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  1. Savages in the JP tent in 2013 fell victim to clashing with the Stones. I left halfway through to go and get a spot in the Pyramid field and have never felt more guilty for leaving a set so early. They could definitely see me making the long trudge out of the tent.
  2. Andeeroo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ray Davies still my favourite of these slots. Days always reduces me to a blubbering mess.
  3. Andeeroo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Had a fucking great time down the front for Bruce. Gimme Outlaw Pete.
  4. Andeeroo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watched that set earlier today. Never heard a louder pop at a gig than that and doubt I ever will.
  5. Andeeroo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Was at the front for this Florence gig. ‘Twas spectacular.
  6. I’ll definitely be day one for the new PS5. Don’t think the new Crash looks particularly great from that trailer and I don’t know if I can hold off of Ghosts but Cyberpunk, Spider-Man, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and a second TLOU2 playthrough on improved hardware will make for a great couple of months at launch.
  7. I don't think I've ever wanted to happy cry and sad cry at a game as much as I have in the first four hours of this thing. Feels like Naughty Dog's masterpiece.
  8. I can see that as it’s a fair while into the game before you unlock all abilities and can get creative with the combat. The batshit craziness and tone kept me hooked up until that point. Only drawbacks for me were the map and the performance on a base PS4.
  9. Out of those two, it depends what you’re after - a large 100+ hour RPG or a focused 12 hour story. I gave up on The Witcher 3 at around hour 30 but given the acclaim it’s gotten, you should definitely give it a shot. Absolutely loved Control and it’s also worth your time.
  10. It is a standalone game but probably uses the same assets as the first game. It's not going to be a big game, probably looking at a 10 hour story.
  11. Thinking about it a bit more, it's probably safer for them to not promise launch games at the moment as who knows how development might be affected in the coming months. They don't want another DriveClub fiasco.
  12. I'm thinking £499 for standard console and £449 for the digital edition. Add £50 on for a one game bundle? All my extra cash has been going into a mortgage fund but I think I'll set a little aside over the next few months and get this at launch.
  13. Only disappointment for me was no confirmed launch titles.
  14. Ratchet & Clank looked so great. A new Spider-Man this year is cool although I expect it's a shorter and smaller Lost Legacy style offshoot. My excitement levels for Horizon were already through the roof and it looked insane. I would've maybe liked to see a little gameplay though. In terms of new IPs, Returnal, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Pragmata and Little Devil Inside looked super cool. 26 games I think? I'm keen to play at least half of them which is a pretty decent proportion.
  15. I thought that was so good. I'm so hyped right now.
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