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  1. Sold two this year. You should have received a pdf with your tickets from the festival. Eash ticket has a reference number on it. You inoput this. Twickets checks they are yours to sell and only then lists, this takes about 10 mins for it to happen, tickets sold less than 5 mins later. Only issue is settign up paypal account and potentially having to have a business account (to do with way you accept payment). Once tickets listed the rference numbers are cancelled and reissued on sale. http://endoftheroad.twickets.co.uk/
  2. It was announced before the festival there was to be a secret set in the Big Top, Wild Beasts were one of the rumours and this was made obvious to me on Thursday having a nose around the Rough Trade Shop where their new album was prominently placed!
  3. I thought all tickets were email downloads? There is one just on there now and saying ticket is via download
  4. Never been a problem before, see plenty around the site, as for the A4 bag rule this was officially brought in a couple of years ago about a day before the festival, you can imagine the uproar that caused. They then clarified to say if A4 or no bag would be faster queues, all other bags subject to strict searches, were able to take regular day bags in, jusr took longer, same last year so would imagine will be the same this year
  5. Shift Jarv Is from Sunday Garden to Saturday (otherwise Garden is going to be rammed on the Sunday), then get either Ezra or British Sea Power (playing around end of August in UK) to headline Garden on Sunday.
  6. No, used to start dropping the stage times the Monday before the festival doing a stage a day, one year they hadn't finished releasing them by the Thursday morning
  7. Do you still need this? I have a 3-5 for face value £30. Also have an adult ticket at £160 if anyone interested.
  8. jamesrfisher

    A4 bag rule

    I seem to recall that they announcd this the week of the festival two years ago and got flamed on social media so quickly back-tracked and confirmed that you can take in normal backpacks but would be subject to strict searches and a longer queue, A4 and smaller into a fast lane.
  9. Underworld will just be called headliners rahter than a 'special closing performance' and something beige will be added lower down
  10. Tours a lot with Ezra, he always comments how good she is, Simon must be her manager as well
  11. Although on the Rough Trade website it has the release date as 14th June
  12. Just had a reminder that the Rough Trade Cd is due out tomorrow, guess we will know the 'Special Guest' at track 9, maybe an announcement to tie in?
  13. Hi You will love it and so will the kids. the family campervan to the music stages is a bit longer as have to go through all the family camping field and then through the children's area of the arena, but astill not too long. Loads of things for the.kids to do. A lot are free and my 4yo loved the pond dipping (need to book this), there is also rocket building (get to launch them) and numerous other activities. A few cost such as the old style fairground rides but are £1.50 a person so still good value. Signing up usually means going to the tent where the activity takes place. will need to do this early as they do get booked out, suggest booking first thing on Friday. Food definitely, alcohol into the campervan area (no glass allowed) but officially not into the arena though it can be sneaked in! Best stages depends on what you like. My fave is the sunrise set in the woods, great settign and usually great bands. The Obelisk can get a bit tiresome with all the peopel who station themselves there for the day and chat away, dpends what you want. Good call about the film and Music, it does get busy, also they may turn the children away as have age restrcitions on it, last year a few families got upset when turned away from Lump who were palying in there. Get there early on the Thuesday and orientate yourself with where the cmpervans are and the entrance ot the festival, arena usually opnes about 5pm and go to go in and wander around to see where everything is. Don't go with preconceived ideas but just enjoy teh experience, try not to have a rigid schedule but chose a couple of must sees each day nd then let the mood take you. Kids can have fun away from the kids area too.
  14. Thinking we might get something at end of the week as its a payday weekend and it will be two months since the initial announcement
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