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  1. Such a Sunday don't like Taylor and Noel and then the headliners Fri and Sat in Other Pyramid are stunning! Please put Noel on Saturday haha
  2. AlexOvd

    Other Stage 2020

    It's your opinion as mine is. I know quite a lot of people who listen both
  3. AlexOvd

    2020 headliners

    They are an exclusive for BST.
  4. AlexOvd

    Other Stage 2020

    And the last think. Is Noel pyramid Stage size? Because for me it's obviously a big no. He wouldn't headline Glastonbury, never.
  5. AlexOvd

    Other Stage 2020

    And about Noel I can also see him subbing rather than clashing in Other with Taylor. I think they would have similar audience. I see a different Other headliner against Taylor.
  6. AlexOvd

    Other Stage 2020

    Well it's playing in Nottingham, nothing crazy to consider him as potential for Saturday.
  7. AlexOvd

    2020 headliners

    Is there any chance for Kendrick to play BST? If yes, would be possible to share two of their headliners in the same year?
  8. AlexOvd


    I was just watching recent videos of them just for curiosity as I saw comments here about their weak performance at Download but this in Rock in Rio in 2017 it's gorgeous: That voice is still hitting. Iconic moment in the pyramid.
  9. AlexOvd


    OMG. The line up this year is going to be historic.
  10. AlexOvd


    Kendrick is headlining for sure, hopefully:)
  11. AlexOvd


    The full the requirement of Pyramid size headliners right? 😎
  12. AlexOvd


    Playing Lolla on Saturday the Pearl Jam day, so there is no gap at all
  13. AlexOvd

    2020 headliners

    I think the Lolla Stockolm release it's clarifying still even more the Glasto headliners: Taylor not playing therefore headlining Sunday Kendrick playing Sunday therefore headlining Friday
  14. I don't know if I am the only one thinking this, but it's quite weird that Catfish and the Bottlemen haven't been in Glastonbury for a while, specially when they had a recent new album (I was expecting them in the line up last year). Do you think they could be in the farm next year?
  15. AlexOvd

    Taylor Swift

    I don't like her at all and I will be as far as possible from the pyramid that night (Foals in Other please), but I am happy to see some people happy here as it looks she is in now. Congrats folks!
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