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  1. Nice. I think I'm just over halfway through so planning on completing it tonight. Having a lot of fun with it - the atmosphere it creates is top notch.
  2. In terms of playtime, mine goes PS5 > Switch > Series S. If I'm buying a game, I go with the PS5. I like to trade in boxed versions so that I can afford whatever is next on my list and I've already invested so much in that ecosystem that if I do buy digitally, I'd prefer to have it all in in one place. Switch is where I play my indies and any other games that are suitable for handheld mode. Xbox is purely for Gamepass and I'll really only boot it up if I'm waiting for something great to release on another platform.
  3. 117 hours later and the Valhalla platinum is done. They did a really good job with the overarching story and the modern day elements in this one. Lots of things from the earlier games fell into place. Super excited for how it all progresses in the DLC and in the next one. It’s never been in a better place. Bravely Default II, Deliver Us The Moon and Little Nightmares 2 are next on the docket.
  4. Control is the better game personally. Great world, decent combat, engaging story. Just prepare to be a little confused. The only similarities are that they both play with the supernatural. There's no real combat in The Medium and you are mostly just solving puzzles by swapping between two different realities. The puzzles aren't particularly challenging. Control doesn't do everything perfectly but I'd say it does everything (maybe aside from the protagonist) a lot better than The Medium.
  5. I can’t wait to be done with Crash 4. 95% frustration, 5% fun.
  6. Andeeroo


    Jets seems to be the most likely option. They're likely to be the only team with an enticing enough offer as they've got two first round picks this year following the Jamal Adams trade. Two first round picks is the least it will take.
  7. Andeeroo


    I think he only gets to the 4 or 5 by running it so I don't think that would change LaFleur's decision. Rodgers thought he was getting another play and with JPP & Suh breathing down his neck, I understand throwing it rather than taking the risk of running it and fumbling the ball.
  8. Andeeroo


    I don't particularly blame Rodgers for not running it there. JPP is no slouch and the way Rodgers has thrown this season, I'm not surprised he went with arm rather than his leg. The decision not to go for it on 4th down was the real shocker. Even if the analytics didn't back it up decisively, you've got Aaron Fricking Rodgers and the best WR in the game. Go for it. Similarly, Sean McDermott killed the Bills with those field goals. You're not beating the Chiefs with field goals. I'm not sure who to go to bat for in the Superbowl. The team who didn't think twice about handing a huge contract to the guy who was convicted of strangling his pregnant girlfriend or the team who had no problem hiring a guy who is currently being prosecuted for sexual assault.
  9. QAnon'ers feeling how I felt after telling all my friends Slayer were headlining The Park.
  10. Poker Face & Just Dance by Gaga were blasting out of every bar and stall back in 2009 and they both instantly transport me back.
  11. As long as you're still enjoying it, there's definitely no shame in using strategy guides - they're very difficult games, especially if you've never played one before. Planning on starting Miles Morales today - looking forward to it.
  12. By my reckoning, I've completed/played the majority of 14 games this year and with no real thought whatsoever, I'd probably rank them in this order: 1. The Last of Us: Part II 2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 3. Ghost of Tsushima 4. Spiritfarer 5. Ori and the Will of the Wisps 6. Demon's Souls 7. Hades 8. Paper Mario and The Origami King 9. Astro's Playroom 10. Tell Me Why 11. Resident Evil 3 12. Bugsnax 13. Final Fantasy VII Remake 14. Huntdown I'm yet to play Miles Morales and haven't played enough of Valhalla so can't put either in. But based on my 20 hours with Valhalla so far, I would imagine it will comfortably sit in the top half. Great year and these games have given me some much needed respite and distraction given the state of 2020 in general.
  13. They are. They require a lot of patience and you spend a lot of hours banging your head against a brick wall. All the games have a very similar gameplay loop though which you gradually get familiar with. Nothing gets the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing more than a boss fight in a Soulsborne.
  14. Demon's Souls completed. Came close to rage deleting my save at a couple of points but persevered, grinded, got my level up and got through it. Managed to get through a few boss fights on the first try which I've never managed in a From game before, including the final boss so that feels pretty good. I'm also come to the realisation that I'm never going to get through a From game without having to occasionally look at guides and walkthroughs. Had fun - may revisit.
  15. Two more areas/bosses to go in Demon’s Souls. Of the three From games I’ve played it’s definitely the easiest and least interesting in terms of style and gameplay. A few nice boss fights though.
  16. 1. Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter 2. Hinds - The Prettiest Curse 3. The Big Moon - Walking Like We Do 4. Rufus Wainwright - Unfollow the Rules 5. Kiwi Jr - Football Money 6. Pottery- Welcome to Bobby's Motel 7. Jessie Ware- What's Your Pleasure 8. Fenne Lily - Breach 9. Porridge Radio - Every Bad 10. Adrianne Lenker - Songs Special mention to the Little Simz EP which was tremendous. I'm sure there's some I'm missing but those spring to mind.
  17. Andeeroo

