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  1. Sorry to ask a really dim question after 10 years as a site member, but I've entirely forgotten how to edit my signature, and I can't find a link in the profile page any more. Can someone give me idiot!instructions, please? Ta
  2. I got offered a new job today. I told them that two weeks off in June was a non-negotiable requirement.
  3. It's not five minutes walk from the actual Pyramid, but if <insert name of band here> are on a three o'clock, you can easily leave Tom's field at five-to and be able to see and hear the 'HELLLLOOOO GLASSSSTONNNBERRRYYYY!!!' from the back of the field! 2017 will be my third consecutive year of litterpicking. It's fine - even in the mud last year it wasn't too bad (and at least I didn't get sunburned...) I highly recommend it as long as you're the sort of person who can get on with it and won't flake out of your shifts. Personally I don't often make use of my meal tickets as the queues for food are too long in the Tom's Field cafe, but the food (when you get it!) is very good. The bar in the Tom's Field tent is very cheap. The showers are excellent. Being able to arrive on Sunday is bloody brilliant. Lugging your stuff from the car is still shit, though, but at least you don't have to stand in a massive queue at the gate!
  4. Variety Bazaar just makes me think of all the shit craft stalls at a rural farmers' market, though.
  5. Ha! Yes, sorry As I type my grumpy old bugger of a cat is trying to get onto the keyboard. He's 17, knows he's older and therefore more superior than the laptop, and he will win. It's a miracle I ever get anything done
  6. That's really good to know - thanks! I fear that eventually Barry Hearn will drag the Worlds away from Sheffield, so I should get my arse in gear sooner rather than later - maybe for 2018.
  7. I quite like these things. And also I've been on this bus forever and I think I'm going to go mad with boredom, so here goes: 1. Age and gender? Female. As of this week, 39. Aagh. 2. Describe yourself in 5 words. Ginger, geographer, glasto-goer, likes owls 3. What accomplishment are you most proud of and why? Getting into Oxford, because kids from council flats 'don't go to Oxford' 4. If you weren’t working in the job you have now, what would you do? A snooker referee on the world tour 5. What’s on your bucket list? See the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Get tickets for the World Snooker Championship final at the Crucible. 6. What is one of your best memories from childhood? Sitting on my grandparents' sofa reading the AA Book of the Road from cover to cover 7. If you could change something in the world, what would it be? Find an immediate viable alternative to fossil fuels so we could ban the use of coal and oil with immediate effect 8. What makes you wildly happy? Owls, cats, red wine, Glastonbury Wednesday at 8am when the gates open roar goes up 9. What would you most like to learn and why? I should learn to drive... I really should. 10. What are your top fears? Falling over and breaking something else. A recurrence of my pulmonary embolisms (emboli?) 11. What are your top five favourite books of all time? Roddy Doyle: The Snapper David Lodge: Nice Work Sarah Waters: The Night Watch Jeanette Winterson: Oranges are not the only Fruit Kevin Sampson: Freshers 12. What music has most influenced you? I still like Britpop. I'm old. 13. Which of your parents are you most like and why? My mother. My biological father is a right dickhead. 14. What really gets under your skin and makes you mad? Comic Sans. Badly-behaved posh brat children. The appalling 'service' provided by Stagecoach buses in Oxfordshire. Excessive packaging (especially shrinkwrapping on fruit).
  8. I've been contacted by the charity I work through to confirm attendance and pay my deposit.
  9. Phew! We made it! Glastonbury is this year. Yay!
  10. Merry Christmas eFesters. Not long now. We're over halfway to Wednesday at 8am...
  11. Woefully, it was The Darkness on the Pyramid. 2003.
  12. Having an Actual Holiday.
  13. Sad news. And such a pity that their last 'home' gig is in Oxford's New Theatre. Seated. Rubbish. Should have been the Town Hall.
  14. These Anker ones are fab. I took two last year and they kept two iPhones going for a full week (Monday - Monday) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Upgraded-Anker-Generation-Panasonic-Technology/dp/B00D5T3QK4/ref=sr_1_8?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1477651120&sr=1-8&keywords=anker+portable+charger
  15. I used to be PA to a Director at my company, and she used to ask me to set up 'socialisation meetings' with other Directors so she could just, y'know, sit and tell them stuff. Otherwise known as 'a chat'. Business speak is w*nk.