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  1. Post your favourite picture from this year

    Aw man. This thread. It's taken me 10 months to really feel the lack of G this year. As beautiful as this thread is, it sure is bringing on some sadness!
  2. First announcement 2018

    Nice one. I'm a massive fan of the big hitters already on there and quite a few of the names I'm not too familiar with I'm enjoying on first listen, so the lineup looks swell. I'm just greedy!
  3. First announcement 2018

    Total newbie to all things End of the Road. Is there much more to come by way of an announcement, or is that pretty much it?
  4. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Just booked up for End of the Road. Flying solo. Can't wait!
  5. The Gaming Thread

    GT is great and I'm not a huge racing game guy. I needed a new PS4 however and the limited edition console looked lovely so I went all in. Luckily the game is cool. Spending a lot of time in the offline driving schools and missions. Reviews for the new Assassin's Creed look decent. I didn't bother ordering for Day 1 as AC doesn't have the best track record. I'm waiting for some credit to be sent my way for some trade-ins and then I'm going to pick it up. Luckily I'll have the new Football Manager to while away the hours on this weekend.
  6. The Gaming Thread

    Can't say I've played every edition since PES 2 as you have but I'm in full agreement that FIFA 18 is a massive turd. Gameplay is so turgid. Aside from licenses and I suppose the amount of game modes, although quantity doesn't necessarily equal quality obviously, PES has it beat in every other aspect.
  7. The Gaming Thread

    Destiny 2 got old fast. Already sent back. PES is great this year. Really enjoying MyClub. Played quite late into the night last night and I haven't done that with any game for a very long time. Going to pick up FIFA tomorrow. Give it a month and see which one I'm playing and enjoying more before I send the other back.
  8. The Gaming Thread

    Ha, it's not that bad. A few tricky moments but overall it's fine. I think I've only lost all my lives two or three times and I'm halfway through Crash 2. It's just a bit dull!
  9. The Gaming Thread

    After the initial nostalgia hit, I have no urge to continue playing Crash. It's nowhere near as fun as I remember
  10. Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    Smashed it. A million miles better than 2015 and she was the highlight of my festival then. I remember hearing her on 6Music about 10 years ago when she went by Excentral Tempest. Can't say I paid too much attention until Everybody Down came out but she always stayed lodged in my mind for some reason. Our saviour.
  11. Laura Marling

    What did we think team? I thought she blew 2011 out of the water. Smaller but more attentive crowd this year it seemed. A little disappointed she didn't draw a bit more from OIWAE and Short Movie but that's nit picking. Loved it.
  12. The Avalanches

    Didn't notice sound issues. I was a few rows back in line with the left screen. Same place for Kate Tempest was fine too but then wasn't for Paak. Avalanches were tonnes of fun. Shame it wasn't recorded.
  13. 2017 - How was it for you?

    AP was one of my most anticipated but from where I was stood, after Come Down, the sound was absolutely terrible. Rather than sticking it out where I was, I decided to try a different spot and just couldn't find anywhere to settle. I gave up after a few songs. Even during Come Down when the sound was great, I straight away could sense something was off and I just wasn't in the mood. Not necessarily a reflection of the performance and partially my own fault. I went and sat in the Left Field and chilled out for Billy Bragg instead and had a fine time so it's all good
  14. Distance walked

    Mine is also in km. 109.4km which equates to about 68 miles. Lowest was 13.8km on the Wednesday and the highest was 31.1km on Sunday.
  15. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: Keep flipping between Flaming Lips and Kate Tempest. I think it will ultimately go down as Kate Tempest. Best Song: Kate Tempest's new one was ace but not certain of the title. Think it was People's Faces? Best Discovery: Joseph Most Frequented Stage: Pyramid (First Aid Kit, The xx, Bootleg Beatles, National, Foos, Laura Marling, Barry Gibb)

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