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  1. Hm, interesting that the guardian also ran a story on malign saudi influence this evening... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/14/revealed-the-huge-british-property-empire-of-sheikh-mohammed Edit: Also didnt realise that Ringo Starr was the king of Dubai
  2. Fair enough, upto a limit or would you even go upto a united states of the world?
  3. I’ve just checked the accounts for 2019 (the last pre covid year, its unreasonable to quote this last year) for state owned rail operators in Sweden, Danmark, Norway, Germany and France. France was the only one that didn’t make a profit and thats because that company, SNCF, doubles as network rail, managing the infrastructure and they had a record year for infrastructure spend. Actually, the burden of proof is always on the left, particularly in economics, because we are constantly smeared as economically illiterate because we sit upon the great secret that You can have
  4. The nice thing about being a prophet is you get to be deliberately vague. It shall simply happeneth. And so it shall be. Indeed, cheaper, better maintained and profitable. But wait, he’ll go on about how this isn’t germany, or france or scandinavia. We couldn’t possible have a functioning state owned rail company because... something something Corbyn. 🥱
  5. Haha, goes without saying- pack of bloody Blairites the lotta yers!
  6. Yep and did a fair job. Credit where its due..
  7. I think so. A common misconception of centrists is that Corbynites are all ’far left’ anarchist/communist agitators. In reality Corbynites/Momentum folk I met when I was in the party came from every walk of life and were just ordinary people who were sick and tired of being told that things have just always got to be a bit shit, when the solutions to make it better exist. I myself studied economics BSc + MSc and now work in banking. I studied in the post financial crisis 2010s and it was clear to me and to most of my coursemates and many of my tutors (the brighter ones anyway) that the er
  8. Hehe, I knew that would boil some centrist piss. And a great example of why I’m right: the centrists are incapable of looking forward. This strange belief that politics is completely circular and we are destined to just loop back through these reference years between 1970 and 1997 for the rest of history. Nothing new can ever happen. The world has moved on lads, maybe its time you followed suit.
  9. 2019 merely delayed the left taking over for a few years. The centre and the right have a huge demographics problem. The centre offers nothing, vaccuous, bereft of ideas. The right is a fraud. Corbyn was just the beginning. Indeed, there will come a day in the not too distant future when people on all sides of the house will reluctantly admit ’we’re all Corbynites now’.
  10. The Cure - 69 REM - 59 (-10) David Bowie - 70
  11. Indeed. Of all the people you'd want to be leader of the opposition at the time when the tories engage is wanton corruption, surely its an eminent barrister and yet... radio silence. Maybe hes biding his time, building a case, 'never interrupt your enemy whilst they are making a mistake' type thing and we'll all be amazed by his forensicness in a few months time. If not and he's actually just a bit duller than everybody hyped him upto be, then labour is in a sorry spot.. and its starting to look that way.
  12. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/amp/entry/starmer-shadow-cabinet-cowards_uk_6075c547e4b01e3042372820/?__twitter_impression=true Seems like old forensic bollocks is learning the hard way about the treacherous qualities of the right wing snakes he has filled his shadow cabinet with.
  13. Disagree. The artist here also writes about that they always end up making a loss from a tour. I have a mate who has a pub and he puts bands on and pays them but they aren’t making a big difference to his bottom line. He probably just about breaks even after paying them if they bring all their mates and they spend a bit at the bar. I imagine most small independent bars/music venues are not exactly creaming it off the likes of summer camp playing there either. There just isn’t enough money in it to be a small, amateur band and no way to square the circle because if they charged 3
  14. Basically yes. The face value of the ticket for a twopiece as they are (and possibly they got some more for pals idk) is surely by a magnitude greater than they’d make off a cut of shifting 30-50 tickets at 8 quid a pop at the dog and duck. Bands like this are ten a penny and to be frank are never gonna hit the big time, not really gonna make a living from it so they are not professional musicians in my book. So to actually play Glastonbury and get free tickets is a career high IMO. + they agreed too! If they were that arsed about it at the time, Why not say no? Ultim
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