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  1. mattiloy

    Taylor Swift

    Haha touché. Le race est sur. As they possibly say. Allez les fonts, merde dans le Swift! Or something
  2. mattiloy

    Taylor Swift

    Simple music for simple people
  3. + a really great second album. A relief. Theyre the real deal. Vive les Fonts!
  4. mattiloy

    How do you feel?

    Haha, have a good weekend old boy och allihopa framtiden är ljusare än vi tror!!! Skåååål
  5. mattiloy

    How do you feel?

    Thanks Quark, for a subatomic particle you sure have a big heart 💖
  6. mattiloy

    How do you feel?

    You’re welcome, take care, there are sunnier times on the horizon to be sure
  7. mattiloy

    How do you feel?

    Condolences wellyboot. My grandad died in april of Corona. I live in Sweden so had to watch the funeral on webcam. Too many reminders of our mortality this last year and not enough escapism. But I just found this when going through some junk - a welcome reminder that even though life is only temporary, so is Corona and before you know it we’ll be back... at the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!
  8. Yeah its a little town north of London
  9. Seconded. But more importantly - the distillers! Wouldnt mind dropkicks either.
  10. mattiloy

    Taylor Swift

    I agree though 2/3 tracks - that track + i dont belong - released ahead of fontaines 2 are a little disappointing. Televised mind i think is solid. I have faith the rest of the album will be better. Anyway, i’ll stop hijacking the taylor thread with my fontaines propaganda, enjoy your new music swifters? Swifties? Taytos? Whatever the collective noun for taylor swift fans is
  11. mattiloy

    Taylor Swift

    Bit rich coming from the Taytay mob who has a song where 90% of the lyrics are the word shake
  12. mattiloy

    Taylor Swift

    Spare a thought for Fontaines DC who release their second album next Friday. Was a shoe in for the number 1 slot, then Kanye went mental and announced a new album bumping it probs to 2nd, then Taylor Swift decides to reignite that old Kanye feud and release the same day meaning fontaines will probs only come in 3rd place. Despite without a doubt being the best album of the three.
  13. I thought it was solid, albeit I’d probably agree that their earlier EPs have better individual tracks - sweet relief, gnt in particular.
  14. Wouldnt have minded seeing pigspigspigspigspigspigspigs on the list
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