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  1. Looks like it as Beirut also announced as headliners and this is in the copy 'The audacious and uncompromising Spiritualized are revered for their transcendent live shows, with their ever enigmatic leader Jason Pierce’s performances at once poignant and defiant, they’re set to launch the festival into the stratosphere.' Really liking the look of the line up
  2. And from the first one announcing they will be sendign clues it looks like NOM, so yes Metronomy. Not phased by this, my wife likes their music but havign seen them at Glastonbury and Latitude I find them a bit boring live.
  3. So an album from Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers calling themselves Better Oblivion Community Center, if they are touring could be a possibility
  4. This is great, saw it on their new tour dates poster. Has them down for the 29th which is the Thursday and would imagine them on the Woods stage ratehr than the Tipi given the siaze of crowd they had in 2016 as Bigtop headliners. of couer the 29th could just be a 'holding date'.
  5. and no tickets on ticketmaster or AXS (official partner)
  6. A few years ago I thought this when he was announced to headline Latitude., even though a fan I thought it was wrong. I was proved very wrong, he gave a magical performance and was very much a headliner.
  7. See this link to the clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/s/eotrfest2018/ As can be seen that the headliner in the big top (3rd stage) plays after headliners of 2 main stages, secret sets (usually from bands who have played earlier that day) take place in Tipi tent until 2am, cinema goes on there is also a silent disco, so plenty to so after the main headliner it's a lovely small festival with a great feel and we will be back next year (missed this year due to son starting school)
  8. There were shout-outs on social media. Thursday evening Idris played a DJ slot in the Sunrise arena for a film and there was an opportunity to get involved in the Boyle/Curtis one too.
  9. I thought this was introduced a couple of years ago due to an app that was being touted as securing ticckets and looked for slight changes in the page. No countdown as a picture rather than a moving web page
  10. I paid £197.50 per ticket plus booking fees last year but not sure if that was early bird price or not, purchased in December on the deposit scheme and as i recall this was due to finish on early bird tickets on 31st December.
  11. Last year they went on sale end of July, they usually do round about now but not always!
  12. Probably depends on how old you are/look! Don't need I'd to get in, tickets aren't checked against names. i've never had to show id, but then I was 40 when I first went
  13. Liam Gallagher in the BBC tent on the Saturday before Mogwai (there are only 6 bands listed for Saturday). Then will make an appearance with Killers. Despite whether you like him or not the 'iconic' tag can be applied, album sales he is bigger than Noel. He is all over the place at the moment so naming him wouldn't shift many more tickets. Will also get some media buzz when he appears as the secret set. we shall see when they give the set times shortly if there is a gap he would fit in.
  14. jamesrfisher


    There was a schweppes bar last year, but they don't appear in the 'our partners' bit at the bottom of the web page this year. There is usually a restaurant/bar towards the children's area that cocktails,
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