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  1. I got married this year, our 'walking down the isle after being married' song was Elton and our last dance song was Elton. Great artist to have.
  2. How long will this go on for?
  3. Is gate A open? I see movement at the front.
  4. I was thinking the same. I'm sure this time last year the Sunday/Monday was meant to have a month's worth of rain or something.
  5. It's a shame you can't filter the map on things like bars etc. Unless I am missing that.
  6. Had my second missed delivery, so fingers crossed I should be able to collect it from the post office. Not a fan of this automatic redelivery.
  7. Mine has not moved from Nottingham sorting office for over a day. So much for next day 1pm delivery.
  8. My tickets were dispatched on Friday and the tracker has just kicked in saying they are in Nottingham. Should be with me tomorrow.
  9. I forgot how much I hated this thread. Getting PTSD from last year!
  10. Finally had my delivery status change to dispatched!
  11. It's a lovely morning here in Warrington. Sun has just come out and clouds starting to clear. Should be a great day for you!
  12. This is my go to area to see how wet the ground is.
  13. Just tired some and don't think it's too bad.
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