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  1. Elton John

    I'd love to see him play, but I do think a headliner feels more appropriate that the Sunday oldies slot. He's got too much material for a start.
  2. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Happy 2018 all! May it pass speedily and onwards to the next year when we shall meet in a field.
  3. Accommodation in Frome

    Hi Folks Thanks for the great advice. Just to let you know (for future reference / helpfulness to anyone searching 'Frome' on this forum) I stayed in the George last night. Room was chintzy but very comfortable, breakfast was really good and I ate dinner there too as was too bloody cold to go out anywhere else. Fab fish pie, very good beer, great staff. Garden Cafe VVVVVVVVV good for coffee and cake. Cheese and Grain - OMG! What a fab venue. I cannot believe the Foos played there... it's so... small!
  4. Tom Petty

    Fuck it. I always assumed he'd play the Legend slot at some point soon.
  5. Who should reform?

    Yes, definitely. Fairly soon - long enough that the 'comeback tour' feels like it's worth it but not so long that Jon Boden loses his looks
  6. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Booked some driving lessons. Dragging all my kit on the train is just too much now I'm there for 8 days. There are other, important, work-related reasons that I need to drive as well, but being able to take myself and my stuff to festivals more easily is a definite consideration.
  7. The best place to **** was ****

    The best place to buy a latte was Proper Coffee at Williams Green.
  8. 20 years of eFestivals

    What about Penistone? Or Twatt (Shetland)? Or Twatt (Orkney)?
  9. NYC Downlow

    I was standing up. Yes, I'm that fucking short
  10. 20 years of eFestivals

    Apparently I've been pie_and_a_pint since April 2008. I was something else connected to an ancient Hotmail account before then (from just before the 2003 festival) but I can't remember what and I don't think I ever posted because I was scared!
  11. NYC Downlow

    Exactly the same issue in the Acoustic Tent. Slopes up to the stage; short people at the back can't see. (I wonder what the Venn diagram is of people who visited both venues at this year's festival?)
  12. NYC Downlow

    Seems totally fair *thumbs up*
  13. NYC Downlow

    I hardly think conseunsual sex between two adults is seedy. Grow up. And no, Glastonbury isn't just a 'music festival'. Far from it.
  14. NYC Downlow

    I'm sure that's the case, but you could argue that the Acoustic Stage is the same as my local folk club or the Other Stage is Indie Night at the O2... I'll add it to the list. Along with climbing the Ribbon Tower, and we all know how well I've done on achieving that particular item on my to-do list!
  15. NYC Downlow

    This thread is making me regret never having been to NYC Downlow. It sounds incredible.