    Spotify Wrapped

    Surprised Frank Turner and Taylor Swift crept into my top 5 as I don't recall listening to them all that much. More expected Bruce, Rufus Wainwright or Pottery to be in there. I only really listen to albums though Spotify so the top songs list is a bit redundant. 4/5 songs from the same album.
  18. Got the plat for Astro’s playroom. So jolly. Played a few hours of both Demon’s Souls and Valhalla. Both run and look great. Playing DS in performance mode as fidelity mode in 30fps is pretty rough. AC in 60fps and the fast loading times is an absolute dream. I’m enjoying the exploration and it feels a lot more natural. The map is less cluttered and there’s much more ambiguity with what they do show you. This could obviously change as I progress though. Looking forward to putting another 150 hours into an AC game. UI feels clunky and definitely needs QOL improvements. (I’m glad they’ve finally implemented ‘Time played’ statistics though. 650 hours into Rocket League last gen!) Still, a fantastic experience so far.
  19. All set up. Only played Astro's Playroom so far. A lot of fun - I mostly hate motion controls though so finding certain sections a bit of a chore. Dualsense feels great and the haptics are tremendous. Getting really inconsistent download speeds. Not sure if it's my Internet, the PS5 or PSN. Looking forward to an all day session tomorrow.
  20. I'm delivery number 110 out of 112 so it looks like I won't be getting it until late afternoon!
  21. Got hold of Yodel to get my tracking number. Adviser was confident I'll get my delivery tomorrow but we'll see. It's in transit anyway.
  22. Just had an email to say that Yodel have issues and might not get my PS5 to me tomorrow. Irritating but I'll just have a day on the Series S if it doesn't arrive.
  23. All my accessories and games arrived today too. Not opening until next week. Payment has just been taken by Game and had the customary email that they're getting everything ready for shipping. Excitement just went up a notch! Having fun with the Series S. Forza Horizon 4 looks and plays incredibly. It's gonna be a timesink for sure. Doom is fun but looks a little groaty I think. Apparently capped at 900p so hopefully the next gen patch will improve on that whenever it comes. Ori sequel is a massive improvement - incredible game so far.
  24. Didn't manage to get much game time in last night after getting it setup after work. It's a neat bit of kit though. Initially everything felt unresponsive but I think this was just because of input lag. Switched my TV to game mode and it definitely improved. Downloaded a load from Gamepass in the end. Ori, Tell Me Why, Forza Horizon 4, Doom Eternal, Outer Wilds, Deliver Us The Moon. Great value for a monthly fee. Annoying that Xbox have seemingly disabled downloads whilst the console is sleeping but never mind. Played about half an hour of Ori which plays and runs gorgeously. Tell Me Why has the odd framerate slowdown but apart from that it feels smooth. Feel like I might need to tweak my picture settings which I have no aptitude for but I'll give it a go this evening.
  25. PS5 is the main event for me but looking forward to getting my Series S tomorrow and getting started with next gen. Mainly going to be playing Tell Me Why and Ori and the Will of the Wisps in the short term. Looking forward to finally getting to play Forza Horizon 4 also and may give Doom Eternal a shot too.
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