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  1. Ha, I believe it too. Just interested to know the logistics of it!
  2. Searching the queues over night makes sense but how will they know whether you need to be searched when you reach the front of the queue?
  3. You're a star
  4. Are the set times still going to be tweeted in the text of the tweet for sure @mr flow? I'm sure images of the Crow's Nest board etc.will be retweeted but it would be helpful for those of us with internet free phones if they could be tweeted out in the text of the tweet too
  5. Are survival blankets available on site? Not sure if I'm gonna get a chance to go anywhere prior to leaving Tuesday night.
  6. Yep. When I eventually started using them, it was a godsend. I normally put my cash in seperate envelopes for convenience, one for each day and essentially use them as a cash machine. It felt like a weight off my shoulders not having to worry about having valuables in my tent and toerags having a rummage around. It's essential for peace of mind. I normally chuck in a tenner or so when I visit for the last time on the Sunday
  7. The evenings are very cold when the days are hot. You'll need it. Get it!
  8. This one has just been added to the collection and will definitely be making the trip. Not sure about the rest.
  9. Picked up snacks for back at the tent this morning. Also just had a practice pack with the packing cubes I purchased thanks to recommendations on here. I wanted to take my 50l rucksack but unfortunately it's not big enough. My 65l is easily big enough with a fair bit of room to spare. At least I won't have to worry about repacking and cramming everything in if my bag is emptied and searched.
  10. 5 days. Maybe 6 but I'm yet to decide whether to go in in the Monday before the festival. Then two weeks off and not back until the 3rd!
  11. Looks like it's the queue for the toilets they need to worry about at d/l:
  12. Friday: Pretenders > GAP > First Aid Kit > Kate Tempest > The xx > Anderson Paak > Flaming Lips Saturday: Bootleg Beatles > Amber Arcades > Moonlandingz > Run the Jewels > Toots > Avalanches > Stormzy > Foo Fighters Sunday: Slaves > Ryley Walker > Laura Marling > Oumou Sangare > Haim > Marika Hackman > London Grammar > Justice Only the bold ones are ones I'm certain of going to. The rest, I could easily be swayed elsewhere.
  13. A friend of mine has gone through the gates at Download this afternoon. Apparently, he got through easily and they only checked the smallest bag he had.