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  1. Finished A Plague Tale: Innocence recently. A very pleasant surprise and highly recommended. Now switching between DMC5 and Cuphead. Both get the old heart rate going for different reasons and are great fun. Can’t remember the last time I played something I was disappointed with!
  2. I expect the decrease in demand correlates with the increase of smartphones! Don't think Vodafone has for a few years. Can't be sure though. Nice. Yeah, I think I used Zapier last time. Signed up for a new account so just want to make sure I've got the Zap setup correctly. All the tests I did during the setup worked so it should all be fine.
  3. I remember having trouble with IFTTT so I'm using Zapier this year. Any planned test tweets for us non-smartphone users?
  4. Andeeroo

    Worried Sick

    That’s really positive @Worriedsick! Enjoy the festival 😃
  5. With you all here. The past couple of weeks have been tough and my enthusiasm has been dwindling. And to pile on the misery, received news yesterday that my Nan is very ill and may not pull through. At the moment, I'm strongly considering not going next week but I guess I'll wait and see which way the wind blows. Family first.
  6. Andeeroo

    Country Music

    Jessie Buckley just did the film Wild Rose which was about an aspiring country singer so I imagine her set will be all country.
  7. Andeeroo


    Shit me. Next week?! The following Monday?! Soon innit!
  8. 2 good Babymetal - They're by no means my favourite act on the bill but for pure surprise factor, they're at the top. Janelle Monae - Been wanting her to play since I missed her in 2011. 2 bad Liam Gallagher Fat White Family
  9. Yep. First one is just based in Midgar and also on two discs so it's going to be incredibly detailed. The first installment alone is apparently a similar length to other mainline FF games.
  10. Square = Nintendo > Microsoft > Ubi > Bethesda. FFVII Remake was by far my game of E3. Looks incredible.
  11. Andeeroo

    s(NO)w patrol

    It's Beady Eye.
  12. Gods and Monsters from the AC: Odyssey guys in February too, which looked interesting. I also reckon Last of Us 2 will be Spring/Early Summer 2020. Gonna be difficult to get all those in before next gen console releases.
  13. Yeah, I'm cooling on this too. Hype is reducing the closer it gets.
  14. Square Enix was nice. Top of the class so far.
  15. Watch Dogs 3 hit it out of the park. Apart from that, Ubisoft was a massive dud.
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