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  1. Personally I'd want to be on the first bus out. You might be in London four hours early. You might just make the train. It all depends on traffic, but with the price of trains these days I wouldn't risk leaving any later than sparrow fart.
  2. Thank you! It's going really well so far. I know - scary, isn't it? This time next year I'll be 40 years old and three weeks away from unemployment if I don't find something else, but I think it's the right thing to do - with LinkedIn and all that jazz there's much more stuff out there these days. I could have stayed in my old job forever doing the same old thing and waiting for my boss to retire then taking a promotion and doing the same old thing with more shit while I waited to get my pension in 25 years time, but I had to do something before I went bonkers with boredom. Very best of luck with your new contract I'm on site Monday to Monday (I'm a litterpicker), and I usually get home dinnertime on Monday and go back to work on Wednesday. I'm just getting too old for it, and my new job is in local government so I get a bit more leave than I used to have, so I figured I'd treat myself to a few extra days to loll about nursing my aching limbs and sunburned shoulders and getting used to being indoors
  3. Last month I foolishly left my permanent, full-time, stable but desperately boring job and this week started a new, contract but much more exciting job. Today, I booked two weeks out of the calendar so for the first time in YEARS I shall have the full week after Glastonbury off to relax, decompress, and wash all of the mud grass and suncream stains out of my clothes. I had mentioned at the interview that I go to Glastonbury every year and they all seemed fascinated by it - I think I may have won some Cool Points.
  4. Noted, thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the recommendations folks! I'm starting a new job on Wednesday and I'll be doing some tent shopping on my first payday - lots of food for thought here so I'll look at some links in closer detail and let you all know which one I decide to buy!
  6. Not when I'm on public transport I can't. I'll leave the wombling for those with trollies and cars!
  7. Either that or the folks changing the sets will have to go extra extra quickly...
  8. That's the cringeiest coolest thing Michael Eavis has ever done
  9. Standing by...
  10. The live stream is starting!
  11. Time to have the wee I've been needing for about an hour before the live stream starts!
  13. I found loads of 10p and 20p coins last year. I think drunk people must have been throwing away their small change when they'd been to the bar. Clearly some people have too much money if they can afford to chuck it away.
  14. See their twitter - all is fine and they will be at Glasto
  15. Monday - I'd like to be on site by teatime so I can wander around in the evening, pop to a few bars etc. then have all day Tuesday for wandering and taking photos etc. Hopefully travelling will be nice and easy again. Our friend made the error of waiting till Wednesday last year and he ended up taking 14 hours to get on site from Bath, the poor sod Two consecutive recommendations for Coleman tents is telling me something, isn't it! Cheers both for the help - I like the look of both of those so I'll take a closer look.