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  1. There it is. This explains everything. The obsession. The hatred.
  2. mattiloy

    Doja Cat

    500 quid a month, bills not included, no pets, no noise, no mess, no ball games, no fun, no fucking fun alright?
  3. mattiloy

    Doja Cat

    I know we’re living in a post irony culture, but where does it end, pop music (and pop culture) today feels kaufmanesque, where you can’t tell if it’s a joke or not, because it’s fucking unbelievably rubbish to judge it by its musical merits. And where does it end? Glastonbury 2030 headliners: man shitting in a cup, a livestream of a haircut and yoko ono.
  4. mattiloy

    Doja Cat

    Between this kind of baloney and the price rise I’m hoping for a few very swampy years to sort the wheat from the teeny bopper, ticket inflating chaff. Looking forward to seeing doja cat playing to an abandoned hunter welly and a broken pair of shutter shades sticking out of the mud of an otherwise empty, half submerged field, after all the wee willy winkies have left, having fired their emergency flares for daddums to come and evacuate them in their land rover on the Thursday night when it all got a bit too much
  5. Yeah. The left party demanded she included some pension increase in the budget (it’s an election year next year don’t you know) which pissed off the centre who also demanded something for the forestry industry which pissed off the greens (the centre party here has roots in and strong ties to agriculture/forestry). So everybody fell out in the coalition that voted her in and it looked like the tories/UKIP bloc might get their budget through instead, so she resigned (performatively to try to scupper that budget) and I *guess* will probs be reelected at some point…. That’s the thing with PR. The factional squabbling just moves from being intra party to inter party. But at least then it’s left to the politicians. Less of a headache for the poor old regular party members who don’t even get paid for the privilege.
  6. https://migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/resources/briefings/the-fiscal-impact-of-immigration-in-the-uk/ This is a good overview. - as a whole they appear to be net contributors to the taxman, just But those from outside of the EU are not. And it’s not adjusted for the age so as migrants age, their net contributor status is likely to become more negative. The studies also usually value the cost of services used by the average cost of those services, they don’t take into account additional costs created by immigration - such as the cost of translators in the NHS. So even ‘net contributors’ ain’t so cut and dry.
  7. Net benefit in income tax revenue vs welfare spend. It doesn’t adjust for age - the migrant population is much younger than the native population, so many aren’t drawing pensions, using the health service etc - yet. The lifetime cost/benefit is less clear. Also does not take into account impact of remittances (ie the loss of gdp through immigrants sending money home), the impact on housing costs to non immigrants. It also includes city financiers so well as your uber eats delivery drivers. Not all contribute to the coffers equally. And we don’t have to have one to have the other. You don’t have to have open borders or nothing. I don’t think that the economic benefits or otherwise for the receiving country of a high level of immigration are crystal clear. I don’t think debate around it is honest enough. Even a lot of research on it is pretty unobjective, one way or the other.
  8. Whether the UK has a moral obligation or not is not the question. The question is simply, if you are a refugee, you flee war because you are in fear of your life, you arrive in a country not at war. Why do you continue on and put your life at risk all over again? I hear the arguments about english as a second language, but many people elect to make a perilous journey to western europe rather than to a neighbouring country where the language may be the same, the culture more similar. It is relevant to the debate to understand why the UK has such appeal to some folk.
  9. it is more about asylum seekers yea but it is also about migration generally, ’imagined need for borders’ etc Turn your bias off for a moment, ignore the empathy you feel when you imagine these poor people stacked in a tiny boat on a stormy sea, and think of it just as a problem that needs to be solved. Why make that journey? You flee a warzone and arrive in a peaceful country. But you decide to keep going - what is the thing that lies behind that decision? I think to me, at some point the decision is motivated by perceived eventual quality of life rather than personal security - because presumably it is less dangerous to stay in France and try to claim asylum than it is to get in a boat. So that would belie the motivation of concern for personal security. So I think signalling plays a roll. But how the information is disseminated I don’t know. Presumably people smugglers spread a load of propaganda about the land of milk and honey- idk
