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  1. There are a LOT of birds in the Wood and in Permaculture. Presumably there must be a lot of small mammals hiding out as well. I feel quite sorry for them really.
  2. Logically M5 to A39. However, if you prefer the back roads and/or want to avoid Bristol traffic, you could try Cheltenham > Cirencester > Malmesbury > Chippenham > Melksham > Trowbridge > Frome > Shepton. Depending on what time you're planning to do the drive, it could be quicker. Check Waze or Google Maps for the best on the day route. I've NO idea what Ziggiucamp is or where it's located, so you might need to ask them which is the best approach anyway.
  3. Good. Just checking. Love the farm, leave no trace.
  4. That's helpful, thanks.
  5. You're still going to have everything except the booze to bring back on the train. You're not planning on leaving any of those tents etc. behind, are you?
  6. How much was the taxi to Frome, if you don't mind me asking?
  7. If you'd read my previous posts, Scott, you'd know that my litterpicking shifts are 6am to 12noon. And I'll definitely be at the eFestivals meet. I'm SO looking forward to meeting you, as I'm sure you can imagine........
  8. I was tempted I may actually have tutted, which is terrible I know, but well deserved in this context!
  9. It's just the Acoustic Bar, I think.
  10. Me too! It's Solstice on Tuesday so the Stone Circle will be busy busy busy afterwards!
  11. There is a regular bus (GF1) from Glastonbury town to the Festival - it's not free but at £4 single it's pretty good value. Details here: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/by-bus/. I doubt you'll get local accommodation at such short notice, though, and the last GF1 back to Glastonbury on Wednesday evening is really early, so you might have to make arrangements (such as a cab) if you want to get back to Glastonbury town on Wednesday evening, or alternatively camp in the Festival on Wednesday night, then bus back to Bath and West to meet your friends on Thursday. Alternatively I think there's a thread on the forum about changing the name on the Campervan ticket so you can rock up on Tuesday with the Camper!
  12. First single: Cliff Richard and the Young Ones - Livin' Doll (for Comic Relief 1986) First album: Kylie by Kylie (EDIT: I have just remembered that I had Roland Rat's Cassette of the Album on vinyl as a Christmas present from my nan, but I guess that doesn't count as I didn't really want or like it! The Kylie one I bought myself with my pocket money) First tape: Popped In, Souled Out by Wet Wet Wet (I was NOT a cool child) First CD: Modern Life is Rubbish by Blur First download: Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London First 'now' album: Now 10 First gig: The Wonder Stuff at Wolverhampton Civic Hall First glastonbury: 2003 Age: 39.5
  13. A pillow. Duct tape to fix my broken tent. Tampax. Paracetamol. A blanket. Tights. You can usually get anything you want. Last year I saw someone reading a copy of the Daily M*il that they'd obviously purchased somewhere on site...
  14. You almost certainly will not get in to Cockmill on Thursday. Wicket will have space, and there will also be space in many of the more outlying non-family fields like Darble, Pylon etc. Aim for pedestrian gate A for Wicket, which means following the red route to the West Car Parks. If you come via the blue or purple routes and you'll face a loooooooooong walk from gates B or C. Be aware that arriving at noon on Thursday will mean you'll be parked a good way away so be prepared for a long walk to the gate, but almost certainly no queue once you get there!
  15. I'm not working with Festaff, but I also arrive on Monday. There are buses from Castle Cary train station which usually arrive to meet the trains, so you shouldn't have to wait long when you get off the train.