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  1. 2008 - Seasick Steve 2009 - Blur 2010 - Ray Davies 2011 - Coldplay 2013 - Rufus Wainwright 2014 - Jurassic 5 2015 - Kate Tempest 2016 - Chvrches 2017 - Kate Tempest 2019 - Janelle Monae
  2. Only got to the holding page here. Luckily my cousin got through for the Thursday coach. I was aiming for Wednesday but I'm beyond happy with Thursday. I'm going! 😃
  3. February 21st is getting booked off work! CANNOT. WAIT.
  4. Was the survey emailed? I haven’t received anything. Give me Bat For Lashes and I’m not arsed who else is playing!
  5. The joy of From games! The 3rd and 4th phases I got to grips with relatively quickly. I just couldn't get the timing right on the first two. It was still less frustrating then some of those Bloodborne bosses though for which I had to resort to guides in the end - looking at you Vicar Amelia and Martyr Logarius.
  6. Sekiro done. Fuck that last boss man. Must have taken me triple digit attempts to beat him but that final strike felt so fucking sweet. Taking it easy now and moving onto Far Cry 5. Also playing the new Madden and the new PES arrived yesterday so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.
  7. Hitting the last 25% of Sekiro now but I’m sure the hardest bosses are yet to come. I’m much better at this than Bloodborne and enjoying it a lot more as a result. Great game.
  8. The reasons are obviously well known but Amy Winehouse in '08 was the biggest trainwreck I think I've seen.
  9. Highlights (in no particular order): Penelope Isles, Pottery in the Walled Garden, Amadou & Mariam, Julia Jacklin in the rain, Stella Donnelly, Self Esteem, The Big Moon, Marika Fucking Hackman, Lee Fields. Shoutouts also to SvE, Adwaith, Bodega, Say Sue Me, Mapache and Big Thief. Slight disappointments: Car Seat Headrest - pretty dull. The Rising stage - does it even have speakers?
  10. She was wonderful. Unfortunately I'm horrifically bad at song titles so I can't help you there. At services now on the way home. Sacrificed my beloved Nilüfer for an easy exit from Orange. A truly wonderful festival though. Musically it was more consistently excellent than any other festival I've been too. Lotta love in my heart for this weekend. See you all next year x
  11. How far is the park and ride? Regular buses? Limit on luggage?
  12. No clashes for me except for a bit of a Stella Donnelly/Willie J Healey/Peaness/The Big Moon cluster on Saturday afternoon. Stella > The Big Moon is the easy winner there though. Days currently look like this: Thursday: Bess Atwell / Bodega / Amadou & Mariam Friday: Mama’s Broke / Penelope Isles / The Beth’s / Marina Hackman / Squid / Stealing Sheep / Khruangbin / Ex:Re Saturday: Modern Nature / Mapache/ Stella Donnelly / The Big Moon / Lee Fields & The Expressions / Big Thief / Car Seat Headrest / The Comet Is Coming Sunday: Self Esteem / Say Sue Me / Yak / The Liminanas / Chappaqua Wrestling / Eels / Sharon van Etten / Nilüfer Yanya Getting all excited just typing that out!
  13. I’ve got the Coleman Kobuk Valley blackout tent. It gave me a couple of extra hours in the tent at Glastonbury this year compared with my sweaty non-blackout camp mates.
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