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  1. Craig David

    He's playing at Common People in Oxford and Southampton. Presumably he'll be all over our boing...
  2. As the farm begins it's preparations

    Toilet for the exclusive use of the Manic Street Preachers? 
  3. Electric Forest 2016 lineup revealed: same weekend as Glastonbury

    Fetty Wap sounds like northern slang for a sexually transmitted disease...
  4. Sunday Legend 2016

    *nods* Annoying, isn't it? Although to be fair he does sing 'Bruce' in the live shows now, just to take the piss!
  5. Sunday Legend 2016

  6. Sunday Legend 2016

  7. Terry Wogan

    Horrible news. What a lovely man he was. I'm a huge Eurovision fan have many happy memories of his acerbic and hilarious booze-fuelled commentary. He'll be sadly missed by many. 
  8. Oldest veteran thread

    Bloody hell. 
  9. Reflecting on Glastonbury 2015

    I really enjoyed 2015, although it was a completely different experience than usual. For a start I worked, so I was on site Monday - Monday, and had to get up at 5am on Friday through to Monday for shifts, so that impacted on what I could do late-nightwise. Secondly I went alone, and actually made it to the eFests meet for the first time. And lastly, TBH, there wasn't much on the lineup that appealed. So I spent a LOT of time in Theatre and Circus, the Greenfields, craft fields, etc., doing 'anything but music', and it was actually fantastic. Saw loads of comedy, spoken word, and random stuff. I loved it. But I might try to see a few more bands at 2016's festival...  
  10. Train Travel

    I went solo last year and as I don't drive, came back by train and I must say it wasn't great. Very long queues for buses at the festival bus station, with no shade available. Then further queueing in blazing sun at Castle Cary, with staff who were very nice but didn't really have much of a clue when there might be a train coming despite the timetable. No shade, no shelter, no real sense that Glastonbury travellers deserved any respect at all. Wasn't impressed, and the ticket cost me nearly eighty quid.  We're taking the car this year.
  11. Oldest veteran thread

    Oh god, you have no idea... I'm actually quite jealous - it'll all seem brand new yet strangely familiar and you'll get to discover it all over again. On the negative side, the beer is a LOT more expensive these days...
  12. Small Stages At Glastonbury

    Again, not Glastonbury but there's a free local festival near me called Charlbury Riverside. Charlbury's a direct train from London. They're currently looking for bands to play at the 2016 festival (late July).  http://www.riversidefestival.charlbury.com/
  13. Who's on Recycling Crew / Litter Picking this year?

    I'm paying my deposit to the charity this weekend once the money's transferred out of my savings to my current account. It's the only time I don't mind having to pay out £230 in one go!
  14. When does your Glastonbury buzz start.....

    I can't get excited till I have a ticket (and indeed I've been avoiding eFests since the autumn until I knew my worker place was confirmed) but once I know I'm going back my brain is pretty much a constant stream of WHENWILLTHEREBEANANNOUNCEMENTSHITWHERESMYTENTDOINEEDNEWBOOTSWILLITRAIN for the next six months. Suffice to say I'm good for nothing for the whole of June
  15. John Peel Stage moving location

    I know. Sitting down! Some of us were drinking water! Shocking!