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  1. hogga

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    Good spot OP!
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. I was just going by what I've been sent in the past.
  3. If they've said that then that will be fine. Every year they've sent me an email saying unless you have a blue badge you still need to buy a car park ticket. This year they didn't send that email so maybe it is free for everyone who has the pass now.
  4. If you have a blue badge it's free, you just need the car park pass they send and your blue badge displayed. If not you still need to pay for a car park ticket and have the disabled pass displayed underneath it.
  5. hogga

    Somerset Log Candles. ORDER HERE!

    2 please. Delivered to Chazeboy in east campervan field Tuesday. Cheers.
  6. hogga

    Hidden Glastonbury

    The Strummer stone can be visited but not all the time. It is now next to a crew bar (since 2014) so isn't accessible anymore when the bar is open as there is security. If you go when the bar is closed there is no security so you can still get access to it.
  7. hogga

    Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    There was 2 badges for each efestivals World Cup
  8. hogga

    Disabled access

    Yes there are showers in the disabled camping area. There's normally about four of them. There isn't normally a queue for them except between about 8-10 in the morning. We have arrived 2ish on the Wednesday the last few years and there hasn't been any queue getting your wristband but if you then need to use the bus to the Spring ground there is normally a 30/45 minute wait.
  9. Yes even without the PA ticket you'll be able to go on the platforms and through the short cuts but only if you are with her. She'll get a pass on a lanyard that she can pass on to you so you can accompany her.
  10. hogga

    efestivals Glasto World Cup

    Photo's from the event
  11. hogga

    evolution of man

    for a forum post