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  1. Me neither. I was just sharing someone who currently is huge, way more than Migos.
  2. It's Travis Scott there too 😂
  3. I think this is just because Taylor announced some 2021 dates while Kendrick none. But the reality is that Kendrick it's the one with an album pending to release so for sure will tour (in Festivals I don't know though).
  4. The 1975 I have the feeling that would be a performance to remember and I am not a big fan. Watching their Reading show was epic. They know that it's their moment and they will give the 200%.
  5. I am fan of both, wouldn't be that bad 😁
  6. Absolutely agree with this, but also I think she could get an afternoon spot in the Pyramid. About the female acts touring that didn't appear in the first line up of Glasto I also missed Daughter. They will have new album and they are kind of London Grammar size. They could easily headline a small stage with a good album.
  7. I am in this boat. Also if you change 1975 for AM I would be delighted.
  8. Mumford and Sons to headline Other and Dua Lipa to sub.
  9. Looking promising
  10. AlexOvd

    2020 New Music

    Just listened it several times and The End Is Near it's just a masterpiece. Lovely album and I would be in front for that gig in The Park.
  11. Metronomy, Sam Fender, Dizee, Lana, Kendrick in a row. What a Friday.
  12. Jez, that forecast hurts ☚ī¸
  13. This is interesting. Southside has just confirmed that Twenty One Pilots will be there. They weren't in the first line up release for 2021. I am sharing this because it's a similar case for Taylor and Kendrick with some festivals.
  14. AlexOvd


    I have the full confidence they will be in Glastonbury 2021 and it will be mental. Great tune by the way!
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