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  1. They have the name of the lead booker on.
  2. Was just coming on here to say that!. Tickets booked for it, 27th November. Seems odd looking at there dates as no other uk or even European around then either.
  3. The gig at tHe Bridge Theatre was rather special. only managed to see the m three times myself and one of those was just Margo and Michael (i say just, it was rather magical). Combination of them not coming over here much and at one stage i seemed to be on holiday whenever they did. I do think they would be very special on the Garden Stage, proper goosebumps stuff as you say.
  4. Always think of Grant-Lee Phillips would be a good fit for some Americana. would also love to see The Cowboy Junkies on the Garden Stage. Not sure of their standing these days, if they would be too big
  5. I think that may be an old map. That is where boutique camping used to be. Looking it it closely it shows the 'Rough Trade' shop, they weren't there last year but had a different record shop, so unless that was a one off and they already know Rough Trade will be back think it is an old map.
  6. Lazarus Kane W.H Lung (although they were before anyway) The Golden Dregs (already really liked the album but seeing them live has pushed it up)
  7. Sunday from 5.00pm to 9.30pm would make a pretty amazing day for a festival W .H. Lung, Black County, New Road, Crack Cloud, Porridge Radio, Little Simz, Yard Act, Dry cleaning and Arab Strap
  8. Agree it’s not great, perhaps it’s why they are opening earlier than usual, giving us time to write out your own clashfinder! reminds me of my first Glastonbury, pretty naive to festivals and didn’t know about clashfinders, got the programme and wrote a list for each day
  9. some potential advice. Not sure if it will make any difference but i had printed off my covid pass and realised the very top of the QR code was missing. Printed again but with the option of 'shrink to fit page' and it's all there
  10. 1st beer gets opened as the tent comes out the bag and the fist peg goes in the ground. 2nd beer open once tent up and sat in chair watching everyone else
  11. Been thinking about the timings. Don't one of the online magazines (Line of Best Fit or Loud and Quiet) which have something to do with the festival usually post a clashfinder?
  12. From the drinks section on the website 'bringing their whole Campfire experience to the newly named Campfire Bar down in the Gardens where Beavertown used to be. They will also be bringing some pals with them, including BBQ masters From The Ashes'
  13. And on social media Beak having been trying to sort out a van for 3-5 September!
  14. It's official, from the twitted feed. Tried to post the list but not any clearer than above
  15. Although there is still a bar on the map where there bar was
  16. From the Tangerine website Please head for red gate follow the yellow AA signs on the roads. This is new gate for EOTR2021 and only for Boutique camping customers. You will park in the red car park which is the next field to the campsite. Just cross the road go to the box office for your wristband then look out for our orange gazebos.
  17. Isn't the bar the Fever Tree Gin Bar moved over from the other side of the 'road'?
  18. Looks like the map is up, big change around for camping, Boutique taking up a lot of space and normal camping now in the 'valley'
  19. Something like that, 'dad school's not open yet!' , 'well you have a couple of hours of playing tag then' He's moving from Infnat's to Primary and his class is moving up as one, so not a massive change just on a different site. I have him overnight so can drop him off and as it's first day it is 9.30 before going home and loading my car. His mum will collect him after school
  20. Exactly my feelings, although I will be slightly delayed as my son starts a new school so dropping him off first
  21. This is exactly where i am at at the moment. It is not selfish to think this way given the availability of vaccines. i still wear masks to and from shops and will do in the tents at the festival, not to protect me but in case i have it and am asymptomatic so it lessens the chances of me giving it to someone else, i work from home and for the week after the festival will not be going out to any pubs etc just in case.
  22. If you follow the same route this year you may need to prove your covid status to get back in
  23. I think at Latitude it applied to those just popping back to the car.
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