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  1. Interesting article here in the Graun today: https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2016/jul/30/forget-music-food-traders-headline-act-festivals
  2. Best Ever: Suede, 2015, John Peel Worst: Cooper Temple Clause, 2003, Other. These days I'd have walked away but it was my first festival, I didn't have a mobile and was waiting for MrP&P to come back from getting something to eat so I had to stay put. They were shit. Most Surprising: Portishead, 2013, Other - I knew they'd be good. I didn't know they'd be *that* good Most Disappointing: Killers, 2007, Pyramid - they were probably great, but the sound was so shockingly bad that I might as well have listened on the radio with ear muffs on
  3. It's fine to register her with your email address and your postcode. But you will need a photo. Just ask her to pose saying you want a pic to put on your phone screensaver or something! Good luck getting tickets - I'm not sure how I'd hide the stress and excitement of ticket day from my other half, to be honest!
  4. It is hard work. Easier to pick up cans, plastic bottles, paper cups and paper plates from the stages and pathways than it would be to clean up the tents and carnage from the campsites though I think.
  5. Duplicate, sorry
  6. Glastonbury has hundreds of litterpickers. We all work for a variety of charities (we donate some/all of our deposits) plus we wear tshirts while we work to raise awareness, not that any other fuckers are awake at that ungodly hour... Oxfam provides stewards, not litterpickers.
  7. Now taken, thanks!
  8. Mr P&aP and I both kept our programmes in pretty good nick this year, amazingly, but obviously we only need one for ever expanding Glastonbury Box of Stuff. Therefore I have one programme free to a good home. Send me a DM if you'd like it, first come first served, and I'll pop it in the post.
  9. It is indeed. But it costs more and when they're busy it takes AGES. Worth the wait, mind. (And they open on Tuesdays for staff)
  10. I've been buying pizza there at least once, usually twice for 11 Glastonburys and I never knew it was called Pizza Tabun! It's always just been 'the pizza in the yurt on the way to Avalon!'
  11. On the basis that if you refuse to be searched on the way in you might not be allowed into the Festival, I'd have refused to be searched on the way out...
  12. Shhhh. Mr P&P thinks we're doing a 'big holiday' in 2018 'as there's no Glastonbury'. Hmmmmmm.....
  13. Definitely go for it. There are people that age slogging in the recycling centre or picking up litter - I was in awe of them! As I get older I truly believe there's a festival for everyone - I'm not 40 yet but j still find myself doing different things - and I know when I'm 70, all bring well, there'll still be things I'll love. Even if it does involve a nice extended sit down with a paper cup of wine!!!
  14. I used to say that I thought I wouldn't be able to hack it any more once I got to 40ish. And when I busted my ankle in 2014 I thought that was it, actually. But now I see men and women in their 70s working on the Recycling Team, and I think yeah, I'll still be going strong then too. The festival doesn't have to be the same when you're older as when you're younger, and I intend to carry on till I drop.
  15. A worker's wristband and my usual spot in Tom's Field will do me fine. That, and for Pennard Organic Vineyard to be in their usual place. Anything else is a bonus, but The Stone Roses would be perfect.