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  1. I waited 2 hours in the cold dark and mud for any initial attention / transport to Frstival medical, and another 7 to get to an actual hospital. I consider that an appalling, third-world response given the circumstances and my health conditions, but compared to other festivals I know it's very good -doesn't mean it's acceptable though. (The bloke in a security tabard who initially rocked up to Kidney Mead to help had literally no clue where he was other than 'I can see the pyramid', despite having one of those detailed crew maps, which with hindsight was hilarious but at the time infuriating)
  2. They're not cheap, as mentioned (I am still scarred by being charged £4 for a box of Tampax in 2005...) but TBH for heavy things like bottles of pop they're fine, compared to the effort of lugging 2l bottles of lemonade on site from the car park! They sell pretty much everything, so between them and Cosy Camper there's very little you can't buy on site. Shop around for mixers though - you'll soon find food stalls selling pop cheaper than others. The milk truck has cans of cold Coke, 7up etc for £1 if you want on-campsite convenience!
  3. I used to struggle to sleep. I bought a proper inflatable mattress and a Gelert sleeping pod. Add thermal pjs, earplugs and and eye mask and I'm dead to the world. And, due to the fresh air, no hangover on waking!
  4. Use one tab each on a selection of browsers. Multiple tabs on the same browser won't work.
  5. I was one of the unlucky 'stuck in mud' injuries - a very severe and complicated break in 2014 ended my festival early on the Saturday night. Festival staff and Festival Medical were not, at the time, very good in dealing with the situation of the break or my particular medical needs - a sober woman with a break was not considered a priority despite some medical complications that I tried in vain to make clear - this led to the injury being far more difficult and time consuming to fix than it would ordinarily have been. (and I'm not open to discussing that further any more lest I get accused, as I was at the time, of being an ungrateful diva; suffice to say my consultant who had to operate to put the ankle back together was livid at the state I was left in, and that has been fed back to FM). However what struck me most in my extended wait to be taken offsite to hospital was the sheer number of ketheads and other out of control victims of drink and drugs. Staff (volunteers!) were having to deal with some revolting behaviour and people in the most horrific circumstances with extremely limited resources - no hot water, no blankets, broken tables and chairs, one wheelchair with a flat tyre for the whole of FM, no crutches, one accessible loo... It also struck me how much people think they're immune from drink and drugs just because they're at Glastonbury. The number of victims there alone also made me think about how little some people look out for their (so-called) friends which is very sad. The staff at Yeovil hospital A&E are unseen and unsung heroes - they get huge amounts of extra work over the festival weekend and are superb.
  6. So did I, and then got up at 5am to work a litterpicking shift. I don't think many people go to Glastonbury to sleep. Each to his own, but I think travelling on and offsite every day would be a huge ballache, not to mention a huge expense, when with a spacious tent, a decent air mattress and some good earplugs you could get a reasonable kip on site at night.
  7. In all seriousness, before I had access to staff showers I used to leave a big water bottle outside in the sun all day and wash my hair with it - it was usually pretty warm!
  8. There's plenty of options for food. A good few stalls near to the Bread and Roses in the main markets were open on Monday and Tuesday last year, as was the (very, very good) pizza place in the Theatre and Circus area. There's also a fab and friendly Mexican place near Williams Green that was open pretty much 24 hours a day from Monday to Monday, which is highly recommended if you like spicy stuff - good veggie options too. I seem to remember that Proper Coffee at Williams Green was also open on the Tuesday. You'll not starve!
  9. The Glade Lounge and the bar in the Spike have a range of gins and vodkas, and a G&T is less than a fiver with, shall we say, 'generous' pouring of the spirit!
  10. Do be prepared to vote tactically in your constituency to keep them out. There will be much more information like this over the next few weeks, but depending on where you live it may not pay to vote for the party you usually would if you want to keep / get a Tory out: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/21-seats-might-prove-important-2017-general-election/
  11. I describe it as my life dialysis. Seven days and I'm set with all the energy I need for the rest of the year.
  12. I can't remember which magazine it was, but there used to be a feature called Would They Wear It In Wigan? which was all the weird and wonderful fashions with a thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether you could wear it in the normal day-to-day. (Incidentally, I bought some purple swirly patterned tights from Primark in the sale today for one whole quid. I wouldn't wear them to walk down Cornmarket St in Oxford. But I'll be rocking them on the farm in June).
  13. Oof, just a bra sounds like a recipe for painful sunburn. You'd better wear some knickers as well...
  14. I'm definitely in the 'wear stuff you couldn't wear to pop to Sainsbury's in' train of thought, but I'm reasonably unimaginative so in reality that usually means a pair of brightly coloured tights and shorts with a brightly coloured top that in no way matches, plus a stupid hat. And a fleece, obvs, because outdoorsy.
  15. Remember it's YOUR responsibility to take with you whatever you bring - it's not OK to leave that new tent behind when you leave the festival. So pre-booked camping might be a better option for you.