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  1. Glastonbury Crew T Shirts from last few years. Some available,charity.

    More than happy to contribute - those living in the camps in Calais need help so your friend is doing a lovely thing. I don't suppose you know what size the Recycle for Michael one is (unless it's been nabbed already).
  2. Reproofing waterproof coat

    Perfect, that's exactly the advice I was looking for. Thank you!
  3. Reproofing waterproof coat

    Advice, please?   I'm ashamed to say my waterproof coat has been hanging up muddy and dirty since I came back from the festival at the end of June... It needs a wash - have only ever had cheapy cagoules before which I've just washed in cold water, but this coat's a bit more decent and needs properly looking after.  Is the 'wash and proof' stuff any good or is it too good to be true? Or should I wash in water only (I know detergent is bad for it) and then proof with a spray? Any advice/recommendations for reputable brands of proofing welcome - the man in Mountain Warehouse was only interested in getting as much money out of me as possible but didn't seem to be able to answer my genuine questions about what was the best thing to do!   Thanks!
  4. Festival horror stories article

    What a way to start the day!
  5. Festival horror stories article

    That made the moment where what I though was Lilt but was actually neat Limincello seem quite tame...
  6. 0115 945 4590   (saynoto0870 is a useful source of geographic numbers)
  7. Worst Glastonbury Fails

    With hindsight, I should have claimed to have busted it doing something far more exciting like Moshing to Metallica or stage diving or something... Instead of 'walking sober up a slight hill' which was the actual, super-numpty cause.

    It was harder than I expected. Annoyingly everyone else's general knowledge was easier - guess it is when you're not in the spotlight!
  9. Worst Glastonbury Fails

    The broken ankle in 2014, as well documented elsewhere. And seeing Cooper Temple Clause in 2003. Damn, they were shit. Lesson learned - since then I've never persisted with an act I'm not enjoying. Walk away and find something else instead.
  10. Glasto Green Survey

      Just because things DO get left behind doesn't mean they SHOULD though...

      Oh, bugger   Steve James...   (no need to edit your posts!)

      Ooh, I'd love to go on that! Was it fun?

      Mercifully I don't think my embarrassment is anywhere to be found. Although I'm sure it'll be repeated on BBC2 at some point......   In all seriousness I did REALLY enjoy it - was something I'd always wanted to do and had a cracking day out at the BBC in Salford - hair done, make up done, tour of the building, lovely lunch in the green room. Quiz geeks should definitely apply!

      It was, erm, the World Snooker Championships, 1977 - present day.   Hashtag sadfart....
  15. Going to the festival with a baby on public transport

      I'd second this - I left at 1pm on Monday and stood in the queue for the shuttle for nearly 2 hours, then another hour or so for a train. In full sun - no shade anywhere - not OK for adults, let alone for a baby.