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  1. Anyone else playing Hades? I'm really digging it.
  2. If I remember rightly, the story just fleshes out one of the tribes that isn't as prominent in the main story so I don't think you necessarily need to play it before Forbidden West. It does however add some interesting new enemy types, weapons and is probably harder than the main game. Plus, with the winter vibes, it's definitely worth the time.
  3. Just finished my second playthrough of the main story of HZD. Planning on going through Frozen Wilds again at the weekend. Flew through it on Easy difficulty as I was just looking to remind myself of the story and feel the atmosphere. One of my favourites from this gen.
  4. Now that I’ve got some distance from both TLOU2 and Tsushima, TLOU2 is far superior to anything for me whilst Tsushima drops down. Current order probably looks like: TLOU2 Animal Crossing Tsushima Spiritfarer could supplant Tsushima depending on the finish. Paper Mario was grand too.
  5. Yeah. In reality, I'll likely cancel it. The only games I am likely to play on it in the launch window are Tell Me Why and The Medium. The Switch will remain my indies machine because of the convenience and I'll play all my AAAs on the PS5 so the Xbox would probably just sit there. I'll see if there are any more launch incentives announced before I make a decision though.
  6. Fuck it. Pre-ordered a Series S from Amazon. Not sure if I'll keep the order but glad I've got the option. Expensive couple of months upcoming.
  7. Exclusivity for Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo still stands so they'll be on PlayStation first. Exclusivity going forward will be on a game by game basis. I would imagine they'll definitely appear on Switch as Microsoft appear to have a good relationship with Nintendo.
  8. Microsoft purchased Bethesda. Not a big deal for me as I don't enjoy much of their output but undoubtedly huge that all their games will be exclusive to Xbox in the future.
  9. I thought TLOU2 would be the most emotional game I played this year but holy hell, Spiritfarer. Blubbing like a baby.
  10. Fenne Lily is the one today. Been looking forward to it for ages. Doesn't disappoint.
  11. I'm struggling to reconcile my excitement for a high budget Harry Potter game with my current feelings towards JK Rowling.
  12. Think I'll leave Spider-Man for over Christmas seeing as it has those jolly festive vibes. So just DS and Valhalla on launch. Maybe Sackboy also.
  13. Yeah, just the first party Sony titles are announced at £70 at the moment. Mind you, I don't think I ever paid £60 RRP for any physical games this gen.
  14. Demon’s Souls, Valhalla and Spider-Man for me. Also looking forward to Immortals Fenyx Rising which is out just a couple weeks after. £70 for games now also. Disc drive version was the only option for me as I’ll need to trade in games to be able to afford the next one. It is but given Horizon 2 is primarily designed for PS5, I can only imagine how downgraded it would have to be to run on PS4. Plus, those sweet PS5 load times will be worth it. Weird from a marketing perspective for sure. November 19th is a Thursday so it looks like a nice four day weekend is in order. Get that
  15. Already up on GAME so I've just gone with them as I might not be able to get to a screen tomorrow. Gone with the drive and an additional controller for £509. May get a headset too later on if the word is good.
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