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  1. mattiloy

    Fontaines DC

    Although the other sets weren’t so secret in the end, keeping tabs on the secret sets thread on here and @secretglasto on twitter is well worth while!
  2. mattiloy

    Fontaines DC

    Depends who you ask but I reckon the the big one will probably be either sub Other or even possibly headline JP. But also they’ll just play everywhere. They played 4 sets in 2019. I went to 3. The hardest working band in the biz. Heres the fontaines thread.
  3. Fucking hell. I would rather shit in my hands and clap that have to sit through this centrist circlejerk Imagining the blinding glare from such a foul congregation of baldy domes, the smug guffaws of tiny minds will echo over the pebbles and out to sea. Migrants will turn their kayaks 180 degrees - ’on second thoughts…’
  4. A tory candidate* has switched to Labour. We’ve had this discussion before about the MP who switched. There is a big difference between attracting those who voted tory but have basically little understanding of politics, and somebody who has studied politics and is deeply enough embedded in it to be a tory candidate, and presumably holds convictions that are antithetical to those that the Labour party was founded to represent.. But you know that. Lot of self denial amongst the soft left. Selling themselves out bit by bit in the name of ’winning’ and not even managing that. Sad. + that the goodwill afforded to those on the rightward margin of the ’big tent’ is not afforded to those on the leftward margin, which draws ever nearer the centre, tells you a lot about what the goals of those in charge actually are - ie not really forming a winning coalition but instead just shifting the Labour party to the right. Because they are as motivated by ideology, and not winning, as the previous regime. Just that now the ideology is centre right rather than left. Double sad.
  5. Idk what you mean m8. I’m just a guy who wants to see the end of the antidemocratic, corrupt, plutophilic system.
  6. Maybe so. I’ve seen some stories that Labour staffers are briefing that Starmer’s team went back to work whilst Rayner did not. Rayner is also maybe the least right wing and just about the only member of the shadow cabinet with a consistently net positive approval rating.. so it makes sense that they’d try to get rid of her. But Leadbetter is a strange choice for a replacement. I guess she is right wing enough but besides that from what I’ve seen she’s poor in front of a camera and in addition probably 50/50 to lose her seat in the next election..
  7. Eh? Last time I checked 28 was a lower number than 29? And then he’s added another 3% on disapprove.. These aren’t good numbers.. You know, you shouldn’t try to be a smart arse if you can’t pull it off.
  8. Loool Also look no further for the guardian political editor’s bias - ’Labour heavyweight’
  9. Unfortunately this is what happens when fascists are given a free pass by conducting a highly successful campaign seeking to obfuscate criticism of their actions with racism. The mask is hanging on by a thread, you just wonder how far the atrocities need to go before something like boycott, divest and sanctions becomes policy. The fear is, as with Russia, that it’ll be too little too late and the genocide will be counted in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of lost lives. Its absolutely tragic. The parallells with Russia are plain to see, state sponsored genocide by a fascist occupational power with a view to create a ’Greater Israel/Russia’ borne of some warped interpretation of history and the belief that the land rightfully belongs to their people. Blood and soil fascism. Plain and simple.
  10. Yeah basically that whole period
  11. Haha. I told ya! The mandy streeting axis of evil sweeps in! Re: inflation - contrary to what lost says increase in money supply does not equal increase in inflation but it is a factor. If it weren’t for the covid supply shocks inflation would still be very low. However the ukraine war and china’s latest covid outbreak have augmented the time horizon of the supply shocks. Climate breakdown doesn’t help either. But even given all this, it isn’t a question of when will russian, ukrainian and chinese production of oil, food and manufactured goods respectively, return to normal, but rather when will the effect of the market doing what it does and finding substitutes, kick in. So it ought to be temporary. That said, since 2020 between pandemics, climate and war (which is likely to become more common as the scrap for resources in the ’global south’) it seems to me like instability is the new normal and more supply shocks can’t be ruled out. The good news? The last time we had stagflation as well as riots and so on it also produced some excellent music. So we can look forward to 21st century versions of bands like the Clash, the Smiths, the specials..
  12. I don't think anybody in Labour could deliver an overall majority in 2 years time, the party has driven out all its members and activists and near bankrupted itself in the time since Starmer took office. I think Wes Streeting could court more big business donors, get an easier time off the right wing press and is better in front of a camera and thus probably has a better chance of winning a plurality of seats. As much as his politics are almost completely antithetical to my own, he has backed proportional representation in the past and the only thing that matters in 2024 is to get rid of first past the post. Otherwise the long term prospects for the UK are dire. If Starmer were to somehow win an overall majority in 2024 and did not take the opportunity to implement constitutional reform, the long term prospects for the UK would be equally dire. I backed Nandy in the 2020 leadership election for the same reason - sounded very pro decentralisation, pro democratisation, I thought she could appeal to the red wall in a way that the others wouldn't - that being said, she also isn't the best in front of a camera and has a bad habit of tying herself in knots on policy, presumably through not being completely on top of her brief, but still, I think she would have done better than Starmer who has been a 1/10 leader.
  13. Old forensic bollocks would also be bottom of that list... whilst in opposition... vs the guy who is on the bottom of that list and who just keeps on teeing him up, only for Starmer to spoon it every time. What does that say about your mate Keef? But this is all academic anyway. Streeting's leadership campaign has already started. The decision has already been made.
  14. Time to start acting like it then big boy. And that means facing reality, no matter how hard it is - Starmers a dud
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