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  1. Semantic arguments about landfill indie aside, the courteeners are pure turd mind.
  2. mattiloy

    Acts you don't "get"

    Perhaps this doesn't apply if you've already seen them live but for me I liken them to Sigur Ros because their songs are instrumental, experimental and full on compositions rather than songs really. But anyway I only really 'got' it when I saw them each live. Both completely mesmerising to watch. Love em since. Now listen to them chiefly when studying/working for long periods of time, especially Sigur Ros' live albums. Its interesting enough to keep me going, not so interesting (with hooks, riffs etc) as to distract me from my task.
  3. mattiloy

    2019 Headliners

    Can't see past Arcade Fire after they didn't do a secret set after all. It'll have been a good few years since they headlined by then and they're the most consistently brilliant band (both on record and live) out there at the moment (this is subjective of course but also objectively and extremely true). tl;dr AF FTW I guess two years gives us a chance to see if the explosion in grime's popularity was a fad, if Stormzy is still going strong with the yoots by then I see no reason why he shouldn't get given the nod. I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Foals promoted, perhaps pending another decent album release between now and then. Something in the mould of What Went Down, which is full of powerful riffs to make ya go 'mmmmmm ye' in a big crowd.
  4. mattiloy

    Father John Misty

    Loved fear fun and saw him tour after, enjoyed it. I love you honeybear was terrible and his act became this irritating foppish over the top thing where the crowd consisted entirely of couples swaying... Pure comedy is a return to form for me.
  5. mattiloy

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

  6. Class is not relevant to this discussion. I'm from one of the most traditionally working class towns in the North West and in my experience socio-economic background has nothing to do with it. The Courteeners fans I know are simply not really into music. They are into the image. The Courteeners appropriate an image of swagger and bravado. Reading their lyrics they look like they could have been written by any stroppy adolescent 'lad'. Their audience is an inevitable consequence of what they do and if they get bottled by stroppy adolescent lads then..... Why has David Guetta never been bottled off stage? If you go to any working class town in the North on a Saturday night you'll find most clubs blaring out David Guetta on a weekend, his gigs surely have plenty of people from lower socio economic backgrounds at them. Whats the difference? With the musical universe available at the click of a button then your outdated notion of 'class' is not sufficient excuse to accept whatever rubbish gets put in front of you unless you have no capacity for any kind of free thought whatsoever. If you're into music, you'll seek it out.
  7. Agreed. Liam Fray has moulded himself on Liam Gallagher. Its all about the swagger, acting like billy big bollocks and songs that are yelled rather than sung. Its inevitable that it would attract bell ends. Also having read these articles I was myself going to draw the comparison with UKIP. I've just read the courteeners wiki page. Apparently whilst unsigned they were approached by "producer Stephen Street of Blur, The Smiths..fame" they then signed to a major record label (Polydor) and released a debut album which got to number 4 in the album charts. They've subsequently had a stack of charting singles and albums. All of this begs the question; what machine are they raging against? They are very firmly part of the (music industry) establishment yet here he is whining about how everybody is out to get him. Just like anti-establishment ex-investment banker Nigel or Billionaire Donald Trump. And just like UKIP they're successfully spinning this 'us vs them' motif to legions of bandwagon jumping imbeciles with a lack of any ability to think critically. And if they're mad that they get the odd 1 star review in the guardian then they need to listen to themselves. They're hardly reinventing the wheel. Its tedious pub rock. They're a poor mans chumbawamba.