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  1. Was trying for a friend, no joy for me but I am delighted that she managed to nab herself a ticket. My commiserations to those who missed out, absolutely gutted for you.
  2. Well I like it. Easier on the ear than AYRFI was before Reputation's release. A nice little positive pop song, obviously I will be hoping for more from the album, but this is a pleasant enough opening gambit.
  3. Done 6 and this will be number 7. It's weird given how difficult it is to get tickets that I have been successful so many times. Cannot wait for this year I think it is going to be a great one!
  4. Digby mentioned it in this Somerset Live article, a very interesting development
  5. Oh yes! I could not think of a more Glasto friendly metal band.
  6. Earache will be a proper stage this year according to Digby who runs it. The trial last year was deemed a success, so a little bit more metal for us this year!
  7. Hotchilidog

    Frank turner

    This for me also. Four very fine albums indeed. Delighted that Frank is down as the Friday night headliner.
  8. This is an excellent line-up. Plenty to get excited about. Morcheeba a particular delight, along with FrankTurner, Beans on Toast, The Hobos and Banana-bloody-rama!
  9. Looks like someone is burying the lead here? Say it ain't so!
  10. Glastonbury Fun Run this a 5km fun run on the thursday, you could join in with that and maybe find others to go for another run during the festival if you'd like. If you head out early and the weather is dry Glastonbury is a fairly decent place to run around, or so I am told....
  11. Could be an interesting addition to the Left Field debate.
  12. I still think the potential upside for Stormzy's set is extremely high. Whilst he is not my thing his set was a major part of every Glastonbury 17 vlog that I have seen. The younger and more urban demographic at the festival really love him. Also this is the first headliner in a while who has a chance to really make their 'Glastonbury moment'. It may fall flat but my money is on him absolutely smashing it.
  13. Yep Gnomicide nailed it, my hashtag was an offshoot.
  14. It's a hashtag #glastopicoftheday
  15. Gate A campsites are just fine. Darble is the first one and will have most room. I have stayed in Pylon twice and there should be plenty of room there too, although it was a tad busier in 2017. It's not badly placed for JP, Silver Hayes or Pyramid but is of course a fair way way from the SE Corner. Compost loos at the top of Pylon too, which is a plus. If you fancy something more elevated then there should be room in Lime Kiln just off to the left and up the hill. This will be above the family field so should be quiet. Again good for JP, Pyramid and Lulu's Cafe. Also at the entrance to Darble there will be campsite steward with an up-to-date map with availability in all sites marked on it. I believe Bailey's which is on the south side is only opened on Thursday so you should be able to camp roughly in the same area if you can transport all your gear to the other side.
  16. Hotchilidog

    Billie Eilish

    Thought that might be the case, may check out some youtube vids.
  17. Apologies for the late reply. Given the completely hatstand nature of the performance I think you would have needed to see it from the start. I can imagine the bemusement that anyone just wandering into it would have felt. I'm hoping for a decent thursday night slot, I think it could be a very wacky way to kick the music off,
  18. Hotchilidog

    Billie Eilish

    Thought I'd give Bily Eilish a go on the back of this thread, and I am afraid I just didn't get it. It's a bit low key for me. I think on the JP it may work but I'd fear the Other Stage would just swallow the sound all up.
  19. If the traffic has been running smoothly, ie no accidents or bad weather, then arriving should not be too bad. Once you reach Shepton Mallet it will be busy but if you arrive around the 2pm mark the queues to get in will be minimal. Once through the gates speak to the nearest steward with the updated map to let you know about where there is room. If you are small group then you may be able to squeeze in any site if you do not mind being very snug. On the north side Lime Kiln/Hitchen will have space. Also on the west side Darble/Pylon will have loads of space. On the south side I reckon Paines/South Park will still decent pitches left. If you are not fussed about getting Pennards, Big Ground, Oxlyers etc then turning up early afternoon should be a lot more hassle free than the long queues of the morning.
  20. Saw henge at Beautiful Days last year, absolutely superb. I believe they re playing Shangri La this year, the perfect setting for them. Would also work in The Park ala Goat in 2015.
  21. I'm at Worthy View for the second time this year and I can recommend it, I think is decent value for money. I think the location of Lovefields is better but the PYO price is a little bit much. It depends on what you want, WV the tents are great and the parking is adjacent to the field. It is at the top of a hill, but if you are ambulant it is fine and you have the option of Strummerville as a stop off point, to be followed by the WV refreshment field replete with bar, coffee and one hell of view. Both options very good though especially for late arrivals. As others have said keep an eye on the website for WV tents as they do become available after the resale.
  22. I did think that when typing, however I missed 13/14 and I think it rained a bit then too. I think we are surely still in credit with the weather gods for the 2016 clogfest. Fingers crossed!
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