  10. Would be good to see some cool headed arguments as to why mass migration, or even open borders as this piece seems to want, is a virtuous and beneficial thing rather than just leaning on the old, if you don’t think so you’re a racist line. I don’t think this is going to convince many.
  11. Whataboutery is just mentioning relevant things. Relevant things tend to be inconvenient if you are a liberal commentator prone to hypocrisy or bias so they yell whataboutery and don’t have to address it. Its a bit like if a serial killer had previously been jailed for killing some folks, served 40 years and then got out and murdered someone else after the same fashion but in the trial the prosecuting lawyer pointed out the past murders and thir similarity to this and the (presumably liberal) serial killer goes ’classic whataboutery!’ and gets off. Anyway I shouldnt get wound up. They are opinion columns after all. That they’re filled with gossipy, biased drivel week after week shouldn’t be any of my concern. More just having a go at columnists across the media generally for their dishonesty. When you boil it down, peng being off social media is a non story, johnson being level pegging with Labour in the middle of an election cycle is a non story, so the columns are really just ’China bad’ and ’We don’t like Boris and would like his MPs to get rid of him because we probably know deep down that Starmer can’t beat him’. So just write that then. It’d be far more interesting.
  12. Whataboutery is a copout term for when folk point something out libs don’t like or have an answer to. Like a relevant allegory that exposes the rank hypocrisy of contemporary liberals, or like now when I point of how much bollocks they spout. Both the peng shuai story and these bojo mutiny stories share a common trait - they are complete baloney. So theres no whataboutery, just an observation of a pattern. I’d say a good 90% of the shite guardian columnists write either didn’t happen or won’t happen. A total waste of ink.
  13. Liberal commentators after a week of trying to wish a diplomatic crisis into being over a chinese tennis player who didn’t post on social media for a week but as it now turns out is absolutely fine - now desperately trying to manifest a coup into existence based on practically nothing Money for old rope honestly. If the story you want to write doesn’t exist, just pretend it does and maybe It’ll come true.
  14. In fairness I posted an article about HS2 being put on stilts through manc rather than dug under just yesterday. I think during the local elections there was a bit of chat about the regions too. Most of this thread is basically Starmer vs Corbyn. Which is internal labour stuff, neither really regional or national. In truth, none of the regions are given enough attention. The UK is very centralised and its as unfair and detrimental for the north and Wales as it is for Scotland. The difference is that Northern independence is a pipedream at best so we just have to get on with it. You have the chance for ’Freeeedoooooom!’. Studies suggest that this isn’t true. Independence does not usually result in long run economic divergence except in cases of war/failed states.
  15. Why not. With all this inflation by the time of the next election £100 will be worth about 20p in todays money anyway
  16. Interesting. But I think this statement is pretty blind to context. There was a lot less distance between the greens and Labour in 2017 and 2019 and the leader of the party hadn't slandered and attacked those voters at every turn. Meanwhile the climate emergency has become more of a priority for many. Agree with the final paragraph in the article though. This latest ’breakthrough’ will be short lived unless Labour is able to tap into and reflect public sentiment through well thought out policy positions. Unfortunately for them I don’t think they are capable. For me this is Starmer’s Jo Swinson autumn 2019 moment. A moment of hubris born out of temporary, favourable political winds. But when it comes down to it he is a man without any decent political instinct and entirely without charm heading for a tragicomic Swinsonesque end to his damp squib political career
  17. Nah what manchester has is a spuriously named tram
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/nov/19/government-planning-to-put-hs2-on-stilts-through-manchester good on Burnham. a bit more cash and the HS2 tunnelling could be expanded to dig a well needed manc metro.
  19. A farmer famously got manslaughter for shooting dead a burglar in his home. Given that its also illegal to bare arms in public in the uk and this little c**t sought out trouble during a curfew, I’d say that the aggravating factors would surely result in a conviction. Maybe not for the last fella who also had a gun but the first guy who was unarmed and tried to disarm him and the second guy who hit him with a skateboard, its hardly reasonable force to shoot them dead is it?
  20. Unreasonable force would have got him at least a manslaughter charge in the UK.
  21. Depends if you believe in the benefits of radical left wing politics I guess. I do, I guess you’re more ambivalent
  22. Coward. True. Wouldn't be surprised if the little c**t gets whacked by vigilantes mind. Wouldn't be sad either.
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