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  1. I'm not putting my hat in the ring for tickets this time round as I assume I can work again (fingers massively crossed), so we'll still be on the farm for the run. Not that I'll be capable of any actual running, judging by the state of the ankle; I'll walk the route if I have to as don't want to waste the training I've done so far or let down the people who've sponsored me.
  2. It's worth bearing in mind that several 'glamping' options (including Love Fields) don't allow access until Thursday. This means you potentially miss the whole of Wednesday, which for some of us is the best day!
  3. I know I usually leave the festival on Monday teatime. I think in 2017 I might stay till at least Tuesday. Make the most of it all
  4. Don't forget to stomp about on the grass in your wellies and make it REEEEAAALLLLYYY muddy as well!
  5. As it's now confirmed that there's a fallow year in 2018, what are your plans for that summer? Mr P&P and I are both 40 in 2018, so he's quite relieved about the fallow - he's now allowed to start planning a celebratory 'proper holiday' for that year. I'm not sure there's anywhere in the world that will make up for a whole year without a trip to the farm though...
  6. I'll be bimbling with you, I think. My ankle (which is now two years fixed post-break) is really not cooperating with my Couch to 5K running training, and it's causing me serious pain after every outing and swelling to three times its size. I'm determined to finish the 5K course of the Festival Run, but I suspect it may be a 'Festival Power Walk' strapped up in hiking boots rather than an actual run, at the moment
  7. Not phew for people who have registered for The Festival Run... Luckily I should be able to work for my ticket again in 2017 so I won't be trying on t-day, but there will be some pissed off people...
  8. I thought 9th was ruled out so as not to have the sale on the same day as the Festival Run?
  9. Interesting article here in the Graun today: https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2016/jul/30/forget-music-food-traders-headline-act-festivals
  10. Best Ever: Suede, 2015, John Peel Worst: Cooper Temple Clause, 2003, Other. These days I'd have walked away but it was my first festival, I didn't have a mobile and was waiting for MrP&P to come back from getting something to eat so I had to stay put. They were shit. Most Surprising: Portishead, 2013, Other - I knew they'd be good. I didn't know they'd be *that* good Most Disappointing: Killers, 2007, Pyramid - they were probably great, but the sound was so shockingly bad that I might as well have listened on the radio with ear muffs on
  11. It's fine to register her with your email address and your postcode. But you will need a photo. Just ask her to pose saying you want a pic to put on your phone screensaver or something! Good luck getting tickets - I'm not sure how I'd hide the stress and excitement of ticket day from my other half, to be honest!
  12. It is hard work. Easier to pick up cans, plastic bottles, paper cups and paper plates from the stages and pathways than it would be to clean up the tents and carnage from the campsites though I think.
  13. Duplicate, sorry
  14. Glastonbury has hundreds of litterpickers. We all work for a variety of charities (we donate some/all of our deposits) plus we wear tshirts while we work to raise awareness, not that any other fuckers are awake at that ungodly hour... Oxfam provides stewards, not litterpickers.
  15. Now taken, thanks!