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  1. I pick at John Peel. I think we finished at about 11am on the Friday last year, but the previous year had to go and pick other parts of site. There was a depressingly large amount of litter even from the Thursday night. No idea what the 3pm thing is about. I finished my shift at 11.55 on Monday and was out of gate A and off to the bus queue by half 12. However if you're driving or getting the train, I do strongly advise staying till late afternoon on Monday, or heading home on Tuesday morning. Otherwise you just get stuck in queues with the public leaving.
  2. Yeah, I don't think he's quite as obsessed as me! He loves the food and the atmosphere but he goes for the music really - he loves to go from stage to stage seeing eight or ten bands a day (whereas I can go for the whole week just bumbling and see zero bands!) and I think he'd only go again if he got a ticket through normal means, whereas I now prefer to work. I'm perfectly happy to go with friends or go solo, so I guess he might return in a few years but not sure he'll be a regular in the future. He also loathes camping, and as we get older it gets harder to convince him a week in a tent is A Good Thing.
  3. Superb news. Wherever they play I hope it's as the sun is setting - it'll be wonderful!
  4. No worries. I had a little chat with them on Facebook last week and it sounds like they're as excited as we all are!
  5. Sorry if this is further up-thread, but New York Brass Band haven't yet properly confirmed but only because they 'haven't yet got the go ahead from the powers that be', but basically they're definitely playing pretty much everywhere, every day! http://www.newyorkbrassband.co.uk/public-gigs.html
  6. Hi Folks Mr P&P usually take our trusty old 4-man to Glastonbury, but as I'm travelling solo this time I need to get a new, smaller tent for this year's festival. I'm travelling by train, so need something light and good quality, easy to pitch, two man with a small porch. I probably can't carry a big circle on the train so I guess it needs to be traditional style rather than pop-up. I don't want Milletts crap (after a bad experience in 2015 I vowed never to shop with them again) or Tesco crap, but rather something that will see me through the next few years of festivalling without leaking, breaking, or generally falling to bits. Any recommendations? The choice out there is rather overwhelming! Thanks!
  7. Mr P&P probably won't go again. He's missed a few already - in 2010 and 2015 I went without him, and I'm flying solo again this year (albeit as a litterpicker, so not quite the same as being a solo punter). The only downsides for me of going without him are that I have to go on the train and carry all my own kit, whereas with him we'd drive and take a sack trolley etc. It just means I wear the same clothes for most of the weekend and I bring less of my own booze, but there's not much chance of my giving up just yet.
  8. Yes, and stout footwear!
  9. Our emails have come today from Fiona - my account is re-active now and I've just passed the 'Health and Safety Quiz', hurrah!
  10. They've not used their Twitter for a while. You might be better off messaging them on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fluffy-Rock-Cafe/591182170901813
  11. We managed to get inside the tent - just - and I'm so glad we did. The noise was incredible. Apparently Steve Lamacq couldn't get anywhere near, and said it was 30 deep outside with more people arriving.
  12. Thanks - found it - it's actually in Account Settings (as opposed to Edit Profile) which is where I was looking!
  13. Oh bugger, yes, so it is. I always think it's Tuesday because it's the night 'before stuff happens', which I take to be Wednesday...
  14. The Recycling Crew party is Tuesday night, in the Tom's Field bar.
  15. Tuesday's a great day. All of the crew bars will be open (and busy!) and it's a great time to wander, explore, and see the site as 'all fields' before the hordes arrive. You'll find a few places open to eat in the evening too, and there'll be lots of folk out and about. But even if you do find a few bars on Tuesday night, if you can bear it, it's worth getting up early on Wednesday morning and finding a strategic spot to watch the site 'fill'. Hearing the 'gates are open' roar at 8am is priceless - and watching the place come alive as all the tens of thousands of people gradually make the empty green fields full of colour is just incredible and a real privilege.