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    Where's Mik now!

    He was in an episode of Phoenix nights as a performer at the club
  2. The only reason we didn’t do it in 2011 was the amount of time and effort it took up in 2010 (2009 and 2010 we still had to risk assess, get approval from the festival and Wateraid legal team with any posters etc so logistically it didn’t get any worse). This effort increases because we wanted it to raise more money (as Michael Eavis challenged us to at least double the amount from 2009) and be a bigger event. Having to organise the fundraising and more entertainment (Attila the stock broker and the super group Wronghorn were there for half time entertainment and Supernovas for post match, as well as Hobo Jones as the usual pre match warm up) took up a lot of time before the festival and even on the Wednesday. As Nal’s picture from 2011 shows, we probably dodged a bullet as it wouldn’t have been the same in them conditions!
  3. Too long! Due to the charities losing income from the 2020 festival cancellation we were discussing bringing it back as a one off for 2021 but unfortunately it wasn't to be.
  4. The efestivals World Cup games were 2009 (Wednesday) and 2010 (Thursday). 2009 raised over £3000 and 2010 over £9000. and England won both...easily 😄
  5. Don't you dare show that picture again! It is definitely a lot of work to organise before and especially on the day but well worth the effort.
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