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  1. Avalon has changed there main website page, to a photo, with nothing else on it, not sure how may days, this has been the case but, could mean imminent
  2. This has the feeling of glastos past, all excited for announcement, then nothing, unfortunately
  3. I'll be there with Hogga and norainplease and our little one
  4. @chazeboy
  5. Aberdeen in town 3.50 min for a pint (unless at social club or chain pub) in some places a bottle of beer is this as well, when I'm at Glasto I find myself saying, hey this isn't too bad, it's like home. But really it is bad, it's just what your used to I guess
  6. Hahahaha indeed, team watson is gonna be +1 this year well +0.5 still be baking at the time
  7. No problem
  8. We did it last year same journey, you will have an amazing time Go see washboard Chaz on Frenchmen or myisha lake
  9. Nah we will prob make our own, in morning and get grub on site through day, then something like pot noodle when we come back at bed time
  10. Anyone know if the food stall in the campervan field is just another burger van or is it a bit more advanced
  11. Me either, could you post it up please Edit: thank you
  12. Wine talk about to commence - if the stones are there, my pout will be full on and my strut in my 1/2m area will be fully committed, bring it on. As scary as it is for anyone that knows me, and can imagine the above happening, it will.
  13. I am one who actually likes the stones, but mick kind of freaks me out with his gyrating dancy way, I suspect it may be because I see my self in his moves but I can't not watch but I think I shouldn't be watching
  14. Hang on posting on the forums? Bigjt seems like you are getting drawn back in to me hope we see you there again, sorry I know this post isn't on topic, but the one I quoted was
  15. Are we to inference it's the big G?