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  1. hogga

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Yeah but this time in two weeks time it will be bloody awesome because ....THE BLOODY FESTIVAL WILL BE ON Good isn't it
  2. hogga

    Gold Membership Time

    Any chance you could PM me the tip
  3. 2 paid and 1 back in the pot
  4. hogga

    efestivals Glasto World Cup

    Photo's from the event
  5. Thanks for the kind comments (and the embarrassing picture!). Me and Chaz have had a great time over the last couple of years doing this and to hear people say it is one of their Glastonbury highlights is amazing. We have said that we may come back to it in the future but this year would be too much hard work and stress. We raised so much last year that it would seem a failure if we couldn't do the same again, and we both don't have the spare time to put in to do the fundraising this year. Also we both felt that Wednesday and Thursday of the festival were taken up by setting everything up and we are looking forward to getting those days back. We did consider doing a lower key event that would be easier to organise but felt it would be better to just leave it this year. I hope llcoolphil does get some sort of event organised and I'm sure there will be plenty of football related banter at the cider bus on the Wednesday night.
  6. Here's a trailer and it shows the football on it. http://www.communitychannel.org/content/view/3733/75/
  7. hogga

    2nd Glastonbury World Cup

    Some information on the community channel documentary - Glastonbury: Sun, Sweat and Charity - 19th July 8pm Hopefully it will have a small bit on the footie as they filmed the whole thing and on their Facebook gallery there is a picture of the match.
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