapeshifting he’s done since he got into politics which is what Jones is on about. That is apparently excusable for centrists. But even if you ignore that, the man has also fabricated his entire backstory. He’s a weird dude.
  7. His wife doesnt even work for the NHS.
  8. Oblivious, brain dead, smug. Middle england.
  9. He owes everything to the fact the tories are a binfire and the uk is a two party system. Thats it.
  10. There is no evidence that Keir Starmer is competent.
  11. In the campaign periods it becomes more of a personality competition as the politicians get more airtime. More of the public are realising that Starmer is a stale bellend.
  12. Do we have a word for the opposite of virtue signalling? The tendency of certain politicians to leap on the opportunity to stick the boot in to ordinary folks doing something daft but basically harmless to curry favour with the worst people. Look! I’m a hysterically angry and hateful middle aged english bloke too, vote for me!
  13. Is that the same green peace who sail a boat to the faroes to shout in a megaphone at the faroese kids for killing whales every year? Not that I think that’s wrong, just that campaigning is not a pure science. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Worth a try.
  14. I’m unsure tbh, but they probs arent trying to convince people like you. If you’re 50+ and hate cyclists, you’re probs done. But the hearts and minds of the youth are maybe still there to be won and amplifying the message and sticking it to the man might not be a bad approach.
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