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  1. AlexOvd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah, mad. And what about N95? It's even fucking loud in the BBC. The set is just Glastonbury history. The moment when he stands couple of minutes in silence in front of the crowd and all the field chants "Oh Kendrick Lamar" is also iconic. I was a bit on the back and the crowd was also bouncing over there. And not just the "youngest" as many would expect.
  2. I went to Glass Animals thinking it was going to be fun (and then unfortunately lost HAIM set) and the first half was absolutely terrible. Bad sound, people off and a weird vibe. Improved since "Youth" and was a bit decent at the end but still, I was expecting something else.
  3. AlexOvd

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Is there any way or site to download the videos? It would be very nice for the ones we are out of the UK 😁
  4. FRI: Libertines Wet Leg Crowded House Wolf Alice Idles Sam Fender Foals SAT: Idles (Secret set) Holly Humberstone Metronomy Glass Animals Olivia Rodrigo Burna Boy Macca SUN: Just Mustard Sports Team Declan Mckenna Fontaines DC Lorde Kendrick Lamar
  5. People complaining about the existence of showers as something bad in probably the worse festival in ratio people-showers. There are literally less than 15 showers in Kidz Field (which are the "official ones) for 210.000 people. If you don't want to have a shower is ok, but in a festival with such a big amount of kids and people from many ages I think showers are more than neccesary. And I hope it will be more. It's called evolution.
  6. I am watching now Billie set and oh my god I am so glad I decided to go to Foals (they smashed it). It looks super dull and the people is totally off, the voice in the background it makes it look weird when she doesn't have her own fanbase in front. Such a difference from Kendrick show, where you can even feel the crowd singing all the songs so loud (even N95).
  7. I really loved it and I'd love to come back. The site is huge and it's impressive! As notes/observations: I didn't expect it to be SO CROWDED. Wednesday around the Park was absolutely mental and it was almost impossible to walk anywhere with some sort of space other than early mornings. However, I found quite easy to get to the front in the concerts I wanted and I was expecting that to be more difficult. Another point is the front barrier organization. I've been to many festivals and the biggests have some sort of system where first they let people go out after the gig and then let the people come in after, making it easier for everyone and avoiding overcrowding (they let people in to some safe amount). In Glastonbury in sub/headliner slots on the Pyramid was super dangerous, I was shocked! The toilet situation was also grim. Sometimes I was walking and walking without finding any toilets anywhere (and not just on the big stages but also on the healing fields for example). Without being familiar with the site finding toilets was a total challenge. I didn't get why they don't have a massive amount of urinals that would make it easier for everyone. Next to the pyramid urinals with space with barely 20 people max seriously? I really had a great time though and I will be trying for tickets on 2023. I always thought that the people in the Pyramid were like sardines but it's actually a very lovely field where you can see concerts from far with very nice visibility, space and sound.
  8. AlexOvd

    Kendrick Lamar

    The initial run with all of those back to back was something unreal. The crowd was exploding.
  9. Took the See from London 12PM. I think we arrived around 4:30/5PM and no queue at all.
  10. The sound of Wet Leg while not in the front was embarrassing and amateur. I heard that people complained about the same in Primavera Sound so this is not even a coincidence. I was located next to the sound tower and my phone could sound louder than them. They need to fire their sound engineers ASAP.
  11. AlexOvd

    Kendrick Lamar

    I was incredibly surprised of the crowd involvement. I watch it in the back and literally EVERYONE was bouncing.
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