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  1. Definitely booking my train in advance. Saves a packet - as does buying a split ticket rather than a direct.
  2. A real loss to that part of the site - loooooong walk from the top of the Big Ground to the (virtually inaccessible due to mud) row of composters at the bottom or the long drops near the Kidzfield. I expect the flushers used too much water. I don't know why they didn't replace them with an equal number of composters though.
  3. Go to The Wood, preferably at night. It's gorgeous. Eat a Goan Fish Curry and drink some good cider. Spend at least half a day in the Theatre and Circus area, and especially spend some time with Bramble FM. See New York Brass Band, Mik Artistik, and at least one band you've never even heard of - they might be your new favourite act. If you're bored or not having fun, move on. Sit, not hover. Talk to strangers.
  4. The 'main' Cosy Camper is in the main markets - not far from the Meeting Point http://www.cosycamper.co.uk/festival/glastonbury/ Good on them for the Green Agreement. Let's hope purchasers stick to it so Ian the Worm doesn't have to make another video showing hundreds and hundreds of abandoned tents... There's Camplight too - pre-erected pitches at the bottom of Pennard Hill, although I think reviews are variable.
  5. Not too early. Never too early. I've had an infection in my face/jaw so it hurts to eat anything harder than porridge or soup right now, plus superstrong antibiotics have nuked my tastebuds. I've been fantasising about Goan Fish Curry, and Manic Organic breakfast specials all week...
  6. I've emailed the charity organiser to let her know I'm happy to work and booked the time off work. I'll be without MrP&P next year as he doesn't want to go (epic mud combined with litterpicking did him in I think!) so I need a smaller tent I can carry and pitch on my own. Next week I'm off to the Lake District so I'm planning to have a look if there are any decent tents in the sales in the myriad camping shops in Keswick.
  7. Ditto. I'm not much of a one for the 'organised fun' of the naughty corner, so I'm happy to be done with my shift by 12 and out seeing bands / doing things all day and evening and sleeping from about midnight/1am after the headliners. Personally I value arriving on site on Monday and watching the place 'grow'. By the time the music (and work) starts on Friday I've had four days of fun anyway!!
  8. Ha! Brilliant! (Huge congrats on the new baby, btw!)
  9. With all this Trump nonsense all weekend I keep bursting into 'CONDOLLEEZZA RICE' much to the amusement of Mr P&P who has never ever seen Mik Artistic...
  10. I had an ace time. Mr P&P loved his 5k run and did a pretty decent time running the whole thing having thought he'd have to walk up the hills, and I had a wander down to the Pyramid and enjoyed the lovely weather while the race was going on. GREAT cake too! Quite strange to drive in and park our car in Tom's Field almost exactly where our tent was in June... Thanks to all the organisers - we'll be back next year (and hopefully I'll be well enough to run!)
  11. Just to let you all know I've had to pull out of the run - to add to the ongoing ankle woes, I had to have emergency surgery (by quite a hot dentist - every cloud) on an abcess on my face yesterday. I'm in considerable pain (managed by painkillers) and taking a cocktail of drugs, and to add to this I've barely eaten for four days, so have been told very firmly advised not to try to complete the run/walk. Am very sad, but will be there tomorrow anyway to see Mr P&P complete the 5k. Hopefully someone on the waiting list can use my spot in the race. Perhaps this means I should sign up for the 10k next year to make up for it
  12. You can come and go as you please. You won't want to leave though. It's like wonderland!
  13. I expect I'll be the only walker and will roll in last, hobbling, feeling like a right plonker, but I'm determined to finish it, even if I have to keep my ankle under the RICE reigime for the following fortnight to recover!!! Would be ACE to see you there next year
  14. Brilliant, many thanks!