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  1. Health minister has just resigned.
  2. Robjbrear


    Did they have a bonfire up there in 2019 so had to rope it off for safety reasons? However this year there was the lotus flower which wasn't getting burnt till Sunday so they didn't need to?
  3. Robjbrear


    As much as I enjoy watching the site being built I also am amazed at how fast things come down afterwards.
  4. Friend I went with tested positive, I've tested negative. Would be my second time if I tested positive.
  5. Robjbrear

    Car parks

    Left at 9am and was back in Warrington by 1.30pm. Was great.
  6. Heavy rain by other stage.
  7. Is it me or does everything seem louder this year? Not sure if I'm just getting old.
  8. Are Chems still playing as they cancelled their show yesterday?
  9. I've been sat at the Glastonbury sign and there has been no rain, got a friend who is next to the pyramid who said it was raining loads.
  10. Just seen a spot of rain. Weekend ruined and I'm leaving.
  11. Robjbrear


    Looks pretty busy up there from my tent. Went up there in 2019 and personally thought the view of the fireworks were rubbish, so watching in the park this year.
  12. Robjbrear

    Queue watch

    Apparently gate D is opening in 20 mins.
  13. Robjbrear

    Queue watch

    Just saw some stewart action at D and now everyone is packing their stuff up.
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