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  1. Gate B madness last year

    We were through Gate C well before 8am in 2013, and were pitched on the Big Ground by 8.30am. We didn't arrive in the car park till 6.30am but there really wasn't any queue pushing involved, it was just luck.
  2. The reality of working the festival......

    To go from the subject of beer to the subject of, er, piss, this kind of 'hilarious' article does no favours at all to the cause of Don't Piss In The Hedges http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/may/20/sara-pascoe-top-ten-rules-for-festival-goers I know it's tongue in cheek but seriously, making out the loos are a horror show and encouraging people to just wee on the ground is really bloody irresponsible - the festival could lose its licence. Good for people like @Bosslar who are working to help stop people pissing in hedges!
  3. Sound clashing

    Oooh, you're in for a treat! Am jealous of first-timers who get to see and explore for the first time. Have you seen this: http://plainaudacious.com/so-how-big-is-glastonbury/
  4. The reality of working the festival......

    I'm not sure I'd go back as a non-worker again. For me missing the stress of ticket day and the horror of getting up at bollocks o'clock to queue for hours with kit on the Wednesday morning and struggling to get a camping spot that isn't by the bogs or three quarters of the way to Shepton is priceless. Financially it's also easier for me, knowing I can budget less for food and drinks as I can use my meal tickets and the crew bars to save cash. And after nine cracking festivals as a punter it's nice to give something back, and to be really part of this massive thing that's really only a gig in a field but that has genuinely changed my life for the better since 2003.
  5. Sound clashing

    It's not really a problem. It used to be a major issue years back when the Q tent was in the same field as the Other Stage, and you will (if the wind's blowing the right way) occasionally hear the Glade, but the sound quality at Other has definitely improved. Have you been before? I think you'll be surprised at how big the place is and therefore how spread out the stages are. It's not like Reading or T or V where everything's crammed into a small space.
  6. Where do we start?

    Yep. It took me five or six years to find it. And only found the Piano Bar in 2013. Found the tunnel under the railway track in my first year, though - it had lights and a sound installation in those days. And a fat bloke having a wee...
  7. Where do we start?

    With my old knackered knees the site feels bigger every year...
  8. Where do we start?

    The thing is, despite the cynicism, the first time you do it, it actually is...
  9. Children & wristbands

    Oh my goodness! That is literally the best surprise ever! How on earth have you kept that a secret?????
  10. Anyone on the Recycling Crew got their shifts yet?

    I think they might be sending them out in team order, as my husband and my friends on the same team as me have had theirs.
  11. Anyone on the Recycling Crew got their shifts yet?

    What have they been given instead? Could they have been given something that's perceived as 'better' even if it's not in their opinion??
  12. Anyone on the Recycling Crew got their shifts yet?

    Woo! Shifts email arrived - as per last year I'm on John Peel mornings Fri - Mon. Perfect!
  13. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    Did you make your shift though???
  14. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    Dropping almost all of the egg out of my bacon and egg sandwich down the front of my last clean pair of leggings. The stain it left looked somewhat, er, dodgy, so I decided to give them a quick wash under the tap (yes, I was still wearing them) but then I just looked like I'd pissed myself until they dried...
  15. This time in 5 weeks I will be.....

    On site - getting there on Monday. Will have spent the day having an epic wander around seeing the site as 'all fields' and will probably be getting some dinner in the Tom's Field cafe prior to going out for a significant amount of crew bar drinking. Oh, and I'll be sunburned to fuck. Even if it's not really sunny. It's a tradition.