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  1. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Probably depends on how old you are/look! Don't need I'd to get in, tickets aren't checked against names. i've never had to show id, but then I was 40 when I first went
  2. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Liam Gallagher in the BBC tent on the Saturday before Mogwai (there are only 6 bands listed for Saturday). Then will make an appearance with Killers. Despite whether you like him or not the 'iconic' tag can be applied, album sales he is bigger than Noel. He is all over the place at the moment so naming him wouldn't shift many more tickets. Will also get some media buzz when he appears as the secret set. we shall see when they give the set times shortly if there is a gap he would fit in.
  3. jamesrfisher


    There was a schweppes bar last year, but they don't appear in the 'our partners' bit at the bottom of the web page this year. There is usually a restaurant/bar towards the children's area that cocktails,
  4. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    That's what I meant,
  5. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Welcome to Latitude. I think it's reputation is slightly exaggerated (aren't most?), tends to mean its a but more civil and a lot of the picnic and blanket brigade at the main stage. At the back of the Obelisk area there is tiered seating, only used it when my 3 year old wanted to explore it. Stages 1. Obelisk arena, main stage, with seating at the back, think it is The Other Stage from Glastonbury. 2. BBC Stage. 2nd stage like in a tent like John Peel stage 3. Sunrise. 3rd music stage, sort of in a tent, very large gazebo, all sides are open. is in the woods 4. Lake Stage. Not on the lake, 4th music stage, is open 5. BBC Introducing. You are correct, is outside in the woods 6. Film and Music, Comedy, Poetry/Literature, Cabaret and one of the theatre stages are all in tents of varying sizes Hope you enjoy, we have been going since 2010 and really like it.
  6. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    From their terms and conditions There will be limited space for ONE tent OR an awning to be erected per campervan/caravan. https://www.latitudefestival.com/sites/live.inviqa.latitudefestival.com/files/images/campervan_tcs_-_latitude_2017.doc
  7. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Atmosphere is very relaxed. Kids area is great with plenty to do. Very kid friendly. Our son will be 4 next month and it will be his 5th Latitude this year and never had any issues at all. Nearest to a problem is when he has started to run off and an adult nearly knocks him over, happened a few times and every time the adult is very apologetic, no suggestion that shouldn't have a kid their or should look after him better. Will get you talking to other people too.
  8. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Given that Latitude is a lot smaller you will be parking fairly close to the entrance/wristband exchange. Then, depending on where you camp you won't be far from the entrance once inside either. once you are wrist banded there is no real queue for reentry. i tend to take the tent and a few bits in first and then go back for the rest, queue for the wristband can still be long but you will walk straight back in. Once, when there was a long queue we didn't take anything in initially, joined the queue and got wristbanded then went and got everything as the car was not far at all. Saved all that stop start in the queue with everything.
  9. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Good choice getting there early, we always try (will be our 9th year) and generally it's easy to get two save for two years where there were horrendous traffic issues but they have resolved these as they worked out the problem. Although camping opens about 2pm the arena opens about 5pm. Good to go in and get bearings ad admire the site. There will be a few things going on in the smaller tents. Security wise, for the last two years we have been in family but it was never an issue in general camping, like Glastonbury used to they would stop the odd person to pull over and check. They did this to us once but all we had was 'is there any glass in there?' 'no' and then they let us go, others had to empty bags, obviously look too innocent/middle-class/middle-aged! Last year they were pulling people out of the queue at an early stage and going through there bags BUT as they had lost there place in the queue they were taken to the front so it was actually better to be searched than not. There was one issue last year, they announced on the day before that only bags of a certain size would be allowed in the arena, smaller than virtually any day bag you have known but back-tracked after social media lost it! It's a great festival so hope you have a great time.
  10. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    I remember a similar experience at Glastonbury in 2009. Went to see The Gaslight Anthem in the John Peel Tent, Bruce Springsteen came on for a song (they are also from New Jersey). Place went mental.
  11. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    This sums up my feelings, fell in love with the place in 2010 and been back every year. The only positive of the GOTR nothing on the BBC stage was I found the rather wonderful Lowly in the Solas area and seen them twice since. But there was definitely part of the festival's soul missing compared to other years.
  12. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    From the official latitude website under 'Information' then 'Ticksets' Although i have clicked on the Eventim link and it says available soon. One person who is appearing has tweeted that they are going and tickets on sale on the 14th so might be available elsewhere from tomorrow. APPROVED TICKET AGENTS Ticketmaster Big Green Coach Colchester Arts Centre Eventim Gigantic Festicket Norwich Arts Centre Pink Moon Camping Podpads See Tickets Skiddle Southwold Library Southwold Theatre Stargreen Ticket Factory Ticketline UEA
  13. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    The usually have 7 acts a day on the main stage and 8 a day on the 2nd stage. On the sunrise it is between 9 and 11 a day and the lake 8 a day. The Alcove anywhere between 6 and 10. also some music is in the Film and Music arena, only Nadine Shah so far. If the Solas area is back then that's another 6 to 8 a day as well. Plenty more to come!
  14. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Don't FR normally release Latitude line-up a week after R&L? Also, Beautiful Days not releasing line-up until March
  15. jamesrfisher

    Latitude 2018

    Noel Headlined 2015, way too early for a repeat. Given Liam's ego doubt he would want to headline a festival after his brother has!