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  1. I'm all for helping as many people as possible out of an economic crisis but it wrankles that business owners who often pay themselves a lot more than their staff and pay it in dividends so they pay less tax with a justification that they should be rewarded according to the risk they take, should then receive equivalent benefits when things go bad. All too happy to whip the rainy day cash out of the business when times are good to buy a new merc and then all too happy to throw the employees under the bus when times are bad. The system needs to change after this.
  2. sods law that after a quiet start to the year, this fortnight was absolutely full of gigs: the swedish folk and world music gala last saturday, a swedish blues fella roffe wikström on weds, jesus and mary chain and chelsea wolfe next week. but whatever. in the current context, i don't feel loss, it just makes me grateful for how good we usually have it with all these nice things to look forward to and hopefully will have to look forward to again. as they say here in sweden, det är en dag imorgan också! and respect to those who are doing the livestreamed gigs - the folk and world music gala was livestreamed and a pal of mine is doing a streamed gig on sat - anybody else got any decent livestreamed gigs?
  3. what if it goes ahead on a much smaller scale with only proven recovered coronids allowed to attend/perform. Idris Elba B2B mikel arteta
  4. mattiloy

    2020 Must Sees

    Fontaines Diana Ross Anna Calvi The Waterboys The Specials J&MC Phoebe Bridgers Big Thief Tinariwen Paul Mc Angel Olsen Lana Del Rey Just for starters.
  5. It's beautiful. What a fucking shame if it doesn't happen.
  6. I'd put it on anyway, even if its just the ghost of mark e Smith and your granny on the bongos, it's Glastonbury. We can make our own fun.
  7. Glastonbury can go ahead if American acts don't play.
  8. Having relatively fewer tourists returning from Italy or Iran probably helps. There has still only been one community transmission here in Sweden so far, in a hospital, the rest have been returning from either Iran or Italy.
  9. Anna Calvi doing a date with perfume genius in Paris 3/7. Given that it's in a small gap of a couple of weeks between a load of US dates for him and its a long way to go for just one gig - hes gotta be odds on for Glasto? And Anna Calvi too is free for Glasto. Both are phenomenal live and I'd love to see them added to the bill!
  10. Soulwax have just announced a solitary eu summer festival - lowlands festival in August. Lets hope its the first of many incl. a glasto appearance. Would absolutely love to see em at the festival. One of the best love acts I’ve ever seen.
  11. Oh also, Andrew bird is doing a date in July in switzerland. Would be great to see him on the bill. Could see him on any of park, pyramid or wh.
  12. Beni and Leeds are not the festivals they used to be, the rest are mid tier. Fatboy slim headlined beni last year, he wouldn’t get an other headline slot.
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