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  1. 31st January last two years, also has been 1st week of Feb so not long now
  2. Do you think Liam fucked up and got the right promoter but wrong festival when he announced Reading/Leeds?
  3. Are you typing the order number in which is a long number? The ticket number is the series of letters under the QR code
  4. British Sea Power for the secret Big Top set? They are about, kept secret as have own small festival to sell and could get some publicity by playing a secret set to help sell their last few tickets for their festival the weekend after
  5. I doubt it would be too but answering your questions EotR would know how ticket sales were going and as usual sold out well in advance so no need for a boost by announcing Idles but would get more publicity from the secret set. One thing to do is check out the Rough Trade shop and see what band's album or albums are prominently featured who are not on the list. When it was Wild Beasts there was a rumour before the festival it would be them, on the Thursday saw the new album being diplayed in a prominent position. All the other albums so displayed were of bands playing.
  6. Massive headache! Spiritualized/Jockstrap Baxter Dury/Mitski/Wire Michael K/Parquet Courts Nubya Garcia/Squid Goat Girl/Black Midi The absolute clusterfuck of Porridge Radio/Kikagaku Moyo/Moses Boyd/BC, NR Finally Serpentwithfeet/Fontaines/Murder Capital/Deerhunter
  7. Sprint from Fonraines to Murder Capital now going the other way so could be difficult getting into Tipi
  8. This is the most reliable long term one I know and looking pretty good (used by sailign community heence it's name) https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/monksdown
  9. Sold two this year. You should have received a pdf with your tickets from the festival. Eash ticket has a reference number on it. You inoput this. Twickets checks they are yours to sell and only then lists, this takes about 10 mins for it to happen, tickets sold less than 5 mins later. Only issue is settign up paypal account and potentially having to have a business account (to do with way you accept payment). Once tickets listed the rference numbers are cancelled and reissued on sale. http://endoftheroad.twickets.co.uk/
  10. It was announced before the festival there was to be a secret set in the Big Top, Wild Beasts were one of the rumours and this was made obvious to me on Thursday having a nose around the Rough Trade Shop where their new album was prominently placed!
  11. I thought all tickets were email downloads? There is one just on there now and saying ticket is via download
  12. Never been a problem before, see plenty around the site, as for the A4 bag rule this was officially brought in a couple of years ago about a day before the festival, you can imagine the uproar that caused. They then clarified to say if A4 or no bag would be faster queues, all other bags subject to strict searches, were able to take regular day bags in, jusr took longer, same last year so would imagine will be the same this year
  13. Shift Jarv Is from Sunday Garden to Saturday (otherwise Garden is going to be rammed on the Sunday), then get either Ezra or British Sea Power (playing around end of August in UK) to headline Garden on Sunday.
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